TI Vol 8: Chapter 7-1

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Vol 8: Chapter 7-1.

Zheng knew he would be among the top members of team Celestial if he joined since he was already at the third stage. From the information God gave him, there were only four people who reached the third stage and higher among all teams excluding team Devil. He was one of them, so even if he was to join team Celestial, he had the power to rival anyone in the team. Of course there was also the possibility that other people exchanged high ranked enhancements.

He could not deny the fact that he would have a higher chance of surviving if he joined. However, that would mean team China needed to repeat the movies or team battles with a new Guide to choose a leader again. The best outcome was few surviving at the cost of many and the worst was a wipe.

The difference between having a leader or not was too big. Not only was it due to individual power but also the lack of preparations and enhancement guidance. The leader was the real guide that could build the team to form a powerful force. Unlike how team China was, enhancing without a direction and entering without any preparations. But now this team could become stronger step by step as long as Zheng survives. This was the reason he refused. His memories and comrades were here. He had things that he could never forget, Jie, Xuan, Zero, Tengyi. The memories of these comrades were craved into his heart and became part of him. It would be a betrayal if he chose to leave!

God was rather lenient with this decision. He could still change his mind before he told the other members about the Guide and leader position. Though Zheng had already decided.

He took a deep breath then walked over to God and connected to the system. After checking his points, he had 4270 points including the 1270 points from before. It seemed like there were four movie characters still alive since he finished the movie in advance, giving him 2000 points, plus the 1000 base points. So every member received 3000 points.

“God, repair everyone. Deduct the points from me.” Zheng sighed, then yelled out.

Several beams covered everyone. The beams on Yinkong and Honglu were rather faint and the beams on Lan and Heng were much brighter. It took almost a minute before Lan and Heng were lowered back down. Zheng knew this was due to unlocking the constraint for the first time.

Heng woke up after everyone was repaired. He immediately jumped back while doing the action of drawing a bow. But he laughed coyly after taking a look around. “Haha, my head is still sleeping. I feel like I had a long dream. Zheng became an enemy in my dream then I kept sniping him. I even used the Charged Shot. It looked so powerful. Haha.”

Zheng smiled bitterly as he shook his head. “No, that’s not a dream. Whatever, just think of it as a dream.”

Honglu immediately thought of something. He looked around then said. “This means we completed Final Destination 2? Where is Jie? I want to know the truth.”

The others also looked around. There were no traces of Jie and Nana. Only Lori and a woman in her late twenties were running over from afar. So they all turned to Zheng.

He touched the cigarette butt in his pocket and took a deep breath. “Come to my room, I will tell you everything.”

Even though they spent three days in the movie, only one day and night had passed in this dimension. Honglu had told Ran not to come out but she still came to wait for him and met Lori who was also waiting in the platform. The two ladies made a big meal waiting for their return.

Honglu blushed as he lowered his head, avoiding eye contact with everyone. But the woman was very open. She took Honglu’s hand and headed over to the table. She had a tender smile and mature temperament.

Everyone was laughing secretly but at least they didn’t show it. The players looked at each other after the meal. Seeing this, Ran was considerate to begin cleaning the table with Lori then leave afterward. Once the two ladies were gone, Zheng took out the cigarette butt and told the others about Jie’s past, the benefits of a leader, and his choice.

“This is basically it. Even though God throws people into the horror movies, it wishes for evolution not killing. The reason we had such difficult movies was because of the coexistence of the Guide and leader. Now, I became the leader of team China.”

He put back the cigarette butt into his pocket. The others were quietly thinking to themselves.

Honglu said after a while. “Why did you refuse? Don’t want to part with us? In fact, we have a rather high chance of survival even with just the four of us. But what about you? You lost the chance to leave this world after tell us. Joining that team can almost guarantee survival in most movies.”

Zheng laughed. “Since I’ve already made my choice, there’s no point to discuss any further. It’s better to spend your energy on how we can make use of the benefits from the leader. Before that, I wish to put a stone tablet in the center the platform. God has ones that can retain everything we carve on the tablet for a hundred years, even after we die or leave this world.”

Honglu twirled his hair as he sat on the chair. “There are many types of tablets right?”

Zheng nodded. “Yes. The one with the message outside needs 10000 points from each member, but it lasts eternally and will only appear when certain conditions are met. I chose the cheapest one that only needs 200 points from everyone. I have 3710 points. You all probably should have at least 3000 points. Spending 200 isn’t much.”

Honglu took a deep breath. “There are too many things to exchange from God. Enhancements, abilities, sci-fi weapons, magical weapons, supporting items, at least over hundreds of thousands. No human can read through all of them. Now that we have a speed reader, we don’t have to worry about wasting points.”

Zheng laughed bitterly at being called a speed reader then Honglu continued. “So what’s the next movie? It wouldn’t be a difficult one again?”

Zheng’s smile disappeared as he muttered. “I don’t know if we are lucky or not. God selects difficulty according to the strongest member in the team. I am at the third stage of the unlocked mode. The next movie is Alien: Resurrection.”

They just heard that the later in the series, the more difficult a movie was. Even though sci-fi was a low difficulty genre, but it was the fourth of the series. Everyone fell into silence.

Honglu pulled a strand of hair. “We don’t have to feel so anxious. There are only a few situations that can threaten us judging from our power levels. First is team battles. It can be the most dangerous one or there won’t even be a fight depending on the other team. Everyone is a large amount of points to the other team but it’s also easy to get killed, just like team India. Second, sudden change of plot. Like how you almost wiped in Alien. Third, disaster films, war films, massive scale sci-fi films, and ones like Final Destination. But God wouldn’t put us into these unless we become really strong. Even though this is the fourth in the series, I don’t think it should be too difficult. Just prepare enough sc-fi weapons.”

Zheng smiled bitterly again. “Once a team obtained a leader, then all created beings must also enter the movies. Unless you spend a rank D reward to exchange their freedom. They must also enter this movie.”

He pointed to Lori and Ran.


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