TI Vol 8: Chapter 5-2

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Vol 8: Chapter 5-2.

Heng’s elf bloodline only increased his archery expertise. The enhancement didn’t stand out with overall power. However, it came with an ability, Charged Shot, that increases a shot’s power and speed by at least five times, much powerful than the previous shots!

The feeling of danger reached an indescribable height as Heng was about to release his hand. All that was left in Zheng’s eyes was the arrowhead. The pressure gave him a sense that he would get pierced by the arrow if he moves even a bit. This feeling was so extreme that he couldn’t find the strength to resist and forced himself to come to a halt. He was only three meters away from Heng. Neither of them could back away now.

“Don’t come close to me!” Heng growled in a low voice. His eyes were still out of focus so Zheng couldn’t tell what he was thinking. Yet the pressure felt so real that it took away Zheng’s ability to talk. He was afraid the arrow would hit him as soon as he opened his mouth. It wasn’t something he could dodge or defend against. The previous shot only wounded him but this shot was definitely going to take his life.

Zheng slowly moved his hands. This little action soaked him in cold sweat because he was afraid any stimulation would make Heng release the arrow. Fortunately, Heng didn’t. He looked over at Zheng’s head. Zheng put his finger into the wound caused by the previous shot then swirled his finger. Blood instantly splashed out, breaking open the already healing wound. Some of these blood landed on Heng’s face.

Heng’s eyebrows twitched. His eyes began to come back to normal, his hands and legs began to shake, and he finally released the arrow. The arrow flew past Zheng, almost touching his head. The air pressure caused by the arrow cut open his skin. This shot was comparable to that of the Gauss rifle.

Zheng was still feeling a chill in his heart. He turned his head around to take a look. There was no sight of the arrow but a coin sized hole on the wall behind. Just then, the wall began to crack starting at the hole. The crack first split the wall in half then as the it grew in a spiderweb pattern, the whole wall shattered.

Heng immediately started to roll on the ground after he released the arrow. Bubbles were forming in his mouth and his muscles convulsed violently. It was probably the after effect of entering the unlocked mode for the first time.

Zheng sighed as he ran over to Heng then give him a slap, knocking him out. Then he turned to Honglu. The boy finished immediately finished the apple and said. “I will do it myself.” He picked up a flower pot by his feet and smashed it on his head. He fell unconscious as the pot shattered.

Zheng laughed as he looked at the boy. He quickly ran over and got a hold of Honglu before he fell to the ground, then laid him down next to Heng who was still convulsing. Heng’s face was pale white. His hand was still holding onto the bow tight. It seemed like he was still scared.

Heng had a type of fear toward fighting, to be frank, it was cowardice. This fear was caused by other people getting hurt, and being afraid of getting hurt himself. He tended to have great accuracy on his first shot. However, once he imagined that the opponent was going to attack him, he would begin to withdraw. Zheng wouldn’t think of these himself, but he suddenly thought what would Xuan do in his place?

Then he broke open his wound without thinking and splashed the blood on Heng. Zheng could only take this risk despite Heng being in the unlocked mode. Because if it was Xuan, he would believe there was at least a 50% chance of Heng making a mistake or even lose control of the shot!

Just as expected, Heng’s mind entered into a chaos after getting in contact with blood. His instinctive fears overwhelmed his will to fight and finally made him miss the shot. Zheng never expected this cowardice of Heng saved his life.

He sighed at Heng then muttered. “Pretty good. This shot is more powerful than I imagined. If it does hit, no one would be able to block it. A shame that it missed.” He began to walk toward the stairs.

Climbing up from the safety stairs took a total of several minutes. Zheng finally reached the top of the building. The roof was open and flat aside from one large antenna. Mild wind blowing from afar. Jie and Nana sat by the edge of the wall looking out at the scenery.

“You’re late, Zheng.” Jie said with a smile.

Zheng spat out the blood in his mouth. His wound had gotten worse from injuring himself. He said with a distasteful tone. “Don’t act so close to me. Comrades won’t do such things to each other! Hurry up and tell Yinkong to stop. She’s still chasing after Lan!”

Jie patted Nana’s hand then turned around to face Zheng. “Sorry. My abilities are Suggestive Eyes and Mind Force. It’s just suggestions and can also cause backfire in psyche force users. I didn’t control them. Mind control cannot bring out a person’s full potential. So I cannot give Yinkong orders. She’s just have the idea to kill all her enemies. Plus, how can I look her in the eyes when she’s so far away? Unless…”

Zheng yelled. “Unless what?”

Jie smiled. “Unless you defeat me. Once the root of suggestion is defeated, then Yinkong will naturally return normal. She should almost caught up to Lan by now. You only have two to three minutes left. Once she caught up, then it only takes one hit. So, do you want to defeat me?”

Zheng gritted his teeth. He activated the progressive knife at once then said in a cold tone. “Jie, tell me the truth then I will knock you out. Or do you really want to die?”

Jie laughed bitterly. “Who would want to die? No one wants to die if he can live. I’d rather give up all my power and find a peaceful place to live for the rest of my life with my lover. But do you really want to take the time to talk with me? You don’t have much time left.”

Zheng gave a shout then ran up to him holding the knife. His other hand had pulled the trigger on the submachine gun.

A series of bullets shot at Jie. However, to Zheng’s surprise, these bullets all froze two meters in front of him. Not one could get anywhere closer to Jie.

“AA ability, Mind Force. As a Guide, I can use any enhancement to its full potential. This is a special trait for Guides. I will tell you what a Guide is.”

Jie waved his hands. The bullets reflected back at Zheng. Fortunately, these bullets shot back with the back of the shell facing him. So it was only painful and didn’t cause any wounds. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to dodge so many bullets.

“A Guide is a simulated human created by God. He will hide in a team like a normal person. However, he won’t actually die. If he died in a movie, then there will be a Guide among one of the newbies in the next one. We are artificial personalities and don’t actually exist.”

Jie waved his hand again as he spoke. A large invisible force struck at Zheng. Although it wasn’t traveling at a fast speed, he had no where to dodge in this little roof. Zheng was knocked up by the force.

“The Guide can’t help the team through difficulties, especially as the main combatant. He also can’t attack anyone other than the leader he designates. Third, once the designated leader passes the test, the Guide will disappear, unlock the next stage of the leader’s genetic constraint, and give him the official position as the leader.”

“I am the leader of team China and also a Guide. The last person passed the test in Nightmare on Elm Street but he was killed during our fusion. I absorbed his memory and taken over his body so I broke some of God’s limitations. I can’t be the main combatant in a movie yet I can attack any member.”

Zheng was knocked out of the roof when Jie was talking and he was falling down the building.


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  1. “”The boy finished immediately finished the apple and said. “I will do it myself.” He picked up a flower pot by his feet and smashed it on his head. He fell unconscious as the pot shattered.””

    Made me laugh so hard. ahahahahahaha

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    1. …So he’s essentially going to suffocate.
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  2. Oh.
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    (If a bully had a reason to torment you, would you care that he had a good reason to do so? That’s how I experience these characters).

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