TI Vol 7: Chapter 8-2

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Vol 7: Chapter 8-2.

WangXia’s voice came through the device. “If it’s a weapon I am experienced with, then I think I can. Since you aren’t immune to bullets right? Plus, my expertise is planting mines and setting traps. See if you can find these weapons.”

Zheng originally said the words with the intention of just giving a try. He didn’t expect such an answer. He laughed bitterly because the people who attacked him with were comrades under Jie’s control. They were people he could entrust his safety with. Planting mines and setting traps? Did he think this was some military exercise?

Zheng immediately said. “No, don’t go through so much trouble. I need you to fight along side me, but I don’t need the mines and traps, at least not now. So what’s the situation over there?”

WangXia gave a bitter laugh and said. “You just teased us. We can’t eat the gold as food and we also don’t know how to sell the gold. Furthermore, this is the U.S., we don’t have a green card, or any documents of identification. We are afraid to even go to a park. Everyone’s tired and hungry. We are now waiting under a bridge. If you didn’t contact us, we were planning to contact you.”

Zheng was surprised, then as he thought about it, he laughed out loud. Even though WangXia was in the army, he still didn’t have the power to threaten a bar owner and live comfortably like he did. These newbies were also in a horror movie for the first time so they probably felt anxious and at a loss. It was difficult for them to come up with a solution at their current state. “Haha, don’t worry. Which bridge are you at? I will send people to bring you over here. Although you’re still going to die but I won’t let you starve before then.”

He could hear a sigh of relief over the device. A moment later, there were cheers. It seemed like they were indeed very hungry.

What followed were easy to take care of. Zheng determined their approximate location via the device then ordered a few thugs to fetch them. Four men and two women. They all looked like they had been through some difficult situations. Their clothes were dirty and the first thing they did was picking up a bottle of water until half the bottle was empty. Then they looked over the room.

Zheng felt a little funny but also guilty. Even though they were just newbies but as the leader, he should take some responsibility for them. He sighed then pointed to the food on the table. “You’re all hungry right? Eat something first.”

The six of them were starving. Three of the men ran over to the table without delay and they all went for the roast chicken. A woman in suit cursed some words then carefully helped the blind woman over. She handed her some food with a mild laugh then also began to devour the food.

WangXia though was rather calm. He looked over the room carefully then at Zheng’s wound with a surprise. “This wound is probably from a week ago? Is it an injury from the last movie?”

Zheng touched the scab and shook his head. “Go eat something first. Human can’t go without eating. Everything else can come after.”

WangXia nodded and sat over to the table. He feasted on a rate as fast as everyone else.

Zheng was staggered by the sight. He had the owner prepare enough food for ten people before they arrived. Since it was three in the morning, quality food was difficult to obtain but there were fast food restaurants that open throughout the night. So they bought ten servings of burgers, roast chickens, colas. Yet, judging from their expressions, it seemed as though they were eating a most delicious meal.

When the six newbies finished eating, all ten servings were gone but they still seemed only half full. Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this.

“Before I tell you what’s happening, as usual I want to ask for your name and occupation. Please don’t hide anything. I will assign your roles based on your situation or have people lacking in competence stay in the back.” Zheng sat on the sofa and sipped a cup of tea.

WangXia replied first. “My name is WangXia. I was member of the special force. Codename Greedy Wolf, specialized in reconnaissance, counter-reconnaissance, planting mines and setting traps.”

Zheng looked at him with surprise. He thought WangXia was just a soldier, didn’t expect him to be in the special force. If what he said was true, then he was a rare first tier player. His abilities should be comparable to Yinkong when she first entered.

The woman in suit was rather open. “Huang Lilin. I worked in a periodical office. Hm, half editor, half freelancer.”

An average salaried man said. “Li Laoshi. Plumber. I started as an apprentice since fourteen and have been working in this field for twenty years.”

The man in glasses gave a laugh. “Zheng Xue. Hoho, we stem from the same root. My occupation was a lawyer. Currently working in Hong Kong.”

The skinny and pale skin teenager said shyly. “Wang Xiaohao. Uh. Don-don’t have a job yet.” He was either timid or hadn’t spoke in a long time.

Everyone then turned to the blind woman. She also knew it was her turn and smiled. “Zhu Wen. I have sight mutation, not blindness. The world through my eyes looks strange so it’s difficult to find a job. I worked as a fortune teller.”

The others showed an odd expression though she was rather indifferent, as if she didn’t care for how others think. She sipped a cup of tea. That gentle feeling she gave off was so soothing.

Zheng suddenly asked. “What do you mean by fortune telling? Simply discussing a person’s fate?”

ZhuWen smiled. “No, I was hit by a car when I was a child. My optic nerves mutated so I can see an air of death that surrounds people who are about to die, or you can think of it as a sixth sense. I heard there are others with such optic nerves mutation, and the numbers were quite a few.”

Zheng immediately thought of Honglu, but Honglu had his whole brain mutated while hers was limited to optic nerves. However, did that mean she could sense Death’s attacks? It would be the best way to guard against Death.

Zheng said to her. “Open your eyes and take a look at us. See who’s most likely going to die.”

ZhuWen hesitated then muttered. “I… I am afraid I will scare you. My eyes look horrifying. People usually get nightmares from seeing them.”

The others were shocked, because the conversation was going in the supernatural direction. The woman in suit was the first to respond. She laughed openly. “You’re such a beautiful woman. No reason to be scared. Hehe, don’t worry. I have a brave soul.”

The others all agreed. The men were rather interested in this beautiful woman and no one wanted to admit cowardice at this moment.

ZhuWen sighed. She slowly opened her eyes then looked at everyone. They were shocked the moment they saw her eyes. Those eyes were all white and protruded a bit. That combined with her long hair gave her beauty a ghastly feeling. If it was anyone alone looking at her, the person would probably scream.

She was shocked and bewildered as she looked over everyone. Then she carefully looked around the room. After quite a while, she closed her eyes and sighed. “It’s dark. The surrounding is extremely dark, like we are standing inside the smoke that arose from the burning of corpses. We are going to die at any moment. Everyone is facing the same danger, like next second is the end of our lives. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this.”

Zheng sighed. He knew the situation was critical but didn’t expect it to be so bad. The six newbies could indeed die at any moment. Death’s threat was ubiquitous. So She wasn’t lying. She was a special talent.

Just then, Zheng’s communication device rang. He turned it on with curiosity and heard a young man’s voice. The man cried. “Save me. I don’t want to die. Save me. Lu Chichuan died. I don’t want to die yet. Ah…” His voice stopped here then it was silent.

No, there was still some noise coming through the device, the sound of blood spraying out. It sounded like an old man’s ghastly laughter. So hideous, so terrifying, as if Death was laughing through the device.


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  1. So, essentially, her special powers are completely useless in this scenario.
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