TI Vol 9: Chapter 4-2

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Vol 9: Chapter 4-2.

Everyone felt unease standing with a floor of shattered flesh. Heng had it the worse. He was scared of blood to begin with. Now that he was standing on the pile of flesh, he felt a nauseating sensation coming from his feet. He usually would have just fainted, yet he was assigned an important task.

Everyone’s lives were entrusted to his triple burst shot. This pressure took away his right to faint.

He had told Honglu about the ability when he finally succeeded it. At the same time, he also told Honglu its weakness, horrible accuracy. If he had an accuracy of 100 for regular shots, a double burst shot would decrease it to 90, and the triple burst shot would further decrease it to 50. His chance of hitting the target was only half and half. Worse yet, even if he managed to hit the target, he might miss the vital spot. Just like the shot’s power, its weakness was just as big.

Heng took a deep breath to stabilize his body. He asked Honglu carefully. “The triple burst shot is powerful but the risk is too big. What if it doesn’t hit? Trust me, the double burst shot is enough with this enchanted arrow. Don’t use the triple!”

Honglu shook his head. As the elevator was approaching, he said. “Sure, you can abandon us and run away by yourself. Just like how you abandoned your woman and let her get r-“

Heng punched him into the pile of flesh. He then grabbed Honglu but the boy just looked at him with a smile. ChengXiao took over the boy and said coldly. “A man won’t his own fault to another person’s pain!”

Heng lowered his head and nodded. He sighed. “He’s right. I am a coward. I abandoned her and ran away alone! What am I if not a coward? He said it right!”

Honglu touched his face and felt the pain then said. “Know the origin of the Sirius bow? Draw your bow to a full moon and aim for the brightest star. Now!”

With a ding, the elevator reached the top floor. Heng’s eyes lost focus. He drew the string without thinking, three enchanted arrows on hand. He released the arrows one after the other, and each accelerated the arrow ahead. The arrows shined with enchantment. Then the first arrow hit a head that was reaching for them. The arrow pierced through without slowing down. That head turned into dust and disappeared. A huge body fell to the floor.

“This is the special effect of enchanted arrows. It can turn everything into dust and also increase the shot’s range and power. That’s why I said you don’t need the triple burst shot, a single shot should be enough.” Heng walked out of the elevator. He discovered the unlocked state by accident. This feeling of combat instincts surfacing in his head was amazing, he felt like he had become a super human. Of course, the after effect was just as big.

Honglu saw Heng fell down in pain. He was rolling on the floor right outside the elevator. ChengXiao pressed his acupoints to no avail. Honglu scratched his head and said. “So that’s how it is. It’s unfortunate. A double burst shot should have been enough. I underestimated the power of enchanted arrows. Oh, are you alright?”

Heng wanted to eat Honglu alive at this moment. He took several deep breaths and said. “You’re too awful.”

Honglu laughed. “Not really. Didn’t you also punch me? We are even. Don’t you feel much better now? Just stop being scared. Haha, enemies are just paper tigers. They seem threatening but isn’t actually scary. Just kill them and they won’t hurt you.”

Heng got up with ChengXiao’s assistance. He wanted to punch Honglu again but he was exhausted. That was the after effect of the early stage, feeling exhausted for a period of time. So they had to let one of the scientists carry Honglu while ChengXiao carried Heng on his back. They were rushed for time after all and must reach the shuttle within the time frame.

“Haha, you killed the Queen easily after all. Didn’t you say the previous team almost wiped? People back then were too weak.” ChengXiao said as he ran.

Just then, a dark slender object whipped out from the side. Yinkong jumped up to block it but was knocked away and hit the wall. ChengXiao was the one supposed to get hit. He looked at Yinkong in shock then dropped Heng. He grabbed Honglu’s gun and charged at the Alien.

An Alien of about ten meters tall and ten meters in length including its tail stood in the corridor. Its black exoskeleton gave off a sense of pressure. Though ChengXiao seemed as if he didn’t feel any pressure from the Queen. He pulled the trigger at the Queen’s leg when its tail was still out. With a flash of light, ChengXiao was knocked away but the shot only opened a hole in its leg, didn’t seem to even damage its bone. However, the pain caused the Queen to go frenzy.

ChengXiao jumped up from the ground like nothing happened. The gun was crushed from that tail hit. If that tail aimed for his chest instead of the gun, he might not have been in one piece afterward.

The Queen howled then charged at the group. Those huge legs gave them an illusion that they would be crushed with a step. So everyone subconsciously backed off. Yet, no one noticed Yinkong was charging over at the Queen instead. She ran slightly over the Queen’s leg, and that leg was cut in half. The acidic blood splashed out. The Queen fell to the ground from being out of balance.

Yinkong jumped on top of its body. Before the Queen could turn its head, she took out the flaming dagger and stabbed it into the back of the Queen’s head. The fire burned the inside of the head.

Did Aliens have a soul? No one was certain, but the Queen howled in pain. Its body struggled. The whole floor was corroded with numerous holes from the acidic splashing out. They couldn’t take a step without stepping into a hole. After quite a while, it stopped struggling and died.

Yinkong walked over to the Queen. She pulled back the dagger with the memory wire. The dagger was intact. Its unknown materials were resistant to corrosion, which made her smile.

Everyone else came over and cheered. ChengXiao embraced Yinkong, acting like he was considerate. “How can girls fight? But you’ve done well. Haha, too bad I don’t have a weapon or else I can fight along you. Yinkong?”

She didn’t struggle out of his arms. Right after she sheathed the dagger, she fainted. Blood came out the corner of her mouth and her body felt feeble. ChengXiao immediately checked her back. She suffered critical injury from her left shoulder to the left side of the abdomen. Her bones were probably broken, and her internal organs were also damaged. ChengXiao said. “Hurry! We have to run. Shit, hurry! She only has less than twenty minutes. She’s bleeding internally. I slowed her blood circulation by pressing her acupoints but I don’t have the needles to stop it. Run!” He picked up Yinkong and started sprinting.

Heng was still a little exhausted but he clenched his teeth and followed behind. Everyone else also started running. Honglu was the only one still getting special treatment but his face was pale. He kept twirling his hair as he was thinking.


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