TI Vol 9: Chapter 7-2

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Vol 9: Chapter 7-2.

Everyone went back for a rest after dinner except Lan. She quietly walked to the sphere of light. She was shocked at her points and rewards when she first checked, 15000 points and a rank A reward. It was such a pleasant surprise that she received the points from the Newborns killing each other. These points were enough for her to power up a tier.

“Soul Link ability. It can connect the user’s mind with her comrades so they can see what she sees. Can connect with up to three people at the same time, which means a group of four people can share their visions. The ability also allows the user to mind control people with a weaker mind. However, it will backfire if the target’s mental capacity is too high. Requires 5000 points and a rank B reward.”

This was the ability Lan had wanted. There was also an item that she want, an item she noticed long before.

“Revival Cross. Requires 7000 points and two rank B rewards. The holder of this item will revive five minutes after death. All body conditions will return to half the normal value. At the same time, the holder can choose to leave the current movie and give up the base reward of 1000 points.”

This was an item she wanted to give Zheng.

During the previous movie when she was overloading her psyche force, she calmed down and felt as though she had woken up. Loving someone didn’t mean that she had to possess him. Giving the other person happiness was also a show of affection. She suddenly wanted Zheng and Lori to obtain happiness. She felt that human lives were so fragile after this movie. Even people strong as Zheng could die in one hit from the Newborn. She didn’t want him to die, or that she didn’t want to see anyone she liked dies in front of her again. That was why she decided to exchange this expensive item, even if it only meant a tiny bit of extra chance in this world.

The second day, everyone gathered under God with smiles. After all, they came back alive and no one from the old team died. This was enough to make them happy. Plus, everyone obtained so many rewards. They could power up quite a bit after enhancements.

Lan was the last one to arrive. She gave them a smile then closed her eyes. Zheng, Heng and Honglu was confused for a moment then looked excited.

They whole platform appeared in their minds. It wasn’t actually seeing the platform but rather a scan of it. This was the ability Lan just obtained, sending the image in her mind to theirs. Everyone could see the enemies’ locations, the map of the area, and all the monsters. This was the core ability of a team.

“This is amazing!” Zheng picked her in excitement and spun in a circle before putting her down. “Haha, this is great. This ability is the most necessary in a team battle. We won’t have to be scared of those monsters anymore.”

Heng was also excited. “The Sirius bow has a long range and the Charged shot extends its range to up to ten kilometers. But this bow doesn’t have a sight system. Plus, I won’t be able to continue if I have to see the flesh and blood after hitting a target. This ability can help me lock onto the target and I just have to release the arrow. Isn’t it just like a sniper rifle?”

ChengXiao also laughed in excitement. He opened his arms and walked up to Lan, but she gave him a kick in the face. Lan stared at him with caution. ChengXiao quickly got up with a footprint on his face and continued laughing. “Come on, just a hug. Look, everyone’s so happy. I want to feel happy too.”

“Hug Yinkong.” Lan shook her head and said jokingly.

ChengXiao immediately turned to Yinkong but she pulled her dagger half way off the sheath and his arms stopped in place.

Everyone calmed down a bit after the drama. Honglu said happily. “This ability increased the whole team’s chance of survival. Hoho, if we can get a hold of the environment and the enemies locations, then we can set up the area in our advantage before a fight. We won’t get in such a difficult position as the last movie. Right, what’s the range of this ability?”

Lan smiled. “It’s effective within my psyche scan range. My scan currently has a radius of 70km and can reach up to 700km in a straight line. If I keep increasing my mental capacity, this range will also increase.”

Zheng said. “Then splitting up will no longer affect our team’s power. We can keep in contact as long as we are within range and don’t have to use the communication device which may reveal our location.”

Lan nodded. Then she took out a sachet. “Hoho, this is something I made. Thank you for saving me in the last movie, and multiple times before that. It took so long for me to give you this gift. Keep it with you at all times, ok?”

ChengXiao whistled and was making weird noises. Zheng also felt a little awkward, but Lan maintained her eyes on him with a smile. He couldn’t refuse it. So he took the sachet and put it in the ring, returning a rushed thanks.

After this, it was time for ChengXiao to introduce himself. Zheng smiled bitterly when ChengXiao said that he was an army doctor from the special forces and that there were several thousand people gathered together and hypnotized in front of the computers in the real world right now. Zheng never thought his mistake caused this consequence. No wonder they encountered an army elite in the movie before and now a medical talent in this one.

“If this world only takes in one talent from each field, then there will be soldiers from the artillery squats, missile squats, and various mechanical operators. Team China will overpower all other teams and achieve the final victory!” ChengXiao said with a serious expression.

Zheng said. “Scouts and doctors are useful but what do you need artillery and missiles for? Are we actually bringing a cannon into the movies? Or save enough points to exchange a Gundam for the operators? Eh, how do you know the existence of other teams? We never mentioned this to you.”

