TI Vol 7: Chapter 7-3

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Vol 7: Chapter 7-3.

There was no hope in dodging the attack. Yinkong was exceptional with assassinations. No one could sense her when she was hiding. They could only feel that killing intent the moment she attacked. Usually it was already too late. Her attack speed had reached another level after the Shining enhancement.

Zheng moved his arm in between the dagger and his chest subconsciously. The dagger pierced arm and its tip entered his chest.

Though the dagger wasn’t long to begin with, with his arm in between, it only entered his chest by half an inch. But that flame made him scream in pain.

The burning of a soul was so horrifying that even Zheng couldn’t bear the pain and screamed. Nevertheless, he was somewhat of a warrior that had walked along the edge of hell several times. So when Yinkong used her other hand to grab the throwing knife, Zheng kicked her on abdomen, knocking her away and also the dagger along.

Her reaction was extremely quick. With a bit of blood coming out the corner of her mouth, she used the force of the kick and jumped further back to the window. In just a moment, she had disappeared in the night outside.

Zheng didn’t waste any time. He followed to the window at once and took out the hemostasis spray at the same time. Just as he sprayed his injury a few times, two throwing knives flew at him. But he had taken precaution this time. He pulled out the progressive knife to block in front of him. Then he jumped out using the movement technique.

It was dark outside the hotel. This was a residential area with many apartments. So the place was connected with valleys. Zheng jumped along the wall to the roof. He had a clear view of all the valleys from here but there was no sight of Yinkong. It was as though she just disappeared in this darkness.

If it was just close combat power, Zheng had completely surpassed everyone else in the team after the latest vampire enhancement. However, his assassination techniques were no match for Yinkong’s. Heng’s shooting skills were powerful. Honglu’s strategies weren’t something he could come up with. Lan’s psyche scan was one of the most important abilities of the team. Every member had an irreplaceable skill. They could only survive by cooperating as a team. Everyone was aware of this.

Zheng sighed. He originally planned to knock Yinkong out. By Jie’s words, when he knocks out a person, then that person will wake up. This was a great opportunity. Yinkong was too much of a threat. Her assassinations as difficult to guard as Death’s attacks. He felt shivers just thinking that someone might give him a stab in the back at any time. Aside from Yinkong, Heng’s arrows were also a force to be cautious about.

Zheng sighed again. He knew it was difficult to locate an assassin in the night. Furthermore, searching in this complex terrain was like looking for death. Who knew if there was a dagger coming out of nowhere? It was unfortunate he had to pass on this opportunity. As he was about to return to his room, he suddenly felt a sense of danger. He felt so close to death, like a hunter had took aim on him.

Two arrows were coming at him from not far away. Their speed was already fast to begin with but when the second arrow hit the tail of the first one, its speed increased again by several folds. Zheng only had the time to move a bit before the arrow pierced into his chest. It went in between his lungs and only a few centimeters from his spine. The arrow then carried Zheng flying several meters and he fell down the roof into the valley.

Yinkong was hiding in a dark area of the valley the whole time. She didn’t run. As a common rule for assassins, they shouldn’t run right after attempting an attack. Because that was actually when they were most likely to get caught. The reason Zheng couldn’t find her was because he was searching for a moving object.

When she saw Zheng fell down, she began moving toward him. But her communication device rang soon afterward. Honglu said through the device. “Retreat. He’s waiting for you.”

Yinkong asked lightly after a moment of silence. “Why? Didn’t he get shot?”

“Heng said he didn’t hit any vital part. The injury looked severe but it merely damaged his muscles. It probably didn’t even damage his bones. Although the force of the arrow was enough to push him off the roof but don’t you feel that his falling speed was too slow? He was using the movement technique. He tried to act realistic so you would go over but his body activated its defensive mechanisms involuntarily. Upon falling from a high place, his body used the movement technique without him thinking. If you go near, he will definitely attack you. Let’s retreat. Today is only the first day. We still have a lot of opportunities.”

Yinkong breathed out. She sheathed the dagger to her waist then turn around and ran. With that speed of hers, she disappeared in mere seconds like she had never been here.

Zheng just lay there without moving. About ten minutes passed, he sat up with a sigh. His torso was covered in blood with the arrow still in his chest. Zheng clenched his teeth then pulled the arrow out. Blood gushed out from the wound until he applied the hemostasis spray on it.

That arrow from Heng forced him to enter the unlock mode automatically. Plus, he was already being cautious of his surroundings, so he had a little time to react. He had two choices at that instant, use his arm to block it just like when he blocked Yinkong’s dagger. He would still take some damage but he could protect most of his body. Then he would have a chance to chase where the arrow came from and maybe catch Heng.

The other choice was to let the arrow pierce through his body and make it seem like he was critically injured. Then he just had to wait for Yinkong’s attack. Give him another chance to fight her in close range and he was certain he could knock her out!

Yet, he knew the plan had gone wrong when he was falling. His body activated the movement technique subconsciously. He forgot that he was still in the unlock mode. The body would perform action to protect itself. So to prevent taking too much damage from the fall, it activated the technique. Zheng could only hope that no one noticed this abnormality. He continued lying there for a slimmer of hope. Unfortunately, Yinkong never appeared again.

“Hoho, I just realized our team has become so strong already.”

Zheng laughed bitterly. The arm that was pierced with the dagger was painful and itchy, like bugs crawling on it. When he couldn’t stand it and want to scratch, he saw the wound had already cicatrized.

By the time Zheng returned to his room and turned on all the lights, he was certain the wound had began healing on its own. He moved the arm around, although the damage on the bone of his arm didn’t hinder movement, but that pain and itchiness also reached his bone.

“So it’s actually real that you won’t die that easily as long as the heart and brain don’t take critical damage with the vampire Count bloodline.”

Zheng felt pleasantly surprised. He entered the bathroom to check the wound on his torso against a mirror. The arrow was powerful and caused a micro explosion upon contact. The wound on the front was about the size of three coins but it also began to cicatrize on the edges. It should be completely healed by tomorrow with this rate.

“This is great. According to what Jie said, I can only utilize a part of the power of this bloodline. But its recovery rate is already so powerful.”

A few knocks came from the door as he was checking. When he went to open the door, there was the blonde woman and ten men in atypical clothes, including that Chinese kungfu thug from before. These were probably the gang leaders.

“Come in.”

Zheng walked back to table but suddenly he felt extremely hungry, to the same degree as if he hadn’t eaten for several days. It was probably due to the recovery needing a large quantity of food. Though he didn’t see the thugs’ shocking expressions when they saw the wound on his back. These people just stood there by the door and didn’t dare to step in.


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