TI Vol 9: Chapter 3-2

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Vol 9: Chapter 3-2.

At the same time, the other group was following behind the two scientists. But before long, Yinkong suddenly said calmly. “Lan is gone.”

Honglu nodded lightly. “She returned to Zheng. Hoho. What is love that binds two’s lives together?”

ChengXiao laughed out loud. “Boy, have you even reached puberty yet to question love? Haha. Didn’t know you have such fetish. This lady is a mature beauty.”

Bang! Honglu fell into rage from embarrassment and threw the gun at ChengXiao, knocking him down again.

The banging on the door shocked the two in the infirmary. Fortunately, it was accompanied by the footsteps of a human so it couldn’t be an Alien.

Zheng opened the door to find Lan standing outside. She smiled at him as if it wasn’t strange for her to be here. She walked around Zheng casually and entered the room.

“Why did you come back?” Zheng couldn’t help but asked.

Lan laughed and said. “How can you tell the path to the shuttle by yourself? What happens if an Alien ambushes you? I only weight 45kg. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to carry an extra person right?”

Zheng stared at her deeply. She looked back at Zheng with tenderness. Her eyes had so many words that couldn’t be expressed. The two stood there for several seconds before Zheng muttered. “You don’t have to come back. You don’t have to do this for me.”

Lan shook her head with a smile. “That’s not right. I owe you a lot from before. Now, I am paying you back all at once. Hehe. I can’t leave you behind when Lori needs help the most. If you feel the need to thank me, then carry me on your back later on, not over your shoulder.”

Zheng sighed. He couldn’t say anything else and stood next to the scientist quietly. Looking at the scientist’s surgical skills, it should be done in twenty to twenty-five minutes. Zheng felt a bit more at ease but also guilt toward this scientist.

Ten minutes later, they could see the Queen’s head. It opened its mouth and shot out its tongue. The tongue hit the scalpel. The Queen was so fierce before it even matured. Zheng could still remember that huge body from back then. They almost wiped at the end of the first Alien movie.

Lan said with worry. “Why is the Queen only worth 1000 points and a rank D reward when its so strong already? Yet the Newborn is worth 5000 points and a rank B reward. Isn’t this strange? Or is it really so powerful?”

Zheng also pondered. “Perhaps the Newborn is just that powerful. Although the movie didn’t show the Queen’s power explicitly, you can tell how powerful it is when the Newborn smashed the Queen’s head with one hit. Have you found the Newborn yet?”

Lan shook her head. “No, not yet. It seems like their secretions block off my scan. I can’t reach any area covered by their secretions. I don’t know why.”

Zheng said. “Are these areas growing in size? Where are they?”

Lan said with her eyes closed. “Yes. These areas are growing. I found eleven Aliens. Six of them are heading this way, two are following behind the other group. They couldn’t catch up to them for a while. The other group is approaching the elevator. They can go up two floors through the elevator and would be close to the shuttle.”

Zheng sighed. “Don’t worry. I will bring you back safely. If we die together at the end…”

Lan laughed brightly. “If we die together like that, then that’s even…”

The scientist let out a sigh of relief. “I have separated its muscles from her. I am going to begin separating its nerves, but that will stimulate the Queen’s sense of danger. I need about ten minutes uninterrupted to do this. I will leave the safety of this room to you two.”

Zheng nodded. “Thank you. Your wife is safe with them. My comrades will take her to the shuttle safely! I will take care of the safety here and leave the surgery to you.”

He replied calmly. “This is just equivalent exchange. My wife’s life for your love’s life. This is fair. I will finish the procedure in time. Afterward, please give me a gun and a bullet. Thank you.”

Two minutes passed. Lan’s expression suddenly changed. “They are here. The two Aliens in the front are getting near. They should reach this corridor in a minute. There are also four more coming.”

Zheng took a deep breath. He held onto the melting gun with his left hand and the knife with his right. He walked out the door quietly. When the door was closing, Lan said. “Be careful.”

“I will.”

Was being careful enough? It was almost impossible to avoid all damage when fighting an Alien. Zheng had expected to put his life on the line. As he held onto the gun, he knew he only had the chance for two shots. If there were more than two Aliens then he would have to fight the remaining in close combat. He wanted to avoid being in such situation because life wouldn’t be under his control. Any accidents like if the tail pierced his heart, then he would die. Because the weakness of the Vampire bloodline was the heart and brain.

Zheng stood in the corridor quietly. He closed his eyes and focused all his attention on his ears. He could hear the the faint scratching noises between metals. These noises grew louder and louder. Finally, Zheng opened his eyes, raised his gun and pointed at the corner of the corridor.




He pulled the trigger despite there was no Alien in sight. However, as soon as the gun fired, a large black figure charged out from the corner. The energy ball hit its body and its head immediately evaporated, along with a part of the wall. Almost immediately, another black figure charged at Zheng. He just barely relaxed his finger from the trigger. The figure already advanced several meters into the corridor. Zheng immediately jumped backward as he fired another shot. The Alien was hit while it was in the air jumping at Zheng. Then it evaporated after a flash of light.

Zheng took a deep breath. However, before he had the chance to put down his gun, he sensed danger coming from the infirmary. He immediately charged inside in a panic. The room was quiet as before. Lan looked at him with a bitter smile.

“On top. Four Aliens were in between the metallic layers. No idea how they got in. Look! The metal is getting corroded!” Lan pointed at a corner.

The two of them raised their heads. The metallic ceiling was becoming soft. It wouldn’t take more than several seconds for it to corrode a hole.

Then a tail pierced through the layer. However, the attack didn’t come. And instead, the ceiling of the isolated room where the surgery was taking place started to corrode. The Aliens had located their Queen. They planned to enter the isolated room directly and obtain their Queen!


Zheng shouted in frenzy. He charged at the opened ceiling and jumped up. His hand grabbed onto the edge of the hole then flipped himself inside, colliding with an Alien.

There were four Aliens above the ceiling.


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