TI Vol 8: Chapter 3-1

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Vol 8: Chapter 3-1.

Zheng finally arrived at west district. This so called west district was obviously the ghetto. Blacks and whites in ragged clothes were everywhere. And women in heavy but cheap make ups that looked sorry to the eyes. This was where the poorest of the city gathered.

The thug got off the car and said to Zheng with respect. “Boss, Old Crab is the biggest arms dealer around. No one dares to provoke him, even Black Jack who manages this city. Of course he’s still a normal person so he’s not comparable to you. Come, boss, he’s by the warehouses in area A.”

Zheng and the other three followed him through the valleys. Lan finally got the chance to speak with him. “When Jie looked at me in the bus, I followed him away. Even though my body was moving but my mind was in a chaotic state. I don’t know why but I had the idea that you were the biggest monster in this movie. The movie would end if we kill you. I felt a little reluctant but you became a normal person when it comes to action.”

Zheng sighed. “Just like what I thought. You were probably hypnotized by Jie. Remember that time we took a trip. You were also hypnotized. Although you kept your consciousness but your body walked into the ocean on its own. I am almost certain that it was Jie who wanted to kill you!”

Lan’s eyes reddened. “But why did he do this? Aren’t we comrades? You saved him several times, and he also saved us. Also, why didn’t he attack team India during The Mummy? Zero wouldn’t have died…”

Zheng gritted his teeth. “Guide. He said he’s the so called Guide. I don’t know what that is but I know I will give him a beating! No matter what the reason is, I think everyone can forgive him if he told us. But what is this? Making us fight among ourselves? Aren’t he worried that one of us can die? F*ck!”

WangXia listened quietly. He was not qualified to say anything about the matter as a newbie. When Zheng and Lan was done, he finally said. “Zheng, we still need one thing aside from weapon if you’re planning to attack the television building.”

Zheng replied with curiosity. “What is it?”

“An armored car that’s used to transport money. I’ve seen the power of that arrow. It pierced through a large portion of that limousine. This power is comparable to that of a sniper rifle. I don’t think regular bulletproof cars can defend against it. We need to drive straight into the building, and that requires driving at least one kilometers in the open to accelerate, during which we don’t have any means to fight back. I don’t think you can just charge in judging by that speed and power. So we must obtain an armored car!” WangXia said.

Zheng massaged his temples. He knew WangXia was right. Heng’s shots had the power of a sniper rifle without using the Charged Shot ability. If he used the ability, although that puts him in exhaustion for ten minutes, then its power might approach that of the Gauss sniper rifle. That is not something a human body can defend against. Even just getting scratched by the arrow was enough to critically injure him. Zero had proved such power multiple times. Zheng didn’t want to take this risk.

“If this movie ends as soon as we defeat Jie, then it shouldn’t be a problem robbing an armored car. But I am worried about Death intervening. Then we will be caught in the attacks of both the police and Jie’s group. I don’t think we can survive if the situation gets so bad.” Zheng muttered.

After a while, Zheng suddenly asked Lan. “Where are they? Can you still sense them?”

Lan shook her head. “No. My senses stopped about five kilometers outside the building. It’s like something is blocking my vision. I can’t get sense anything further in. Remember the psyche force user from team India? I think she encountered the same situation.”

Zheng gritted his teeth. “Fine. F*ck. I don’t care anymore. We will go rob an armored car tomorrow! Then WangXia will come with me to the television building!”

Just then, the thug turned around. “Boss, that warehouse is Old Crab’s base. We might get searched. It’s their rule.”

Zheng nodded. He looked at where the thug was pointing. There was an abandoned warehouse by the side. Several blacks were talking outside the warehouse. They looked at ease, and not like people guarding an arms warehouse.

These blacks stood up as the four walked near. There was a hint of coldness through their eyes. That made them a little different from regular thugs. The head of the group said coldly. “John, this is the boss you mentioned? You f*cking fooling me?”

The thugs face turned slightly red. Zheng suddenly punched at the door before he could speak. With a loud sound, his put a dent over ten centimeters deep onto the door.

Zheng wasn’t in the mood to probe around each other. He said in straightforward words. “Don’t f*cking waste my time. I am here to buy things and you are selling. Don’t try to show authority like you do to regular thugs. Get your boss over or I will send you to Jesus!”

Their faces looked a little pale. Zheng didn’t just punched a dent but a flame also appeared in his hand and burned a hole on the door. This power gave them a chill. Perhaps they were bold enough to fight and kill normal people, and not even death could make them frown. But unimaginable powers suddenly induced fear in them. They didn’t want to get in conflict with this person. Just that punch could have taken their lives.

One person immediately said. “Wait. Our boss has been waiting for you the whole time.”

Zheng pulled back his fist and stood in front of the door quietly. The thug who came with him felt some kind of pride and looked at the blacks proudly. The blacks lowered their heads. They didn’t even dare to take another look at Zheng.

No one noticed a few drops of melted metal on the door dripped off from the hole. They landed on a piece of paper and ignited the paper. , then with a gentle wave of wind flew to the corner of the warehouse. There was a wooden container covered with a piece of cloth. The burning paper landed on this cloth. Slowly…

Before long, a short and chubby white man with a cigar in his mouth casually walked over. He was listening to his men unconcerned but his expressions suddenly changed after the last few words, especially when he walked over to the door and saw the hole. He immediately laughed. “You’re here, my friend. I’ve been waiting for you the whole day. It’s almost 4pm. Are you all ready to look at the weapons?”

Zheng said. “You sell us the weapons. We will pay in gold. You don’t have to know anything else and we won’t come back. I will pay you five times the weapons’ normal price!”

Without any delay, chubby nodded to his men. One of the black men took out the keys and opened seven locks on the warehouse door. Chubby walked in first after the door opened.

“Take a look at this AK47. Cheap and powerful and comes with a hundred bullets!”

He pulled off the cloths showing the oiled guns underneath and also cases of bullets. The amount of bullets was enough to destroy this whole warehouse. Chubby was also careful and threw the cigar away before he entered. He picked up an AK47 excitedly then gave a description. Though Zheng already had his weapon, and Lan wasn’t skilled with these guns. WangXia was the only one choosing. Yet he was also an expert. These regular guns weren’t good enough for him.

“If we are doing an assault, I choose this submachine gun and some grenades. We can also take a semi marksmen rifle with a range of 300 meters. I am also a qualified sniper. Let me see. They have an ok selection of grenades. Too bad there are no mines. I can modify these grenades into pressure activated traps. But I would need a day to modify.”

WangXia said his thoughts as he chose his weapons. Zheng was also listening carefully then he suddenly saw the word “explosives” on a container. Then he looked around at the other containers and there was one with the word “warehouse”.

“Warehouse explosion! F*ck!”

Zheng didn’t have the time for anything else. He picked up Lan and ran to the door.


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