TI Vol 9: Chapter 4-1

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Vol 9: Chapter 4-1.

Heng was still carrying Honglu. ChengXiao willingly offered to take the task with a laugh but Honglu denied it straight out. The reason was left to everyone’s guesses but there might be a fear of revenge.

Honglu asked one of the scientists. “Is that elevator really as safe as you said? What if the Aliens corroded the cables?”

The scientist replied immediately. “It shouldn’t. The area around is surrounded by an electrified safety net. Any little attack will cause it to counterattack. The Aliens have little defense against high voltage attacks. Of course, this refers to normal Aliens. The Queen’s exoskeleton resist higher voltages but I don’t think the Queen will go near the elevator.”

Honglu thought for a moment. “Ok then. We will take the elevator up. How much longer will it take to reach the shuttle?”

The other scientist replied. “According to our current speed, we only need twenty more minutes. There should be security guards on the way. They have weapons that can damage the Aliens. Why don’t we take them along?”

Yinkong said coldly. “I am not comfortable working with strangers. I am afraid of getting hit if they use firearms. Furthermore, are you sure they will help us? Your test subjects?”

The scientist’s face reddened without any words in reply. The other scientist said. “I don’t understand. How did you escape from there? The glass chambers are bulletproof and the metal bars and circlets are made of an enhanced alloy. You shouldn’t be able to escape by yourselves. Did someone release you?”

Honglu gave a cold smile. “Release us? Who? Stop thinking other stuff and lead the way. Unless you want to explode along with this ship.”

The scientists shut themselves and kept moving silently. Several minutes later, they reached the elevator. The door was almost three meters tall. Three soldiers were guarding the door. They turned around upon hearing the footsteps then immediately raised their guns. “Put down your weapons, get down with your hands over your head!”

Honglu said in a low voice. “Yinkong!”

Yinkong had put Ran down. She stepped in front of the group and waved her hand. The soldiers watched in terror as their bodies separated along their chests. The upper halves fell to the floor. That wound was flat as a mirror. It wasn’t until then that their blood started bleeding from the wound, and their organs splattered on the floor.

The little girl pulled back the hair thin weapon. It was sharp and tough when she threw it out but silky soft when she pulled it back. It easily cut the soldiers and their weapons in half. Then she wrapped the wire around her wrist like a bracelet.

The two scientists stood there in shock looking at Yinkong. Not only them but everyone else was shocked, though not because of the scene of the corpses. After several movies, they had toughened up. Heng was the only one trembling with a pale face. His problem seemed to be getting worse. This type of trembling wasn’t just regular fear.

ChengXiao and Ran looked at the bodies in both surprise. Honglu was surprised at the destructiveness of this weapon and Yinkong’s control over it. Judging from this attack, it was difficult to defend against and could easily kill a person. It also had a range of seven meters.

Honglu calmed down a bit then looked at the scientists. “Is this the elevator? Are you sure it’s still working?”

The scientists immediately looked at the display above and nodded. The number was going down. “Yes. This elevator is still working. Since they were waiting here, there should be people upstairs. That’s good. I was afraid the higher floors were filled with Aliens.”

Honglu twirled his hair. “That’s strange. Don’t you think the elevator is taking too long to come down? ChengXiao, come carry me. Heng, do you still remember what I told you? No matter what happens, you only have one hit. Just think that you are safe once you killed your enemy. They won’t be able to hurt you.”

Heng couldn’t put his eyes on the corpses. His body was still trembling a bit. He handed Honglu over to ChengXiao and asked curiously. “What’s happening? Make it clear. Or I might get too scared that I can’t draw my bow if I am not prepared.”

Honglu laughed. “Isn’t that the best? You’re not deliberately going into battle so you won’t hold yourself back as much. Just shoot your arrow out. Don’t think about whether you can hit the target, or what happens afterward, or if you will die. The only think you need to focus on is your arrow.”

Heng took a deep breath. He drew an enchanted +3 sharpness arrow. Just like Honglu said, he stopped thinking about everything else, whether it was fear, or death, or fights. He would release the arrow as soon as he feels any danger. Any thoughts could wait until afterward. This was probably the fighting style that suited him the most. At least he didn’t have to think about getting attacked or killed.

Heng drew his bow as the elevator was coming down, just waiting for the moment it opens. He could smell the scent of Aliens and blood, blood like the bodies behind him.

Yinkong was also getting ready. She held onto the dagger with one hand and the wire with the other. She prepared herself for any danger coming from behind the door, whether it was Aliens or humans.

Honglu also held up his gun and pointed it at the door. As the door slowly opened, the first thing that came to sight were torn human bodies, like they were bit apart by teeth. The scene was bloody and disgusting. ChengXiao and Yinkong walked up, which in turn also carried Honglu up. That scared him and he yelled. “Put me down first, put me down first! Even though I am not scared of dead people but this is too disgusting. Don’t get me near them!”

ChengXiao pretended to throw him over to the bodies which made his body trembled. Then he put Honglu down while laughing and walked over with Yinkong.

“The blood is fresh. Shouldn’t be more than ten minutes. Judging from the bites, hoho, we hit the lottery. The mouth that chewed it was at least three times the size of the Alien I saw. Uh, what’s up there is probably…” ChengXiao laughed.

Yinkong nodded. “Right. They died to a mouth that big and it was less than ten minutes since their death. It’s probably up there.”

“The Queen?” Honglu smiled bitterly.

The Queen was several times the size of a normal Alien. Its exoskeleton was also several times thicker. In other words, normal weapons couldn’t damage it. Although energy weapons were powerful but they were not confident taking a hit from its tail, since the Queen’s strength was also several times stronger. Honglu had been thinking of how to avoid the Queen but they ended up encountering this monster.

“Then let’s fight. It’s up to you guys. I have heard Zheng talk abou the Queen’s power. He said he almost wiped and barely made it out. We are stronger than his team was so we have a chance, even if this Queen is more powerful than the one in the movies.”

“Yinkong, hinder its movements. Heng, use burst shot with three arrows! We put our lives on you!”


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