TI Vol 9: Chapter 3-1

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Vol 9: Chapter 3-1.

The female scientist stepped out. “I will do the surgery. I was the one who did it last…” The male scientist hit the back of her head and knocked her out.

He carried her in his arms. His tears flowed down his cheeks as he kissed her. Then he handed her over to Lan before turning to Zheng. “Let me do the surgery. I was the one who taught her. Rest assured. If I make any mistakes, you have her in your hands.”

Zheng said calmly. “Smart. I need another volunteer.” He looked at
the other scientists.

ChengXiao immediately said. “No need. I am different from your woman. My blood is poisonous. Any organism that enters my body will dissolve. How else do you think I could wake up so fast? Haha. My mom is an expert with Gu.”

The others looked at him in shock. He seemed proud of himself and threw two kisses to the girls. Though they ignored him.

Zheng said. “Gu? Can you use it to clear the Alien inside her?”

ChengXiao waved his hand. “It isn’t so simple. Do you really think those legends are real? Perhaps, but not to my knowledge. There also isn’t any herbs or insects here. How do you expect me to help you? Don’t worry. Look at the callus in his hands. He had probably done this surgery numerous times.”

Zheng fell into silence. His eyes returned to normal. He couldn’t simulate Xuan’s personality for too long. This was what Xuan would do in the same situation. Of course, he was more likely to just abandon Lori in the first place. But Zheng wouldn’t do it. And this was the result he obtained from thinking in Xuan’s personality.

“No time to waste. We will talk on the way.” Zheng took the lead into the corridor. Lan ran up to him to give him directions. They headed to the infirmary at a fast speed.

Zheng yelled as they were running. “Just like what I said, I am much faster than you. This path should only take around fifteen minutes. Don’t question it. I want everyone to continue going forward. Complete this movie and return to God’s dimension. If I die, the next Guide will appear in the newbies. One of you that unlocked the constraint will get tested. The leader position will be passed on as long as you can pass the test. Don’t worry about me. I won’t die!”

Heng and Yinkong opened their lips but at the end didn’t say anything. Lan was silent. Honglu nodded and said. “Understood. This is the best solution for the team. Don’t die or our strength will drop to the bottom. We will be in dangerous situations the following movies. The two of you take the lead. Choose the shortest path. Get to the shuttle as fast as possible, understand?”

The scientists were shocked by the series of events. They nodded immediately without saying much like they were part of the team.

Zheng said. “Don’t underestimate the Aliens. They are much stronger than the first movie in power, speed, and maybe other things. Do your best to kill them from afar. If they get close, Yinkong, stab their head. It should kill them in one hit.”

Yinkong nodded. She decided not to say anything and stood there without any expression. ChengXiao clapped his hands and laughed. “So you like our leader. Haha. You are my dream girl. Big breasts loli. Why do I laugh when you like another man?”

Bang! ChengXiao was sent flying several meters. He lay on the floor for a while then ran back laughing. The atmosphere felt more relaxed. However, Lori said unexpectedly. “I am not going. I don’t want to do the surgery!”

Zheng asked her in confusion. “Lori. Don’t be stupid. Listen, there’s anesthesia. It wont hurt. Don’t worry.”

Lori suddenly cried out and said. “But what about you? Fifteen minutes is a lie. They need forty minutes. I don’t believe it. It’s all my fault for coming to the movie and getting attacked by the Alien. I don’t want you to die…”

As she was crying, a hand pressed the back of her head lightly and she fell unconscious. ChengXiao said calmly. “A good girl won’t make things difficult for her man! When a man made his decision with resolution, whether it’s right or wrong, she shouldn’t try to change his mind by throwing a tantrum! And the man shouldn’t be affected, or else he’s not qualified to be a man!”

Zheng looked at ChengXiao in surprise. This was the first time he took a serious look at this man.

“Thank you.”

“Take good care of her, even if it costs your life. This is what a man should do!”

Before long, they had reached room 17, the infirmary. The scientist who decided to stay behind looked at his wife quietly. He didn’t touch her. He just looked at her then turned around into the room.

Zheng sighed. He carried Lori inside. The others kept going in the corridor. There were only a few minutes left for the thirty-minute limit.

Zheng said in a rushed tone once they were inside. “Hurry. I will act as your assistant. What do you need?”

The scientist took out a can of gas and said. “This gas can put Aliens to sleep for a short period. It also works on the Chestburster. This can will last about five minutes. There’s only one due to its high cost, you are very lucky. I will cut off the nutrition tube between the Alien and the host. It will stop growing then we will have time to take it out. The whole procedure takes about thirty minutes. Now show her chest.”

Zheng hesitated for a moment then did as he was told. Life was the priority at this point. This man had also basically given up his own life. There was no reason for him to hold back. Though at the end, only the center of her chest was shown. The other areas were covered in sterile drapes.

The scientist was a proficient surgeon. The anesthesia shot was almost instant. It only took him three minutes to put Lori in an isolated room with the can of gas. Then he focused on the scalpel with all his heart like completing a piece of art.

