TI Vol 8: Chapter 2-3

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Vol 8: Chapter 2-3.

Zheng was covered in cold sweat from the scare. He shouted without thinking any further. “WangXia! Where is he!”

WangXia was stunned. The series of events happened all in just ten seconds, any attack alone could take his life, not to mention that he couldn’t dodge them. But his mental fortitude was firm. He pointed to a tall building from afar and said. “Over there, but I can’t tell which floor!”

“Enough! I know which floor he’s in!”

Zheng was in the mindset of “if I am Heng”. He didn’t know what’s with this state of the mind, but it appeared that he could really understand what Heng was thinking. Like when to shoot the arrow, where should he aim, and what’s the best place to be in. So he activated the movement technique at once and sprinted over to the building when WangXia gave him an approximation. The bystanders watched in shock when he jumped over one or multiple cars each time. People started yelling words like “Chinese kungfu!”

He didn’t have to focus on any one person anymore. Everyone was enough of a threat, whether it was Honglu’s strategies, Lan’s psyche scan, Yinkong’s assassination, or Heng’s ranged attacks. Any person that he freed would increase his power a lot. Even if he doesn’t make use of their help, reducing the enemies’ strengths was also valuable. So he stopped chasing after Yinkong who possessed the highest threat. It was a victory as long as he could free either Heng or Lan.

Zheng’s speed was unmatched when the movement technique was in effect. He felt killing intent locked onto him twice during the way but they both disappeared before reaching a height, then it never came back again. Zheng had reached the building. He felt that Heng was on the first floor before so he jumped up using the protruding objects on the wall. The movement technique shown its usefulness in the complex terrain of this urban city.

Zheng finally reached the third floor within a few jumps. He slashed at the window then kicked the glass away. There was no one in the room, only several footprints. The was a man and woman here judging from the footprints.

Zheng rushed out of the room without thinking further. He ran down the stairs and as expected, there was a woman running out from the main entrance. Though Zheng’s speed was unparalleled. He ran out of the building and saw Lan running away. He reached Lan within a few steps and hit her on the back of her head, knocking her out.

Zheng felt a pain in his head as soon as Lan lost consciousness. He suddenly entered the half awake, half dreaming state, just like when he was teleporting between God’s dimension and the movie worlds. However, he felt more conscious because he saw Jie in front of him.

Jie took a breath then laughed lightly. This cheerful man seemed like he didn’t know what to do. Zheng was patient. He observed the surrounding carefully. To his surprise, he could only see Jie clearly, everything was like in a fog.

“Don’t bother looking. This state is the communication of our consciousness.” Jie sighed, but he was still smiling. “Congratulation for completing a quarter of the mission. I want to take this chance to remind you that in the Final Destination series, although you only have to survive five days but Death’s attacks will become more and more fearsome as time passes. Death will ignore the lives of other people around you by the fourth day. So come to me if you want to live. This movie will end as soon as you defeat me. Is there anything you want to know?”

Zheng pondered for a moment then asked seriously. “What is the purpose of your existence? No, I should ask, who are you?”

“The Guide. God wouldn’t put people who just entered this world go straight into danger at once. So it created this role to give people a chance. The Guide won’t actually die until the first person unlocks his or her constraint. Usually this would be the first level. The Guide’s function is to test if that person can become a leader. If he passes the test, then the Guide will give him the leader position and increase his unlocked state by one level.” Jie sighed and muttered.

“So you’re the Guide? And also the leader of team China? I can’t understand. I have already unlocked the second level, why did you wait so long to test me? If you are the leader of team China, why are you testing me? Does this test not take into consideration the lives of the other team members?”

Jie shook his head. “I am the Guide and also the leader of team China. The Guide is not allowed to attack any team members unless this member is the one taking the test. Otherwise God will punish him.”

Zheng was going to inquire further but Jie turned around and said. “I’ve answered a quarter of the questions. Come find me if you want to know more. I am at the top of the television building. Remember what I told you, Death’s attacks will be more fearsome the longer this movie goes on. If you want to live, come find me and defeat me before it happens. You’ve done a great job. You are reaching the third level of the unlocked state already. Keep it up, my comrade. Come defeat me.”

