TI Vol 9: Chapter 1-1

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Vol 9: Chapter 1-1.

That same half awake feeling. It felt like an instant or perhaps years had passed. The feeling wasn’t enjoyable no matter how many times one experienced it, or maybe you could say half of them weren’t enjoyable. If it was going back to God’s dimension, then one would still feel quite good despite the uncomfortable feeling.

Zheng was shocked when he opened his eyes. His body was bonded by steel bars and his head held in place by a metal circlet. A large oval shaped egg stood in front of him. It was obviously the first stage of an Alien.

Zheng opened his eyes wide to look around. Aside from being bonded by steel bars, he was also enclosed in a glass chamber. Around him were more glass chambers with people inside, and also an egg in front of each of them. Zheng could make out Heng and Honglu inside the chambers. So the others were probably in similar situations.

The plot of Alien: Resurrection was the main character from Alien became a host in Alien 3. After a series of fights, she realized this then killed herself by jumping into a furnace. Many years later, military scientists obtained her DNA and began to clone her. After several failures, they created a clone that carried a mix of human and Alien DNA.

Zheng remembered this scene as the scene where humans became hosts. Mercenaries delivered humans in stasis. The military scientists used these humans as hosts. They would get attacked by the Facehuggers soon.

Why were they in such a situation as soon as they entered a movie this time? Were they going to become a host in the beginning?

Zheng’s heart skipped a beat then he yelled. “Everyone wake up! What the f*ck is this!”

Perhaps because the movie hadn’t begun yet, or maybe the steel bars were too tough that he couldn’t break free from them. The glass chamber also seemed to have noise isolation properties so he couldn’t hear anything from outside. He could see Honglu and Heng yelling, but they were separated by two layers of glasses so it was normal he couldn’t hear them.

Zheng took a deep breath then used the Red Flame ability. Yet his flame didn’t melt the metal on his body and head. The metal’s temperature didn’t even change by a degree, which wasn’t supposed to happen. In the end, he had to accept that the movie had yet to begin and all attacks were nullified.

Even though Zheng felt anxious but he realized it was futile to struggle and would only waste his stamina. So he closed his eyes and stood there. After some time had passed, the egg opened up, revealing the Facehugger. It was going to jump at his face.

Zheng immediately opened his eyes while activating the Red Flame again. The Facehugger was burned to charcoal as soon as it came close. The steel bars and metal circlet also melted in just a few seconds. The Red Flame ability ranked up a tier after he exchanged the Vampire Count bloodline. Its temperature and area of effect were both several times stronger than before. Once he obtained freedom, he focused the flame on his hand then put his palm on the glass.

The glass quickly softened then melted into liquid. It was quite thick that regular firearms wouldn’t be able to penetrate it.

As soon as he got out, he looked around to find six new people aside from them. The Facehuggers had already covered their faces and judging by their reactions, they still hadn’t woken up from the transportation.

First timers usually couldn’t wake up. Zheng’s heart skipped a beat as he though of this. He quickly looked for Lori and found her glass chamber. The Facehugger was on her face already and since she was unconscious, she couldn’t activate the shield.

Zheng clenched his teeth and immediately ran toward his team members. The others didn’t have an ability like the Red Flame to deal with the Facehuggers. Yinkong was the only one who somehow broke free from the steel bars by herself. The Facehuggers kept jumping at the other three people but were blocked by a translucent shield every time, so they were still fine by now. However, he must free them as soon as possible.

The Flame was rather effective and easily freed them. Though Zheng couldn’t cover the whole person in the flame like how he freed himself. He had to focus the flame on his finger then soften a part of the steel bars and metal circlet. So they Honglu easily break free without getting burned. To his surprise, Ran who was also unconscious had a defensive shield active.

“Don’t overthink it. I gave her my pendant. I am using the defensive shield.” Honglu coughed and said.

Zheng nodded. He then used the same method to free everyone else. He carried Lori out of the glass chamber as the last one. The Facehugger on her face looked horrifying.

Zheng asked calmly. “Are there any survivors in this movie after they become a host? No, is there any way to survive?”

Honglu sighed. “There isn’t a survivor in Alien: Resurrection. But we are different. We just have to go back to God’s dimension to remove the Alien. But do we have the time? Another method is to do surgery. The military scientists successfully took out an Alien from the host in this movie. I think they would be able to live if we do this.”

Zheng then turned to his watch. The mission was displayed.

The door of the shuttle opens after one hour. Any person arriving at the shuttle completes his or her mission then returns to God’s dimension. Killing an Alien rewards 100 points. Killing a Queen rewards 1000 points and a rank D reward. Killing a Newborn rewards 5000 points and a rank B reward.

Zheng took a deep breath then nodded heavily. “Ok, then we will reach the shuttle in an hour. I will assign everyone’s responsibilities now.”

“This thing should break out in about half an hour.”

Suddenly a voice said. When they turned to the voice, it belonged to a young man with dyed hair who was sitting on the floor with a piece of flesh on his hand, the body of the Facehugger. He then took the Facehugger off another person’s face, and it came off easily without struggling. The young man put his fingers on that person’s wrist then said. “Alien? I’ve seen it but why am I here? Oh, yeah, there’s a thing inside me. It has heartbeats or something similar. Its heartbeats are extremely slow but has been increasing its pace. Judging by this speed, it should reach the rate of a normal person in about half an hour. Well, I don’t actually know if it will break out from my chest by then but our heartbeats will be at the same pace.”

The others looked at him in surprise. Zheng took off the Facehugger on Lori’s face with his trembling hands. It came off without moving like it was dead.

“The plot changed! How can the implantation process be so quick? The Chestburster should also take one to two days to mature. What the heck is this! God, you’re going too far!’

Zheng stood up abruptly. The Facehugger body was melted by his Qi as a faint red light flashed on his hand. He then yelled like a mad man.


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