TI Vol 8: Chapter 3-2

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Vol 8: Chapter 3-2.

Everyone watched in confusion as Zheng ran toward the door. Only WangXia suddenly thought of something. His face immediately turned pale. However, there were little explosions coming from a bullet container from one of the corners before he had time to even drop the gun he was holding. The explosions were getting louder until the whole container exploded with a flash. Bullets shot out like from a machine gun. Several black people nearest to the area were instantly shot, then chubby and the thug also got shot by the wild bullets. WangXia was farther away but within a few steps he was devoured by the fire from the explosion.

Zheng clenched his teeth. He entered the unlocked mode as he was running. The muscles on his legs expanded, then he charged at the door while screaming. He had gotten so close to the door in just a blink of a eye. However, the explosion was approaching at the same time and also the bullets and shrapnels. His back was hit by ten bullets within just the ten steps he took. Fortunately, these bullets were shot by the explosion and not through a gun. He was only several meters away from the door by now.

“Ahh!” Zheng jumped up about half a meter using the movement technique. He floated in the air like a feather. Right at that instant, the blast sent him flying out. Since his was still using the movement technique and his body was lighter than usual, it minimized the damage he took from the blast. Of course his back was hit with more bullets and shrapnels at the same time.

Lan immediately turned around to look at Zheng when they landed. His mouth was full of blood and his face was pale white. Lan wanted to hold him but Zheng grabbed her hands and continued running away. Before long, the warehouse finally exploded. Not only the bullets but fragments of the warehouse were also shot out by the explosion. The place they were standing on got bombed by these fragments. Lan felt scared after seeing it. After running along the road for quite some distance, Zheng pulled Lan into a valley.

As soon as they got in, Zheng couldn’t hold hit anymore and kneeled down. Lan also saw the wound on his back. Her hands trembled but she clenched her teeth then slowly took off his shirt. There was not a single intact spot on Zheng’s back. Luckily his spine was not damaged. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to run so far.

Zheng took a breath. He handed the progressive knife to Lan. “Don’t shake, keep its balance. Then scoop the bullets and shrapnels out. Don’t worry, they are not as powerful as gunshots. Plus my body is much stronger than that of normal people’s. They only got into the surface of my muscle. Hurry, scoop them out then use the hemostasis spray.”

Lan took the knife with her trembling hand. She couldn’t hold her tears anymore but she knew this was urgent. She pointed the knife at Zheng’s back without any words. However, the knife was shaking just like her hands. It instantly scratched a wound on Zheng’s back.

Lan took a deep breath. The images of Zheng saving her in Alien flowed through her mind, that tenderness, and sense of safety. The time Zheng jumped from the building carrying her in The Grudge, when his arm expanded and almost broke apart. His figure when he directed orders and protected them in The Mummy. And how he just charged out of the explosion.

Lan’s eyes went out of focus as she recalled. Her hands stopped trembling. She condensed her psyche scan to just one meter in front of her. She could “see” the location of every bullet and shrapnel. She flipped the knife and a shrapnel came out. Then the second one, third one. The ground was slowly piling up with bullets and shrapnels. After the last one came out, Zheng immediately handed her the hemostasis spray. Zheng breathed a sigh of relief as he felt the cooling sensation on his back.

“That’s amazing, Lan. Never knew you have the potential to be a doctor. Lan?” Zheng took out the bandages as he spoke. However, Lan fell to the ground before he can hand them to her.

Her body was convulsing violently like she was experiencing extreme pain. Tear was streaming out and blood was bleeding from the corner of her mouth. Two seconds later, she opened her mouth and tried to breath. Yet, her lungs didn’t expand. The air couldn’t enter her lungs.

Zheng immediately knew what just happened. Lan broke her constraint when she was giving him medical treatment. The first time entering the unlocked mode was the most dangerous. That pain felt worse than death itself. Zheng still remembered the first time he experienced the pain. If it wasn’t for Lan’s help back then, he might have died from suffocation. He could tell how bad this pain was for her when the stats of her body was even lower than his stats back then.

