TI Vol 8: Chapter 8-1

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Vol 8: Chapter 8-1.

“How should I explain about the third stage of the unlocked mode. It should be unlocking a constraint on your brain this time, but not completely. I think it needs at least stage four to completely remove this constraint on the brain.”

It had been several days since they came back. Everyone tested the powers of their new weapons in the meantime. To their surprise, they could create fission batteries in their rooms. Honglu induced that the real world was probably researching or had this technology already, so they could appear in the room.

Zheng remembered Xuan used him to carry a memory device back to the real world. The device was full of blueprints for technologies. Then it was really possible that the government had created fission batteries. And now they were the first beneficiaries. They could test the melting guns however they liked.

When the team finished training in the basement this day, Yinkong suddenly asked Zheng about the third stage of the unlocked mode. Though it was difficult to answer.

Zheng thought for a long time. He pulled a strand of hair and said. “People are constantly emitting brainwaves. These waves vary their frequency every second. Unlocking the third stage is like developing the unused areas of your brain. Once you entered the third stage, you can simulate the brainwaves of people you have been in contact with and simulate their thoughts, actions, and even some of their abilities. That’s the third stage, simulation.”

Honglu paused in surprise when he saw Zheng’s action and immediately said. “Are you simulating me? How complete is this simulation?”

Zheng laughed. “About thirty to forty percent. Must be people you’re familiar with and be in contact after you unlocked the first stage. Because that’s when you start to remember their brainwaves. Currently I can only simulate Xuan, Zero, Tengyi, and you guys. I still need to keep practicing. The current level of simulation is too low. It’s said that you can reach 100% in the fourth stage. And it won’t be limited to people you’re familiar with, but also some animals and other life forms that you’ve seen. God only gave a name of the ability for the fourth stage, Genetic Manipulation. Hoho.”

The others fell into thinking, but judging by their expressions, Honglu seemed to be the only one who thought of something. “No wonder you need the fourth stage to use enhancements to their full potential. We are still only normal people. Those enhancements and abilities were created by life forms in legends or the like. So we need to become similar to those life forms to use the enhancements. The fourth stage gives us this power. If God’s goal is evolution, genetic manipulation seems incredible enough. What would the fifth stage be?”

Zheng laughed. “God also gave the name for the fifth stage ability, Energy Manipulation. Hoho, I don’t really understand it but I think it might be referring to energies like Qi or blood energy. It’s still too early to think so far ahead. No one reached the fourth stage yet within all regular teams. Though we don’t know about team Devil or Celestial. God doesn’t reveal any information about those two teams.”

Zheng said as everyone fell into thinking again. “Ok, don’t think so much about what will happen. We have more critical things to consider. Honglu, did finish making what I want?”

Honglu nodded. “There are still some minor issues to go over but it should be completed tomorrow. They are not as good as my jade pendant but can still block quite a bit of damage. It should be enough for a sci-fi movie. The overall difficulty has been lowered since you obtained the leader position. You can discover the full potential God offers.”

Zheng thought his brain out for the two women. They didn’t have the ranked rewards so defensive items like the jade pendant were out. Plus, if they had the rewards for such items, they would be better spent on not entering the movie.

So he searched for items that could temporarily take the place of the jade pendant. He finally found a high tech defensive shield that was powered by fission batteries. The shield could isolate any attack the user deemed as damaging. Of course, it was only limited to physical attacks. It had no effect against spiritual attacks. Fortunately, the movie they were going into only had physical attacks. So Zheng suggested making one for everyone.

The defensive shield alone costed 1500 points and a rank D reward. However, since it was only a high tech item, the blueprint, theories, and materials were inexpensive. It cost them less than 500 points to create one, as long as someone could assemble the materials. The shield was a metallic plate the size of his palm.

This job naturally landed on Honglu. But it still took him seven days to finish reading the blueprints and begin the assembly. Judging from his progress, there shouldn’t be any problem completing the assembly before entering the next movie. This made Zheng and Honglu less worried, not enough for them to relax but they didn’t have to worry about their women suddenly getting killed.

On the night before the ninth day, two days before entering, everyone agreed to take a break for these last two days. So they could relax and also teach the two women how to survive. All the preparations were done. They could only do their best to fight.

After Lori fell asleep, Zheng came to the basement quietly. He slowly closed his eyes and focused his mind. A special feeling emerged from within.

It was as if Xuan, Zero, Tengyi, Jie all appeared in front of him. They looked at him quietly and he could use their power and thoughts at will, just like everyone was fighting alongside him. He bore the powers of his comrades whether they had disappeared or died. These powers will stay with him until he dies or leaves this world.

Zheng suddenly opened his eyes. He picked up a sniper rifle from the ground then lay down as he aimed at a little tree far away. The tree broke in half with one shot. This shot hit the center of its trunk. Zheng’s face had turned expressionless. He jumped up from the ground and took out two handguns. He flipped forward while shooting on the ground in front of him.

Then he took out a dagger from the ring. He walked silently forward with increasing speed. As he moved past a tree with extreme speed, the dagger already pierced into the center of the tree.

Then he stood there and took out the Book of the Dead and the key. He chanted the words on the book, in ancient Egyptian! Little bulges appeared on the ground then suddenly stone thorns shot out from them. Any person that would have stood on top would be pierced.

Zheng’s eyes finally returned normal. He took several deep breaths as he endured the pain from entering the unlocked mode. He knew he succeeded unlocking the third stage and gathered the power of his comrades. It was strong enough even though he couldn’t use them to their full potential.

“Come at me! Horror movies! I won’t die! I will live on no matter what!”


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