TI Vol 8: Chapter 2-1

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Vol 8: Chapter 2-1.

Zheng brought the thugs back to the restaurant without any issues. However, he also caught the cops’ attentions. Fortunately, he received his fake green card in the morning. This card was made to the standard as government requirement thanks to the gold. Hotly that but the maker also took an extra step to hack into the local immigration office’s network and entered Zheng’s information. Of course, they didn’t know Zheng’s real name. His name right now was Stephen Chow.

The cops checked Zheng’s green card and searched the network. There was indeed someone named Stephen Chow to their disappointment with the exact same look. The photo looked like it was taken within these two days. They could only watch as Zheng led the thugs away.

“Damn Stephen Chow, why don’t they call me God of Cookery instead?” Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The thugs showed quite the respect toward him. Zheng also also didn’t care about gold and money. They were invited to a VIP room after spending a lot of cash.

Zheng immediately asked after he sat down. “Did you gather the men? Did you spread my words out?”

A middle age Caucasian said. “Yes, boss. We have spread your words and received some information. Someone did see an Asian boy who likes to play with his hair. A big breasts woman with glasses and a man carrying a big bag accompanied him.”

Zheng was pleasantly surprised. “Where were they seen?” He took out the guidebook and flipped to the city map.

The thug pointed to a television building in the center. “Around here at about 2am. They entered the building. The guards acted like they were invisible. No one should be able to enter the building at that hour. That was why someone noticed them. Take a look at this.”

Zheng counted the time. It was shortly after he got attacked. So they went back right after attacking him. The thugs weren’t lying. They should be inside that building!

He took out ten gold bars as he was thinking. The golden radiance instantly grabbed the thugs’ attentions. Zheng said. “Good job! Take these gold. Split them yourselves. I don’t have to teach you right? Use the leftover money to get people to stay around the building and monitor it. Notify me as soon as those people appear. This isn’t enough.”

Zheng took out a handful of sand then some bones. These were also exchanged from God. He held onto the Book of the Dead and began to chant in ancient Egyptian.

The sand and bones merged as his blood energy depleted. Four mummies appeared when the formation completed. These skinny bodies contained more power than normal people. The magic from the Book of the Dead were the biggest rewards from the last movie.

The thugs screamed as they backed off. Several kneeled down and screamed Satan. Though to his surprise, no one called for Jesus. This was different from how he thought of westerners.

Zheng banged the table and said. “Don’t panic! This is my power. They won’t hurt you! Listen up. Put them in robes, I know you can buy some. Then split into four groups and monitor the building in all directions. Notify me using this device as soon as you see them. Understand? These mummies will protect you when you get attacked. Use that time to contact me!”

These thugs were rebellious against society to begin with. They believed in Satan more than Jesus. The thugs became excited after the initial shock. Several of them were looking all over the mummies and even tried to touch them. The other people stared at Zheng with admiration. No, it was closer to worshiping a cult. If Zheng told them to be a suicide bomber, the fanaticism might make them do it.

Zheng shook his head and said to the one that spoke Chinese. “Did you complete the task I gave you? Did you find an arms dealer?”

He immediately nodded. “Yes. Old Crab of the west district has supplies. But he heard about you and requested payment in gold instead of cash.”

Zheng nodded. “Fine if he wants gold. That’s what I planned originally. Go wait outside. We will finish the discussion then go with you to the west district.”

Zheng then turned to the players. He held out the Book of the Dead and said. “Don’t tell me you’ve never seen this book. It should be quite famous. People who watched the movie should know.”

Lilin hesitated a bit then said. “This book should be that famous book in The Mummy. The Book of the Dead? It is said to contain magic from ancient Egypt and can even revive the dead. Its counterpart is the Book of Amun-Ra. You can bring things out of the movies?”

Zheng gave laughed. “This is a little complex to explain. I will leave it till we get back. WangXia, Laoshi, and Xue, come with me to the west district. You will pick your weapons there. We will likely have to face against my other team members. Make your decision. I can only promise that people who fight with me and go back to God’s dimension alive can become a member of the team. If you don’t want to fight, then please leave. I don’t have the energy to protect unnecessary people!”

WangXia immediately stood up after hearing his words. Xue thought about it for a moment then he also stood up. However, the middle age man was panicking as his face turned red. He acted anxiously with his head lowered. Ten seconds had passed. Zheng was feeling impatient. H finally stood up and said. “I will come along. I hunted birds with rifles before so I should able to contribute.”

Zheng sighed. He said to the two women. “You can go back to the hotel later. I’ve spoken with the owner. Or you can wait for us here. Contact us through the device. I wouldn’t recommend you go shopping or the like. You might lose your life on the street. Understand?”

They nodded and agreed with Zheng’s suggestion. Zheng went for the door with the three men. The thug was already waiting outside the room. He handed Zheng a new smartphone as soon as he saw Zheng. “Boss, the people who have been monitoring the building sent back information. Three Asians came out of the building. The man carrying a large bag, a handsome sixteen-year-old girl, and a woman with glasses. The little boy didn’t come out.”

Zheng took over the phone. “Let’s go. To the west district. WangXia, are you familiar with sniping?”

WangXia paused for a moment. “Not really but I can use a sniper rifle. Do they have a sniper?”

“Not a sniper. But his bow was more powerful and has a longer range compared to normal sniper rifles.” Zheng sighed. “His bow was an enchanted weapon exchanged through God. It had a range of over one kilometer with speed and power comparable to normal sniper rifles. He also has an archery technique that can give a burst of speed to the arrow.”

WangXia’s expression changed a bit. Zheng continued. “If I got shot, I want you to find the location where the arrow came from using your knowledge of sniping. You must tell me where he is within five seconds of me getting shot!”


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    1. “Damn Stephen Chow, why don’t they call me God of Cookery instead?” Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
      More like Satan Chow.

      1. http://i.imgur.com/rB4fxSw.jpg
        After I watched God of Cookery, I felt compelled to make a strip of the climax. It escalates into unbelievable stupidity to such a high degree that it’s hard to actually describe. The face Stephan Chow makes at the end pretty much describes that ending.

        I don’t actually recommend watching the movie, though. As only the climax is worth watching, really. The rest of the movie is just awfully mediocre (note: Mediocre. Not “so bad it’s good”. It’s just very, very mediocre. Only the ending is so bad it’s actually good.)

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