TI Vol 9: Chapter 1-2

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Vol 9: Chapter 1-2.

Everyone sighed and Lan’s expression changed. She felt a little guilty for thinking if Lori dies. Although this didn’t have anything to do with her but she still felt guilty when something did happen to Lori. She also felt despicable about herself.

The others didn’t notice Lan’s change. Honglu twirled his hair and said. “Let’s capture a few scientists before the Aliens break free from confinement. Have them do surgery to take out the Chestbursters from Lori and the other newbies. Maybe we can even take control of the ship and kill the Aliens that are still in confinement. Ever heard of farming? Happens in many games.”

Suddenly the sirens sounded sharply. They were in a military spaceship in space! The only possible cause for the sirens was that the Aliens escaped confinement!

Zheng slowly calmed down then sighed. “It seems like the plot did change. The change is quite drastic also. The six of you, say your name, occupation, and what you’re good at. I will give you thirty seconds each.”

The other five newbies also woke up. Aside from that dyed hair young man, the other five began to create a disturbance. They were three men and two women, all in their twenties. There weren’t any teens nor seniors this time.

The dyed hair young man yawned then said. “Cheng Xiao, twenty one. Single. Uh, son of a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. I am half a Chinese medicine practitioner. I had to learn some surgery techniques to make a living. Is it time for you to tell us what this place is?”

Zheng took a good look at him. The other newbies ignored what he said and kept asking what this place was, and how they got here. Five minutes later, Zheng said calmly. “Honglu, explain the basics to them. Don’t waste time, just get the rewards. Abandon the other five people. ChengXiao follow us. Heng act as a ranged assist. You can attack any time you are confident in taking out an Alien in a shot. The rest of the time take guard against any ambush. Yinkong protect Honglu, Ran, and ChengXiao. Lan, we will leave our safety to you. Make sure you check our surroundings carefully. The Aliens shouldn’t be able to ambush us with you here.”

Everyone nodded. Honglu began to explain this world and the movie they were in. Two minutes later, he returned to the team while the five newbies were still looking around confused. ChengXiao was the only one clever enough to stay beside the team.

Zheng took a deep breath and said. “Ok, over twenty minutes left. Lan, scan the ship. I want to know which spot has the most people. Right, also choose somewhere close to us.”

Lan nodded then closed her eyes. She opened them a minute later and said. “This ship is rather complex. It has six floors. The shuttle is in the top floor and we are at the fifth floor, second to last. A big group of armed people is coming over. I still haven’t scanned any Aliens yet.”

Zheng said. “Leave the Aliens for later. We are going to start a fight soon. I will take care of it. The two of you can’t control your attacks. Lori, are you awake?”

Lori had opened her eyes. She looked around slightly confused. When she realized Zheng was carrying her and everyone’s eyes focused on her, she blushed then jumped off of Zheng. Lori gave a laugh and said. “I fell asleep. So this is the horror movie world?”

Zheng felt a pain in his heart. He stroked her hair and said. “You silly girl. Wait for me here. Remember to stay in the center of the team. Don’t run around. Understand?”

Lori nodded obediently. Then Zheng walked to a metal door. He activated the Red Flame and focused it on his palms. He placed his palms on the door. In just ten seconds, it melted a hole large enough for a person to pass through. Lan immediately said. “Outside the room is a straight corridor. They are running from around the corner. They will make a turn to this corridor in ten seconds.”

Zheng nodded. He sprinted out with the movement technique active. The others followed him out the door afterward. He reached the corner in just several seconds. Then he started counting silently. As he counted to ten, his eyes turned out of focus and he jumped out at once.

Since he jumped out at such a high speed, he was heading straight toward the wall in front. Zheng landed on the wall then made another jump. He charged into a group of ten soldiers in an instant.

This group of soldiers received an alert from surveillance and headed to the hatchery room with their weapons ready. However, the sirens sounded while they were on their way. But without receiving any further orders, they continued to the hatchery room. Though the sirens left them with unsettled. So when the first person lost his head, the others stared at his neck in shock. It wasn’t until another person’s head flew off before they came back to their senses and opened fire. Unfortunately, it was already too late. Zheng was in the middle of the group with his jungle knife.

Zheng was going slightly insane at the moment. He didn’t expect to be in such a terrible situation as soon as he entered the movie, and this wasn’t supposed to be a difficult movie. It was driving him insane. Just then, this group of soldiers came over so he didn’t have to suppress his rage anymore. He was like a tiger among a flock of sheep due to his high physical stats, his Qi, and the combat instincts from the first stage of the unlocked mode. When he realized something was not right, there were only two people left. They dropped their guns and fell to the floor. Everything happened in less than a minute.

Zheng took a deep breath as he tried his best to suppress that insane desire to kill. He said coldly. “Tell me, where are your scientists? Where is the medical room?”

The two soldiers were shocked. Zheng slashed at the wall, opening a wide cut on this metal alloy that was used in a spaceship. Who else could slash it open so easily? The two soldiers immediate replied simultaneously. “They are in room 14 upstairs. They seem to be observing training progress today. The medical room is also upstairs at room 17.”

Zheng stared at the soldiers coldly, until their heart rates were fluttering, then said. “Drop your weapons and run for your lives. The Aliens have spread throughout the ship. Run as far as you can if you want to live.”

The soldiers looked at him weirdly as if to say, weren’t you an Alien? Killing eight fully armed soldiers with a jungle knife and even slashed open this wall. How could a human do these? Of course, they wouldn’t dare to actually say these words out. The two dropped their remaining firearms then ran away. They didn’t look terrified but rather like they found a treasure in front. It just took moments before they disappeared from the corridor.

The others were standing around the corner. Yinkong, Lan, Honglu, and ChengXiao stood expressionless. Ran grabbed onto Honglu’s shirt tightly. Heng’s face was pale white, and his body seemed to be shaking. Lori looked at Zheng tenderly as he stood in a pool of blood. Tears were flowing down her cheeks silently.

The other five newbies also came out. They became dumbfounded as soon as they saw the scene then began throwing up. Looked like all five were just normal civilians. They couldn’t have been in the military or were assassins. Their performance reinforced Zheng’s decision to abandon them.

Zheng looked deep into the corridor and took a deep breath. “Lan, scan the floor above. Looks like the scientists are observing the captured Aliens. Find their location. Let’s go, scan while we walk. Also find out the entrance to upstairs.”

Lan nodded quietly. She walked in the center of the team with her eyes closed. Lori was holding onto her. After a while, she said. “We have to speed up. The Aliens that broke free from confinement killed a lot of people. Only four managed to escape from the room. The Aliens were transporting the dead bodies into a corroded corridor. I don’t know how much the four of them can still run.”

Zheng took a deep breath. “Let’s go! We should be able to make it in time!”


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