ChengXiao shook his head. “You didn’t mention it. The data we obtained from Colonel Xuan contained information about a writing system. You should have heard him mention about an unknown writing system from excavations and ruins. Those writings recorded the existence of this world, but we weren’t able to decipher those characters back then. After obtaining the data, a lot of the ancient writings were translated and we learned about what happened in the past.”

The group became curious, especially Zheng and Lan who had heard this from Xuan. However, Xuan didn’t explain much to them.

“What happened in the past?” Honglu asked.

ChengXiao shrugged. “I don’t know the details. It was roughly about the first humans unlocked their genetic constraints and led humans as they fought against various horrifying creatures. These creatures were too powerful which caused humans to unlock the deeper levels of the constraint. When they reached the fifth stage, they created many bloodlines, weapons, and abilities. Humans eliminated the creatures in the end. They learned that the genetic constraint was the key to evolution and therefore created God’s dimensions. When our civilizations reached a certain point, they will influence some people’s minds to film horror movies containing those ancient creatures. Which means that the monsters we see possibly existed in the ancient times and fought against humans. Then God will select people into this world to experience the same fighting process as ancient humans to make them evolve. There are multiple God’s dimensions, split up according to the continents in ancient Earth. Each one represents a team. Each team will fight against the others.”

“The team that leaves this world alive will change humanity.”


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  1. So earth could of had xenomorph’s,nice must of been great to live then (sarcasm to the max) and god damn it lan wasting seven thousand points

      1. I don’t know if I misinterpreted the effects of the “Revival Cross”, but I took it as him being revived with half of his max HP, Qi, Blood Energy, Stamina, etc… and not him losing his stats.
        He might lose the numerical stats, but how do you even halve a bloodline? Besides, I feel it would upset readers way too much.

        1. that and god would probably repair the damage to stats after you return if thats the case. Also if it did half stats then it shouldn’t be so expensive even if its a garenteed revive you could just get killed again by not being strong enough.

  2. I’m not complaining about Lan wasting 7000 points and two rank B rewards on that Revival Cross…
    But I *AM* going to complain about the team not asking what happened to those points and rewards.

    Remember those ‘rules’ they all decided on for the team? Specifically, rule 3 where everyone’s points and rewards had to be noted and all that? (see vol-7-chapter-3-2).
    Well, here, it looks like this rule was completely forgotten. DON’T FORGET YOUR OWN RULES, AUTHOR!

    *ahem* breathe… /phew… Calm…

    Anyways, at the very least, regardless of whether she answers or not, Lan should still have been asked about what she did with those points and rewards.
    It’s obvious to us that the sachet holds the revival cross. But because author wanted Zheng to NOT know it was inside, he conveniently forgot about rule 3 and gave her a free pass. /sigh

    A better way to write this would have been to have the team question her, and then have her say it’s a secret or something. At least that way, MC would still not know about the cross in the sachet, but the author wouldn’t be breaking any rules to do it.

    1. Even saying it’s a secret wouldn’t be fair since they need to allocate the points and rewards for the survival of the team, which was the whole point of the rules. A half powered Zheng is gonna be useless. He’s their tank and also biggest damage-dealer, and still only barely skates by the movies. At half power? they’re screwed.

    2. I feel like they didn’t know at all… even Lan herself felt surprised about the fact that her indirect kills counted in God’s opinion, and even if they have rules, nobody stops get from lying. Besides, such a veteran and important member would hardly be ever doubted if no special situations arise. I got pissed many times at this author many times, but this was actually a pretty good chapter (EXCEPT THE FACT THAT LORI ISN’T DEAD YET).
      I’m happy to see that her 3 B ranked rewards were defined as a single A ranked one, giving me proof that they can not only be split, but also merged.

      1. #LoriLivesMatter
        Actually, no her existence is still meaningless.

        About Lan, even if we go with the idea that “they guessed that she did not get any points from the newborns”, as a reader, I still want to see that. I want them to have a conversation about it, even if it’s a short one.
        The author just has the habit to completely skip over details that might inconvenience him in the current, or in the future. God forbid he says anything about any holes, or certain ideas, like: “can we revive anyone?” — nope, better ignore that option until the author decides to bring up that option sooner or later (ohai The Mummy).

        At this point, I try not to care anymore. It just feels like the author is struggling to go through this complicated setting, in all sorts of ways. For the very least, I want to keep reading until I get to the volume which covers Starship Troopers. It was mentioned beforehand.

  3. I take back my words few chapters ago about Lan being a potential danger. But her imminent death isn’t going to change. Actually I think Team China would get wiped out and Zheng is the only person who would survive due to Revival’s Cross. It’s a massive death flag.

  4. You will not understand how important this resurrection cross is in the next horror film, the cross determines the birth of a legendary team.

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