TI Vol 8: Chapter 2-2

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Vol 8: Chapter 2-2.

The thug was rather clever, he found himself a limousine. The other four people sat on the back as he drove. He even closed the little window separating the backseats from the front so he wouldn’t hear their conversation.

Xue touched the leather seat and laughed. “Leader, seems like you have the potential to be a thug. If you don’t have to go back to God’s dimension, you will definitely reach the top in no time here.”

Zheng laughed. “Just call me by my name. What’s a leader that’s getting chased by his team members? We are on the same boat right now. You need me to protect you, and I need the additional firepower from you, or people to distract their attention. I can’t catch them all by myself.”

WangXia asked. “Can’t kill them? That’s too unfair for us. We are weaker than them to begin with. If we have to worry and hold back during the fight, we might as well just concede.”

Zheng knew what he said was true and sighed. “Ok, fight with all you have. Don’t hold back but don’t kill them if possible. My only request is don’t attack them if they can’t fight back anymore.”

WangXia nodded without continuing on the topic. They rested quietly inside the car. A few minutes later, Zheng and WangXia were the only ones still awake. The other two people had fallen asleep. The car drove smoothly until it came to a traffic jam. The thug knocked on the little window, then opened it and said. “Boss, there are obstructions ahead. They are taking down a building. The demolition is about to start. We have to wait after they finish.”

Zheng nodded without saying anything. As the thug was about to close the window, he suddenly said. “Your necklace looks quite special. Can I take a look?”

The thug immediately took it off. This necklace had two decorations. A skull figure in the front and a limousine figure on the back. As he moved the necklace, the skull struck the limousine. Zheng could felt it laughing.

Zheng’s skipped a beat. He immediately shouted. “Hurry! Drive backward!”

The thug’s mind went blank for a moment. He shut his mouth and started the car when he saw Zheng’s sharp eyes. Just then, a sports car was driving straight at them with high speed. Sweat began forming at the thug’s forehead. He also felt a sense of danger and immediately steered the wheel to the side. However, another car drove up and blocked his side. There was nowhere the limousine could go!

“Get off! Hurry!”

Zheng shouted, instantly waking up the two that were napping. The next moment, all the doors were automatically locked. Though the thug jumped off the limo before that happened. Only Zheng and the other three players were locked inside.

Zheng sensed the danger approaching. He pushed WangXia and the others to the side then kicked at the door. It created a big dent but the door was still firmly connected to the car. The windows didn’t shatter either. WangXia had some experience. He immediately yelled. “This is an armored limousine! Shit, the door has armor plating, enough to sustain normal explosions!”

Zheng was feeling more and more anxious but his mind was still clear. He took out the progressive knife. He heard sounds of explosions as he activated the knife. The demolition had started.

Workers were leaving an abandoned building that was not far from the limousine. The explosives were planted, waiting for the demolition expert to press the button. A crane was clearing the pillars with a wrecking ball. A single bolt at where the ball and crane connected fell off as it swung. The ball crushed two pillars in a row then as it reached the highest point where it would normally come back down, the explosions started. Shattered walls and floors were flying in all directions. One of the bigger concretes struck the ball at its highest point. Combining with the shockwave from the explosion, the wrecking ball broke off and went straight at the limousine.

Zheng sliced the door with one swing thanks to the sharpness of the progressive knife. He then kicked the door away and jumped out at once.

Upon hearing a whistling sound, he automatically entered the unlocked state while he was still in the air. He somehow felt that death was so sudden as he left the car. He instinctively entered the unlocked state. Through the corners of his eyes, he saw two arrows flying toward him from the back of the limousine. In just a moment, the second arrow hit the tail of the first one, giving it a burst of speed. The arrow then pierced Zheng’s right shoulder and pinned him against the back of the bus ahead of him!

Zheng immediately coughed out a mouthful of blood. That arrow damaged his lungs and the bones of his right shoulder. He couldn’t dodge during mid air, plus that burst of speed was beyond what his eyes could see.

WangXia was the second one that jumped out of the car. He was shocked to see Zheng pinned against a bus but he quickly reacted. He rolled over to a car on the side. Xue also got out of the car by now, though he was slow to react. The sky darkened as he was about to speak. He raised his head just to see a huge steel ball falling down then smashed the limousine, and also Xue who was just right outside the door. He was pressed into an indistinguishable piece right in front of Zheng and WangXia’s eyes.

Though Zheng had no time to feel disgusted because the limousine exploded. The shockwave pushed the ball at Zheng’s direction. He would be the next Xue if the ball makes it.

Zheng entered the second stage at once. He pulled out the arrow with his left hand, then jumped off the back of the bus as he activated the movement technique. The ball was only a meter away by now. He jumped straight at the ball and using the ball as a support to jump again. He was finally able to land on top of the bus at the same time as the ball smashed the back of the bus. It all happened in less than a second from when he jumped off the bus.

At this instant, the thought “If I am Yinkong” appeared in Zheng’s mind. He activated the knife without thinking and swung it at his back.

Yinkong was laying on top of the bus. She stabbed the dagger at Zheng’s heart the moment he jumped up. But to her surprise, Zheng swung the knife at her without even turning his head. Clank! This was the first time the progressive knife hit an object it couldn’t cut in half. Their movements followed were exactly the same. They jumped at each other, slightly to the left side, and pointed the knife and dagger at each others’ hearts.

Yinkong was surprise. Her speed had doubled after enhancing with the Shining, but Zheng was able to match her speed with the second stage of the unlocked mode and vampire Count bloodline. Zheng’s knife unexpectedly reached her left chest a split second faster than her. Fortunately, she backed off just in time. But the knife still scratched a big wound going from her chest to her left arm.

Yinkong clenched her teeth and jumped to the side of the bus before Zheng ran up for another attack. Zheng followed her tightly, but the moment he jumped, that feeling of danger struck him again.


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    1. obiviously this should lead to stage 3….. but it will probably just be preassure to enhance his thinking and make him think like a true leader and understand his people better. Just like when he know that yikong would attack him then.

  1. I can’t get over the fact how stupid the arrow trick is. There, I don’t care anymore, I said it! I tried to get over it, but it keeps coming back. Sob.
    There’s no special energy involved, it’s just one slightly slower arrow, being hit by a faster going arrow. And somehow, that causes that arrow to boost severely in speed. Because that’s how physics work, apparently.
    It’s just be a lot better to shoot the initial arrow with as much power and accuracy the archer can muster. If you have special spooky powers, then it might hold merit “because magic”, but that brings up a different problem — the trick-shot element within it is pretty much redundant the moment you say “I can do anything, I have super powers”.
    Well, don’t reduce yourself to do silly trick shots. Just use your powers.

    You simply cannot comprehend the amount of time in which I held that rant in.

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