Zheng immediately chased after him. However, he woke up as he was about to touch Jie’s shoulder. Nothing changed in the outside world. All the pedestrians were still in the same place. Lan was still in his arms. It seemed time had stopped during the conversation.

“Guide? Leader? Jie, what are you trying to tell me?”

Zheng shouted. He was felt lost and regrets letting him get away after just a several sentences.

WangXia and the thug came over rather quick. They were already calling for Zheng when they saw him from afar. Zheng stopped hiding his abilities in front of normal people and activated his movement technique while carrying Lan. He quickly ran over to WangXia and the thug then said. “Go, to the front where there is no traffic jam.”

Zheng jumped from car to car in the shocking expressions of the drivers and pedestrians. When he got out of the traffic jam, he kicked a dent into the door of a car that was about to start. The driver raised his hands immediately and looked at that dent in shock.

Zheng took out two gold bars and said. “Get off!”

The driver’s eyes cycled between the gold and the dent then he grabbed the gold, opened the other door and ran. He threw his keys on the seat. Seemed like he wasn’t expecting to get the car back again.

Zheng carefully placed Lan on the backseats then hopped on the driver’s seat. After igniting the car, he looked back at WangXia and the thug. These two were much slower and took another half minute before reaching the car. Without further ado, the thug took the front seat and WangXia got in the back.

Zheng took a breath and started the car. He asked the thug. “Which way is the west district?”

The thug seemed frightened. He nodded with his pale face. “Boss, I am very familiar with this area. Follow this road and you will reach the west district soon. Don’t worry. This is a safe area.”

Zheng and WangXia smiled bitterly. There was no safe place for them in this movie. Anything could happen and death could come at any time. Zheng continued. “WangXia, help me wake her up. Don’t injure her. Wake her up with your military methods.”

WangXia nodded then pressed on Lan’s back. She slowly opened her eyes then looked around with shocking surprise. It wasn’t until she heard Zheng’s voice did the shock subsided. The environment was too strange when she woke up.

“Lan, I will tell you the details later. Help me scan for Heng, Yinkong, Honglu, and Jie. We can’t be the ones who keep getting attacked. We will get ready to counterattack once we obtain the weapons tomorrow!”


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  1. I feel like the more he relies on his teammates, the less of a reason does Zheng has to evolve himself. Which seems to practically be the entire point of this movie. Play solo, increase personal stats.
    But that just makes the story thus far seem odd. The way previous movies were progressing made them seem like the group was competent enough on their own, and they never actually experienced any tough decisions or true horrors so they’d feel like they need to push through their limits. If the previous few movies wouldn’t be so…Tamed, in comparison to the experience one would expect out of horror movies, it wouldn’t seem like the author would need Jie to force level-up the MC like that, to break the status-quo and enter a stage of narrative.
    This movie honestly feels more like a reaction to the MC’s status-quo, rather than a genuine development. I expected that the characters would actually “level up” and progress through the depths of the setting just by experiencing the movies (what the system wants from them), rather than have intrusive elements like Jie.

    Ah, f*ck. This is already a long train of thought — there’s basically very little actual “horror” in these past few arcs. Instead, there’s more action that the crew can handle and feel safe within. It’s no wonder that Jie suddenly needs to break them apart a bit to reorganize the way the players, and the readers, handle the story. This is an obvious game changer, although I feel like it’s a bit of a blatant move by the author. At this point, I kinda feel like the story lost the concept it was trying to go for, and instead became an intense action movie.
    Which isn’t necessarily bad, we’re still here, it’s just different.

    1. P.S: This is completely non-sequitur, but, after I woke up the next day it occurred to me — what on earth happened to the mummies? I think I lost a line somewhere, and that single line was the crucial pointer to know what they were even supposed to do. That also happened in The Mummy, it only had 1 line in which it said: “and then they jumped into the smoke screen”, and that’s about it.
      Ah, now I remember.
      They went along with the thugs as bodyguards.

      Man, these mummies have even less time-screen than freshly baked newbies. That’s so tragic. It almost feels like the author intentionally drives them away from the story.

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