After opening Lori’s chest with a cut, he searched inside with a pair of surgical pliers. After a while, he inserted the scalpel into the chest seriously. When he pulled out the scalpel, blood also shot out from the chest.

Zheng immediately asked in panic. “Did you cut any major blood vessel? Anything wrong? What happened?”

The scientist said calmly. “Relax. I haven’t had any accidents in the last dozen years. The nutrition tube is cut. I just have to take the Alien out now. But judging by its size, I am afraid.” He sighed.

Zheng took a deep breath and calmed down. “What’s the problem? Tell me. What did you see from its size? Don’t hide anything!”

The scientist moved the pliers then said. “Just as I thought. This is a Queen. The Queen only gets born every several hundred Aliens. The situation is terrible.”

Zheng asked. “What do you mean? Is it difficult to take out?”

“No. We took the Queen out last time. But have you heard of queen bees and queen ants? They have special connection with their bees and ants. So when their lives are in danger, the bees and ants will attack the cause of danger. Aliens are a similar species. When I forcibly take this Queen out, the Aliens will come charging at us in frenzy. Then we will likely get torn apart!”

Just then, they heard banging from the door.

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  2. author forgot his own rules: no points were deducted from the players for talking about movies or god’s dimension in front of the characters.
    Remember in the first movie when the guy lost points simply by saying ‘points’?

    … I don’t mind authors setting rules (even stupid ones) in their universes/stories, because it is their story: they can do what they want in it.
    But I *do* mind when they forget *their own rules*. That is just sad and incompetent.

      1. exactly, the loss of points is minuscule compared to saving lives by talking. Also you will only lose a point every sentence of spoilers, but spoilers will tend to lead to the movie becoming harder so its better to let a movie progress (except saving someone whos destined to die to get rewards)

  3. But enough with the rage, this is an otherwise exciting story.

    Although… with only one gas can, doesn’t that mean only one person can be saved? This is a movie created by something (god, as they call it) to give people a chance to evolve. With one can, doesn’t this mean it made it so that only one person could survive?
    Or, if it assumed the veterans would have ways to prevent getting facehugged, only one newbie could live? Won’t that basically mean they are just fodder, with no way to survive? Not a logical choice for something that wants people to ‘evolve’.
    At the very least, the movie should have had the same number of gas cans as the number of newbies.

    Well, this is just a plot hole, not a rule, so it doesn’t really bother me as much.

    1. Considering movies with higher difficulties usually result in a wipe, doesn’t seem like God does give everyone a fair chance to survive… and this is the 4th movie in the series, and they have 13-14 people, which makes the difficulty enough for a complete wipe.

      1. exactly, ONTOP of only 4 scientists being alive because they made it in time, with only at most 3 of them able to do a surgery(this dude won’t do one without his wife leaving). Thats not even considering the fact that newbies wouldn’t be fast enough to run to the pod and to this area in time to live even if they got the surgery.

        1. How’s that “exactly”? According to that logic, after a certain difficulty level, newbies are no longer needed, unless they are incredibly talented in a required vocation. God is just creating a slaughterhouse in that sense.

          Even if you argue that “Exactly, if just 1 person can survive, god has them compete for their survival, and thus, they evolve~!” — but this is such a hopeless case, that not a single normal person can ever make it out alive. At this point, God just tries to evolve the existing veterans, and the newbies be damned. This mission is completely hopeless and pointlessly unfair.

          Also, if god would decide that Lori is just a hindrance for Zheng, and that’s why it was set to wipe out newbies…That’d be the ultimate form of irony, seeing as the author essentially forced Lori into the story for absolutely no reason what so ever, but then he basically retcons his own decision by having the setting kill her off, for being an obstruction / being pointless?
          The lulz are a plenty.

  4. Thanks for the chapter!
    I don’t believe. It’s all fault for coming to the movie and getting attacked by the Alien.
    I don’t believe it. It’s all my fault for coming to the movie and getting attacked by the Alien.
    Not sure if that is on purpose or you actually left some words by mistake

    1. If that was the point, one has to wonder why the system doesn’t isolate Zheng and just sends him off on his own. There’s no evidence that being together in a group, enables evolution in a more efficient manner.
      But yes, f*cking with his lover is probably a good way to keep him on his toes.

      1. I can think of a couple of reasons.
        1. The third level of genetic constraint relies on copying those who he is close with. Even when he reaches the fourth level where he can copy anyone, having a team that evolves along side you to copy is still beneficial.
        2. It allows him to survive in scenarios that can’t just be beaten through whatever path he has chosen for himself. Without a team he would have to spread out his skills a lot, causing evolution to slow down. Though it might increase the rate of improving his genetic constraint due to the added danger, it would slow down his attainment of enhancements.
        3. God might not necessarily want simply highly evolved being, but highly evolved beings with interesting evolutions.
        4. It might be that God wants a team of evolved being rather than a single super-evolved being.
        5. The system in place might be rigid. The number of teams might already be set.

        Honestly, I prefer how it’s going so far. I was kinda sick of the wuxia trope where it’s just one guy getting stronger and leaving everyone else in the dust.

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