TI Vol 8: Chapter 4-1

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Vol 8: Chapter 4-1.

The kiss lasted for a long time. Lan finally came out of the pain. Fortunately, the majority of the pain occurred in her mind and not her physical body. So although she was still feeling a little headache, it was not life threatening. Seemed like there were different types of unlocked modes.

Lan recovered but the two of them didn’t separate. Zheng didn’t know what his real feelings were. It took a while before he left Lan’s lips. Her face was red by then, perhaps due to the pain or perhaps due to her shyness.

Zheng coughed a few times then laughed. “Hehe. You better now? You seemed to be in a pretty bad condition. Is it because you unlocked your constraint?”

Lan said with surprise. “That state of mind is the unlocked mode? I don’t know. I felt like my hands moved following my instincts when I concentrated on picking out the shrapnels from your back. My hands knew where the knife should go and how much strength I should use. I also condensed my psyche scan to a very small area. I could see and feel every inch of your body.”

Zheng subconsciously looked down. This little action made Lan blushed again. He immediately said. “Hoho. Good. It’s a good thing that you unlocked your constraint. Though don’t unlock it again within these two days if you don’t have to. Your DNA might fall apart if you use it too frequently in the beginning. Then you will die if you can’t get back to God’s dimension in time. So promise me don’t unlock it if you can.”

Lan nodded obediently. Zheng then handed her the bandage. “Help me bandage up first. Hm? Someone contacted me just then?”

Zheng turned on the device. Strangely, all he could heard were crackling sounds. It took him quite a while to make out these sounds were that of woods burning. No one answered on the other side. In other words, the device was dropped into a fire. Then those two women were probably…

Zheng felt a sudden chill. He remembered he was constantly getting put in danger since he entered this movie. If it wasn’t for his enhancements and the unlocked mode that provided him with a strong sixth sense against danger, he might have been killed by the accidents. The first attack from electricity was enough to kill any normal person. He survived the following attacks with both luck and strength. Unless Death didn’t attack the two women, they wouldn’t be able to survive one attack.

Zheng sighed. “All the newbies died. Everyone from the bus aside from me died.”

Lan felt a chill and immediately said. “Don’t say such negative words. Aren’t you still doing well? Don’t worry. We just have to defeat Jie.”

Zheng shook his head with a bitter smile. “It’s difficult. Jie is stronger than we thought. And there’s Yinkong, Heng, and Honglu. It’s difficult to defeat them.”

Lan leaned on his side. “Don’t worry. I will always help you. There’s got to be a way to defeat Jie.”

Zheng massaged his temples. He began to ponder how he should solve the current situation.

“Lan, I have a way to go straight to Jie but you will have to take most of the risk. You might encounter great danger.” Zheng said in a serious tone.

She nodded and said. “No problem. I can’t have you be the one taking all the risks. Let me join the fight! Please.”

“Still remember the training? It was also the two of us against the four of them. Now we only have to defeat Jie. So we can totally ignore the other three. The mission is over if I can get to him. So, my plan is…”

ZhuWen finally waited for the police to arrive. Even the cops felt a chill when they saw the human charcoal. Everyone would be when you imagine a person was burned alive. So it took quite some time before they came to question her.

Of course, without any forms of identification, green card, address, or even documents of enter the border, ZhuWen was marked as an illegal immigrant. She was put into a police car and headed to the station.

The cops didn’t treat her too badly. One, no man would bear to treat a beautiful woman bad. Two, the informants said she had relationship with the boss of the new rising mafia gang.

So one cop took her back while the others stayed at the scene of fire to maintain order and possibly find the source of fire.

This cop was a middle age man. He didn’t talk and just turned on the radio after he closed the car windows. The rock and roll music gave him a sense of satisfaction. He drove on as he continuously waved his head.

ZhuWen was feeling more and more horrible. Both for Lilin’s death and also the situation she was in. She could see horrifying figures coming at her. This feeling was so scary, like she might dead at the next second. The feeling felt intense as the car drove on.

The cop was still waving his head as he sped passed several cars until he came up to a truck carrying bamboos. The truck was too big for him to drive pass. He honked it impatiently. The truck acted like it wanted to let the police car pass as it drove left and right. However, due to the truck’s size and the narrow street, the police car had no choice but to follow behind.

The feeling of death had reached a height for ZhuWen. She kept knocking on the little window between the back and the driver’s seat. But the music drowned out all the noise. The cop continued driving behind the truck.

One of the ropes that tied the bamboos in place snapped, then another one. The bamboos were getting loose.

At the same time, ZhuWen was knocking louder and louder. The cop finally noticed it. He immediately opened the little window and asked without turning around. “What’s wrong? Not feeling well?”

One stick of bamboo slid off the truck and pierced through the car window then went straight at the little window. ZhuWen just moved her head over to speak but the bamboo entered her mouth.

Zheng suddenly sat up. He looked around the park he and Lan had been staying in but there was no danger. The nearest building was also a hundred meters away. There shouldn’t be anything here that Death could make use of.

Zheng’s body was full of injuries after the fight then the explosion yesterday. The injuries were too much even for the vampire bloodline. So he found this park to take a night of rest after eating some fast food. Though he was the only one resting. Lan had to continue scanning the television building throughout the night. He could only rest without worrying while she was using the scan.

A slimmer of light appeared across the horizon. Zheng moved around a bit. It was only a night of rest and most injuries were healed, even the arrow hit on his shoulder was almost done healing. He was waiting for the sun to come up then he would charge at the building directly. He planned to give Jie a beating!

“Not going to sleep a bit? Let me take guard.” Zheng sat next to Lan and said with sympathy.

Lan laughed. “Hehe. No problem. We should be able to go back today. Don’t worry. You’ve been protecting me the whole time. It actually doesn’t feel bad to protect you.”

Zheng was quiet. He looked up at the sky. The appearance of Venus signified the beginning of a new day.

“Do you still remember that training? Jie, wait for me!”


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      1. you had a way to kill the grudge, and if you can notice the signs you will know when deaths coming, like when he saw explosion and warehouse, and the necklace with a skull and limosine on it.

        1. Perhaps, but the causes of deaths themselves aren’t really enjoyable. It just feels random, and pointless.
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