Zheng took a deep breath then kissed her without hesitation. Then he pushed air into her. He could not endure this pain in her place so he held her in his arms quietly and felt her body as she convulsed in pain.

Zheng’s communication device rang at this moment. But neither of them had the energy to pay any attention to it.

On the other side of the city, Lilin and ZhuWen kept pressing the device as they cried. After some time, Lilin threw it on the ground and said. “Liar. Keep in contact with the device, but who has the time for this when it actually comes to the critical moments!”

ZhuWen suddenly opened her eyes against an empty space in the room. Then she held onto Lilin in fear. “Horrifying. There was like a skull floating around the room. It saw me opened my eyes then laughed creepily.”

Lilin forced a smile. “How can there be a skull floating around. It was just the wind.” Then she couldn’t continue talking. She was familiar with the movie so she knew that wind symbolized Death. A gust of wind coming out of nowhere typically meant the start of Death’s attack!

The two of them came back to the hotel following Zheng’s order. Nothing happened in the beginning. They were also very cautious. Especially since Lilin watched the series and ZhuWen had special premonitions, they avoided several accidents within this time. However, a gust of wind flew by just then. Suddenly people were screaming from the first floor. They listened carefully and heard cries of fire.

Lilin was quick to react. She immediately went to the door but the door wouldn’t open, like the lock was stuck. The door wouldn’t budge no matter how she smashed it with objects or pulled. Similarly, the windows were also stuck.

Slowly, the two women began to smell a burnt odor and increasing heat coming from the floor. Fortunately, the floor was concrete. They didn’t have to worry about the fire burning a hole.

Lilin gritted her teeth. She picked up a chair then smashed the window. The glass finally shattered after a few tries. She put her head out and began to cry for help.

There were quite some warmhearted Americans. People on the street ran over. About ten people gathered down below. Several guys called for them to jump. It was only the second floor, they could catch the two women.

Lilin helped ZhuWen over to the window and said. “Don’t worry. I will jump right after. It’s not high and people down below can catch you.”

ZhuWen showed a concerned expression but she nodded. After Lilin let go of her hand, ZhuWen clenched her teeth then jumped off the window. The muscular guys indeed caught her with ease. Lilin let out a sigh of relief. She was very worried about ZhuWen. This feeling was pure and genuine like that between a pair of sisters.

Then Lilin also stood on the window and looked down. The fire on first floor was getting stronger. Smoke was floating upward. She could barely see the people below. She clenched her teeth and finally jumped.

Just as Lilin fell past the first floor and was about to reach the ground, an explosion occurred in the room on the first floor. A sharp stick of wood shot out the window. This burning stick pierced her through the heart then hanged her there. She was still alive by then but the fire was burning her. Those miserable screams made everyone’s face turn pale. Their eyes were filled with terror. ZhuWen almost fainted from crying.

Lilin struggled, cried, then was burned into charcoal in front of everyone’s eyes.


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  1. WangXia, he was a favorite already, damn them, why not kill off Lan instead even elf boy gandalf-legolas would have been better, that dude can’t take the fights.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. WangXia’s deaths come off to me as unwelcome, specifically because he died because of Jie’s bullocks. The author had me like a character, and then he killed him off due to the complication he thought would be so fun and neat for the story.
      It doesn’t help that this movie setting practically kills off characters seemingly for completely random reasons. I just feel like it trivializes these peoples’ deaths, when they die for practically no fault to their own. This movie breaks my suspension of disbelief more than I thought it would…But, well, it makes sense, when the entire point of the movie can practically say: “The author kills the characters, because he wants to. There’s no legit reason for any one of them to die within the story, it’s just the author that kills them. For fun.”

      And when you actually care about a character, that sort of death is just…It comes off as in poor taste. I can’t say I care for this movie setting anymore. There’s no actual terror, just annoyance.

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