TI Vol 9: Chapter 5-1

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Vol 9: Chapter 5-1.

Zheng had been enraged since he entered this movie. This emotion persisted until the Aliens attempted to corrode the ceiling then it exploded. So he jumped up without further thinking.

The Aliens were surprised for a moment when he appeared. As he knocked away the first Alien and were charging at the other three, he had entered the second stage of the unlocked mode. His muscles puffed up and he could see the Alien preparing its tongue.

The one that was knocked away moved its head and pointed its mouth at Zheng’s head. It was as if the world turned into slow motion, the Alien opened its teeth and shot out its tongue like a bullet.

Zheng had entered into a frenzy. This state appeared once when he was fighting the leader of team India. His hatred from comrades getting killed, and the tortures done to the newbies drove him to this state. And now the Aliens’ attempt to enter the surgery room, which threatened Lori’s life, drove him to the same level of madness!

Zheng stabbed his hand forward right into the Alien’s opened mouth. He activated the flame before the Alien could bite his arm. The flame instantly flared through the Alien’s head. He then pulled that grilled tongue out and burned it into ashes.

Aliens had a high level of intelligence and no sense of fear. Their intelligence was focused on killing. When the other three saw Zheng killed one of them, they all leaped at him. The first Alien shot its tongue at Zheng’s head. The second one threw its tail right at Zheng’s chest. The third one was still some distance away.

The second stage of the unlocked mode didn’t only increase his strength but also his speed, reaction, and precision. So he saw right through the paths of the Aliens’ attacks. He jumped back half a meter using the movement technique, causing both attacks to miss, then using the wall behind him as support to dash forward at the nearest Alien. Zheng grabbed the tongue that was still out and pulled it out. Then channeled Qi to his left fist and punched its head while it was pulled forward along with the tongue. The corrosive property of Qi allowed him to punch right through the Alien’s head.

At the same time, the second Alien leaped forward and shot its tongue. It was too late for Zheng to dodge. He had to block the tongue with his left arm, and the tongue pierced right into it. Fortunately, he backed half a step and the tongue couldn’t reach any further. Otherwise, it would have broken his arm in half.

Even then, the wound was deep enough to reveal his bone. Though he had shut off the sensation of pain in the unlocked mode. He raised the jungle knife and cut off the tongue. However, before he can attack any further, he and the remaining two Alien fell down from the ceiling. The corrosion had reached a point that the ceiling could no longer sustain their weight.

Zheng and the Aliens were both extremely fast but he was slightly ahead while in the second stage. He activated the movement technique mid air then kicked at an Alien. The force pushed him down to the floor first. He raised the knife and slashed the second Alien in half before it landed. Its acidic blood started corroding the floor.

The last Alien didn’t charge at Zheng. It saw the scientist who was doing the surgery and the Queen that was screaming. The Alien howled as it charged at the scientist. However, its body stopped after a few steps. Zheng grabbed its tail, lifted it then threw it to the corner of the room. He leaped at the Alien with his knife going wild all over its body. The Alien struggled initially but after several slashes, it was cut into pieces. The whole corner of the room was corroded with the splattered blood. Zheng’s clothes and shoes also disappeared.

When Zheng came back to his senses, he had killed all four Aliens by himself. Even though that was due to the second stage of the unlocked mode but this still shocked him. His intuitions and attacks were unimaginable during that madness. The two fights with team India’s leader and the Aliens made him realize his power had reached so far already. He didn’t know how he made it to this point. The first Alien movie was still like yesterday.

“Lan, do you still remember the first Alien movie? How things would have been different if I have this kind of power back then. Lan?” He said to his back but there was no reply. When he turned around, only the scientist was there and Lan was no where to be seen. She suddenly disappeared. Zheng felt a pain in his heart, like he had lost something precious. He immediately ran to the door.

Then he suddenly stopped when he touched the door. The scientist behind him had no ability to protect himself against an Alien. At the same time, he was doing the surgery for Lori. If Zheng left this room right now then any Alien could kill the scientist and Lori. This was unacceptable to Zheng.

“It’s close. Just one to two minutes. Lan, don’t die!” Zheng struggled as he stood there. After a while of hesitation, he walked back to the scientist. The Chestburster was about to be taken out.

Lan kept the scanning active when Zheng was on the ceiling. Before the fight was over, she scanned one, no, two large humanoid creatures. These two creatures were five meters tall and looked like a fusion of Alien and human. They had some human features and the head of an Alien. As someone who watched the movie, she knew these were the Newborns.

Whiling cloning Ellen Ripley, the military scientists also cloned the Alien within her and created Aliens containing human DNA. Aliens were a species that could constantly evolve. When the Queen created enough regular Aliens for defense, it gave birth to this evolved Alien containing both Alien and human DNA. This was the Alien that was worth 5000 points and a rank B reward, much higher than that of a Queen.

Lan didn’t know what to do. The two Newborns were coming at them at a high speed. It would take at most twenty seconds but Zheng was still fighting four Aliens. If these two joined the fight, they may as well just kill themselves to avoid getting eaten alive.

“No, I can’t let Lori die. They should be together. Right, I have to let them be together. If he must choose someone to abandon, then it would be me. Right, Zheng?” Lan felt painful. She wanted to cry but the current situation stripped her of the right to do so. She quietly opened the door and walked out.


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  1. Well I guess Zheng could fistfight one of the Predators now and actually have a decent chance of winning. Lan needs to trust him more, she could have just told him while he was still in rage mode and he probably could have handled it.

    1. Not possible. The 4 aliens came from right above the surgery room while the 2 newborns would reach them from the same floor in 20 seconds. I don’t know how long it took for Zheng to kill the 4 aliens but my guess is that it’s more than 20 seconds.

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