TI Vol 8: Chapter 7-2

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Vol 8: Chapter 7-2.

Honglu was still playing with his hair then he jumped up as soon as he heard these words. “What the heck. What do you think movie worlds are? Forcing two women without enhancements, who couldn’t even handle a gun into the worlds. Are you crazy?”

Honglu had lost his cool and acted like a child. They could see the panic on his face. But Zheng just looked at him quietly.

His face reddened then he took several deep breaths before going back to his chair. He looked more like a real child compared to his usual self. He held onto his legs with his head on top of his knees and tears just flowed down his face. He raised his head after quite a while then asked. “Is there no way to change? What happens if they don’t enter?”

Zheng sighed. He could tell that something must had happened in his past to cause this change. Although he was still a child, he could remain more calm than most adults under many circumstances. At least Zheng couldn’t face death like he does. But he suddenly became frightened when he heard the two women had to enter the movies. Zheng could imagine that something happened to him and he created this woman based on someone in his past, someone so dear to him died in that event.

“If anyone doesn’t enter the beam in time, then any part not inside the beam will be erased. If you only have your upper body inside the beam, then your lower body will disappear. We don’t have a choice. All we can do is study the details of Alien: Resurrection as much as possible, imagine the possible missions God might give us, and exchange suitable weapons and items. We will leave this to you, Honglu.” Zheng said to him in a serious tone.

Honglu calmed down. He closed his eyes and pulled his hair one by one. “Basically what we need are energy weapons, vibration weapons, and corrosive weapons. Due to the fact that we will be inside a spaceship, explosive weapons can cause damage to the ship, penetrative weapons might pierce through the ship and put us in an unfavorable environment. So I prefer those three types of weapons.”

Zheng got up from his chair and laughed. “Not much use discussing this here. Let’s go over to God and see the weapons. The leader benefit can help us quickly choose suitable items. Let’s go.”

They followed Zheng to the platform. Then he closed his eyes to connect with God. After a while, Zheng opened his eyes and said bitterly. “All those you mentioned are high tech weapons. For energy weapons, two big categories are laser guns and neutron guns. Laser guns cost less but are also less powerful. A fission battery can fire fifty shots. Neutron guns use fusion batteries and can fire three thousand shots. Its power is comparable to an RPG. But even the cheapest ones for both these types of weapons need a rank D reward. The batteries are also costly.”

Honglu thought for a moment. “What about vibration weapons?”

Zheng opened his hands. “Same. Belong to high tech weapons. Aside from air cannons and air guns, everything else is massive. Air cannons and air guns need to drain energy from the user so you can’t use them. This category is out. As for corrosive weapons, I found a melting gun that might be of use.”

“It also uses fission batteries but its range is only fifty meters. This gun can shoot an energy ball of high heat about the size of a basketball. The energy ball will release several thousand degrees of heat upon impact and melt anyone. It only needs 1000 points. The batteries are also only 200 points each. Each battery can last for twenty shots. You should only need to hit one shot to kill an Alien.”

Honglu asked a little worried. “It sounds not bad but is it big? I am afraid I can’t hold it in hand.”

Zheng laughed. “Energy weapons are usually not big. We can’t exchange the big ones either. But I have something else for you, Heng, Yinkong, and Lan. Heng, you can still use your bow. There are some arrows you will probably like. The Enchanted +3 arrows are 10 points each. There are also +4 ones but they are ten times the price, and +5s are 1000 points each. I think the +3 should be powerful enough. The description says it will increase a shot’s power without modifying the shot’s speed and range, and can pierce through some tough objects. Want to give it a try?”

Heng was excited. He gained 3000 points out of nowhere. If he didn’t have to exchange the melting gun, then he could use at least 1000 points on the arrows. Of course, he needed to try one first.

Zheng then turned to Yinkong. “Something you might like is a memory wire. It will remember the temperature of the first person it touches. So no one else can actually use it after you touched it. When it is in contact with your body temperature, it will become soft as silk. When it leaves your body, it will become hard. The most important thing is, the wire is eight meters long, thin as a hair, extremely resilient, and has a high resistance to being corroded. It will be very suitable for an assassin if you can learn to use it within these ten days.”

She paused for a moment then asked like a child. “Memory wire? The ones special agents in movies use to wrap around someone’s neck instead of backstabbing their heart?”

It sounded to Zheng like those agents were failures. He wiped his sweat and said. “If you don’t like it then I will find something else for you.”

“No, no.” Her eyes brightened up. “I will to give it a try. It sounds strong.”

“2500 points, don’t need any ranked rewards.”

The other four people didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Yinkong was the calmest person aside from Zero. Never had anyone though she had a childish side. But she gave off a different type of beauty when her eyes were brightened.

Zheng looked at Lan and said. “Psyche force diffusion plate. This metallic plate uses a special alloy and can buff your psyche force for a short period of time. The description says its only useable to psyche force users, otherwise one can get exhausted mentally. I think this weapon suits you. It can also interfere with or even control organisms with a low mental capacity. However, the duration is very short. Each plate only lasts thirty seconds but costs 1000 points. My advice is get three of these. We will handle the Aliens in regular fights. When it comes to a critical situation, we will depend on you. Ok?”

Lan nodded obediently. She became more compliant but also more aloof toward Zheng after the movie.

Zheng sighed to himself. Then he turned to everyone else. “This is basically it. I hope everyone can get familiar with the new weapons before the next movie comes. Heng and Honglu, you can use a third of the ammunitions to learn them, you will also need to control the projectile range. Memory wire has no such restriction so Yinkong do your best. Lan just keep training with psyche scan. Psyche force is also a type of energy that can be improved through training, though it will take a lot of time.”

Zheng paused for a bit then looked at the sphere of light. “This is the first time we enter a movie as an actual team. Perhaps we will encounter other teams or more dangerous movies in the future, there will also be newbies joining and dying. But I hope the four of you can stay with me until the end, until we die together or leave this cruel world together. Let’s fight until death!”


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