TI Vol 9: Chapter 6-2

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Vol 9: Chapter 6-2.

Honglu was surprised to hear it. He pulled a strand of hair then said. “I have heard about Xuan. I never expected you to deceive God and enter this world. But judging from the time, you have been trying this method for quite some time already. Why did it take so long? And who was the other person?”

“WangXia, a scout of the special forces. From our testing, it seems like with each expertise, only one person can enter this world. After WangXia disappeared from our laboratory, nothing happened to the other scouts. So we changed to people with other expertise. I am part of the medical field. Haha. Didn’t think I would be chosen. So you can create any person you want? Shit, that’s like the ultimate dream of a man. What’s the best choice? Loli in stockings? Or MILF with small breasts?”

That change of tone was so sudden. He was just talking about serious things from the real world and now about creating woman with a perverted face. He also spat out words that Honglu couldn’t understand like otokonoko, yuri and such. He couldn’t understand this man.

ChengXiao picked up Yinkong from the floor and muttered in a deep voice. “Is WangXia dead?”

Honglu shook his head. “I don’t know if this person entered. The last movie was too complicated. Anyway, let’s go back to God’s dimension first. You will have to wait for Zheng to ask about WangXia. He was the one with the newbies in the last movie.”

ChengXiao sighed. “Yes, let’s go to that God’s dimension. It’s unfortunate for that person called Zheng. He’s really strong. I can’t defeat him even with four people like me. He’s also sharp with his decisions. If he can be the leader and you be the strategist, this will become a strong team.”

They entered the shuttle while talking. All of them disappeared once they stepped in. Before long, they returned to God’s dimension. God’s announcements left them in daze.

On the other side, Zheng was running with the movie characters. Everyone was getting more anxious as the time was getting near. Just then, Ripley suddenly fell into the floor. A layer of Alien secretions covered that area, which shocked the other characters. It wasn’t until the Caucasian shouted before people continued running.

(This scene has begun. After the main character fell down, she will find the Newborn. This Newborn will kill the Queen and identify her as its true mother. Then it will chase after her until everyone boarded the shuttle. The Newborn will also enter it. Then I shouldn’t have to worry about getting chased.)

Zheng let out a sigh of relief. There were five minutes left, enough time for them to reach the shuttle. The only thing he was still worried about was Lan’s condition. Was her mental capacity totally emptied out? Her body temperature was getting lower, her breathing was light, and her heartbeat was barely noticeable. All of these signified her life was on the line.

“Everyone run faster! Don’t stop!” Zheng shouted. He so wished he could just speed up and forget about the movie characters. But that could only be a dream. He would spend more time looking for the route and might even fight an Alien without their guidance. So he had no choice but to continue running along with the group.

The robot suddenly said. “Everyone just keep running along the corridor. The shuttle is at the end of this corridor. We will reach it soon. Run!”

Zheng was stupefied. Then he was about to activate the movement technique when a howl came from behind. The voice was so loud that everyone couldn’t help but turn around to take a look. The scene was shocking. A five-meter tall humanoid creature was running at them. Its hand was holding onto a broken body. The body only had its head still in a piece. It was Ripley’s body.

“F*ck, another plot change! Go to hell God!” Zheng cursed. He wouldn’t dare to stay here for another moment. He activated the movement technique and ran as fast as he could.

At the same time, the humanoid creature ran up to them at such a high speed. Its legs were three times the length of a normal human but the frequency at which they moved were faster. It only took him slightly over ten seconds to reach the other movie characters. It slapped with its hand knocking the three men into the wall. The whole wall was pressed in, like it was struck by a hammer. When it released the hand, there was only a paste of flesh and blood left.

The robot had the emotions and feelings of a human. She immediately screamed but the Newborn stepped on her, creating a big dent on the floor. She disappeared and became one with the metallic floor.

The Newborn howled again. It chased after Zheng, which scared the man to run even faster. The power of those two hits was horrifying. The Newborn lost the Alien’s tongue and tail attacks but gained such enormous power, much higher than how the movie depicted.

Zheng was confident to fight face to face with a normal Alien because the Aliens couldn’t kill him in one hit, but he could finish them with one attack. He believed he had a chance even against a Queen alone. However, there was no way he could fight this Newborn. Its power overwhelmed any technique and skills. Even a scratch was enough to damage him. If he was slapped like that, he wouldn’t be far from how those three men were. The only thing he could do was run!

The sound of the Newborn running was like a chariot. Its speed surpassed Zheng using the movement technique. Fortunately, it was lacking a bit in flexibility. Every time they made a turn, the Alien would charge right into the wall, while Zheng used the wall to make a jump that gave him a sudden burst of speed. The multiple turns along the way delayed the Newborn, so their gap remained about twenty meters away. Yet, the Newborn was getting impatient.

Zheng felt the threat coming from behind. This sense of danger had become weaker since he grew in strength, but it finally surfaced again. The threat was getting closer and closer. For a moment, he felt that Death was right behind him with its scythe next to his head. Any slow down or pause meant his life.

“Shit, faster! Don’t die here! Ahhh!”

Zheng howled. The movement technique was at its fastest speed already. He also entered into the third stage of the unlocked mode and simulated the steps Yinkong used. After the final turn, the shuttle came to sight at the end of a straight path!

This path was several hundred meters long but there was no time to worry about anything. Zheng just kept running forward, then he heard the crash from behind again, the Newborn ran into the wall. It came out and continued to chase after Zheng. However, it was just much faster than Zheng and this was a straight path. Their gap was getting closer by the second.

Zheng was thinking of what to do nonstop. If he jumps forward and get hit, then he should still survive at the cost of a part of his body getting crushed. Of course, if he was selfish enough, he could use the girl on his back to take the hit.

He clenched his teeth as he calculated the distance between the Newborn and him. There was fifty meters between him and the shuttle but the Newborn was only four meters away.

“F*ck it!”

Zheng was still in the third stage. His face turned expressionless. He needed this unemotional thinking the most. He adjusted his position and angle using the calculation ability in the unlocked mode then made his jump.

The Newborn slapped him right at this moment and hit the right half of his body. Since he was jumping, it reduced a part of the impact but he still felt the enormous force sending him flying right at the direction of the shuttle. During the Newborn’s howl, his vision turned black as he entered the shuttle.

“Completed the last episode of the Alien series. Completed the highest difficulty. Received 5000 points, one rank B reward. Alien series will no longer appear.”

This was the last voice Zheng heard before he fainted.


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      1. It was mentioned that God changed the plot, which probably also increased the strength of the Newborns.

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    1. I don’t see what stopped Zheng from using his weapons. Even if we run on the premise that his energy-weapon dried out, he still has his air-cannon.
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  1. It says no more alien series, but i’m totally expecting a movie mashup by god at some point where aliens and many other oddities are all in the same movie. That way we can see our MC fighting Newborns head on.

  2. It’s really funny reading the main characters just get wiped, Ripley killed by her ‘son’, the humanish robot becoming scraps and the other ‘badasses’ becoming smudges in the wall.

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  3. So it really was maximum difficulty. That really shows how unfair that was for the new newbies.
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