TI Vol 9: Chapter 2-1

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Vol 9: Chapter 2-1.

The group advanced forward in the corridor. Zheng was carrying Lori while Heng was carrying Honglu. Though Honglu felt quite upset as he watched Yinkong carrying Ran. He couldn’t have been able to do the job with that little body of his anyway. Lan and ChengXiao kept up with the team by themselves. As for the five newbies who were struggling to catch up with them, they were unfortunate that their physical fitness wasn’t up to par with the veterans. The newbies quickly fell behind and after a few turns in the corridor, there was no sight of them.

Zheng said calmly. “I abandoned them. Perhaps they have someone with the talent that we need. It’s my fault. If we can go back alive, I will offer a better apology. Sorry.”

The others didn’t know how to respond. Lan said. “They are still not a part of the team. The decision was for the team. Their fitness, speed, and reaction are all out of the limit for this movie. We may have casualties if we have to protect them.”

This reasoning felt forced. Since if there were talents that the team needed, like people skilled with creating items, or had rare skills like Tengyi, it was worth the risk to protect them. Furthermore, the difficulty of this movie shouldn’t be that high. The only issue was the unexpected beginning that put them in a passive position. But as long as they could remove the Chestburster from Lori, it wasn’t too difficult to save the newbies. All it would take were just several more surgeries afterward. Though taking them along would require extra time. No one wanted to carry buckets when the Chestburster may come out in half an hour. So Zheng was selfish with his decision.

ChengXiao laughed. “Then I am rather lucky to get acknowledge by you guys.”

Zheng frowned and interrupted him. “You haven’t gotten our acknowledgement yet. You’re still on trial and we needed a doctor.”

ChengXiao whistled. “No problem. Being a doctor is my profession, even though I did it just to make a living. But I am still lucky. So many pretty ladies here. Oh. I don’t know if this is heaven. My favorite baby face type with such a cold expression, and this perfect physique.”

Pah! Lan slapped him in the face when she noticed him staring at her chest.

ChengXiao wasn’t mad and kept on laughing. “Being hit by a girl is a sign of honor. Ha. Too bad most people don’t understand such honor. Anyway, it’s still a lucky event when I can see so many pretty girls, even though I am brought into this weird world of horror movies. Haha.”

Everyone else ignored him. Although these words were unpleasant to hear, they couldn’t feel any bad intentions from him, at least nothing obvious. After all, the three men didn’t think of anything wrong with liking women. Heng and Honglu even nodded to themselves. The girls were feeling conflicted. They were mad to hear it but also happy that someone called them beautiful.

As they were running, Yinkong suddenly asked. “I am curious. How come you are so physically fit? You haven’t ran out of breath after running for so long.”

ChengXiao’s eyes immediately turned into hearts. “Lady, no, little lady, it’s because I am from a Chinese medicine practitioner family. My old man forced me to drink herbal medicines and practice crap kungfu since I was a kid. Haha, it’s not anything useful. We can discuss in private if you like it. I am actually confident at brewing tea, and singing. Look, I can move my larynx up and down.” He then opened his to show it to Yinkong.

Yinkong gave him a punch without hesitation then kept running like nothing happened. One of ChengXiao’s eyes had became black but he was still laughing. When he noticed Yinkong’s chest, his eyes widened in disbelief and stared at it. After quite a while, he said. “That’s not possible, is it really? Really such perfection?”

Heng seemed to hit it off with ChengXiao and asked. “What’s impossible? What perfection?”

ChengXiao’s eyes brightened. “My god, big breast loli. You know? My biggest dream is to have a super loli in fabulous stockings. God, can’t believe my dream is half way there.”

Bang! ChengXiao’s other eyes became black but he was still laughing. “Encountering fulfills half my dream. The other half will need me to strive for. Haha.”

Yinkong responded by pulling out her dagger. ChengXiao’s face immediately changed to a serious look. He touched his pulses and said. “About seventeen minutes left. Haha, or else I will die.”

Zheng smiled. He felt this is an interesting person. Although he couldn’t behave in front of women, his actions and words were careful not to cross a limit. He was a pervert with a boundary. Furthermore, that calmness toward death he had was only seen in Xuan, Zero, and Yinkong. He didn’t have the scent of blood from battles. So as a normal person, this calmness was a rare quality.

The group reached the entrance to the stairs and stopped. This was a safety exit. The elevator was not far off but everyone knew it was not the best option. Even though taking the stairs takes more energy but it was insignificant with their physical fitness and the stamina buff from Lan. No one was running out of breath from several minutes of running.

Zheng looked at Lan. She nodded in response then scanned the stairs. Several seconds later, she said. “No problem. There are no Aliens nor humans in the stairs. The stairs lead up to room 1. Then we will reach room 13 in about five minutes of running. There are several scientists in the medical room. They sealed the door and was controlling the central computer remotely.”

Zheng took a deep breath and said to everyone. “Let’s run! Open fire when you see an Alien.”

The others ran along Zheng into the stairs. This set of stairs was not short. They climbed for over three minutes. There were only twelve minutes left to the thirty-minute limit.

ChengXiao was still indifferent to the incoming death. He kept trying to strike up a conversation with Lan and Yinkong but no one was in the mood to reply under their situation. After a while, his face was full of bruises.

When they reached the next floor, they immediately smell the pungent scent. Lan said. “The Aliens have began corroding this ship just like in the first movie. Hurry! There are two Aliens attacking the door of room 13. Everyone hurry!”

Zheng felt anxious. Those scientists were his only hope. Lori wouldn’t be able to live if they die. He wouldn’t let that happen! As soon as he heard Lan’s words, he handed Lori over to Lan and sprinted ahead with the movement technique.

The movement technique and the acceleration buff from Lan pushed his speed to a height. He finished this five minute run in just two minutes. Two Aliens that were three meters tall appeared in front of him. The one in front was attacking the steel door with its tail. The door was already deformed.

Zheng felt a familiar pressure. These two Aliens were bigger than the ones he had previously encountered and gave off a much higher feeling of danger. It seemed like the monsters in the movies would become stronger the further into the series. But was their growth more than Zheng’s growth? The answer was obvious!

 Zheng took out a melting gun from the ring and pointed it at the Aliens. The Aliens also noticed his appearance. They jumped at him simultaneously. In almost a blink of an eye, they had moved within ten meters of Zheng. He pulled the trigger at once. An energy ball came out of the gun barrel and hit the Alien in front. With a flash of light, this Alien evaporated.

Zheng was blinded for a moment with the flash. He quickly looked around and the other Alien was gone. Just then, he raised his head abruptly and saw the Alien hanging on the ceiling. Then it jumped at Zheng.


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  1. The Rage is real! God damn. The beginning of this Chap makes me rage so much. How the hell can he just leave the 5 newbies. They are at least free points (farming). One newborn gives 5k points and a B rank. Thats a waste of 25K points and 5 B rank rewards. No wonder they think a lot of thinks are too expensive….
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