TI Vol 7: Chapter 7-2

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Vol 7: Chapter 7-2.

The bar owner didn’t say much to Zheng coming back. People with money were your bosses. People with both money and power were your masters. The owner poured a glass of brandy for Zheng. And Zheng drank it all in one go. The burn rushed down to his stomach and made him feel refreshed.

Zheng thought as he sat there. “Do you have any employee lounges? Uh. Best if it’s quiet and somewhere to take a shower.”

The owner replied immediately. “The back of the bar are rooms for customers. Of course, its quieter there. Several rooms also have showers within.”

Zheng threw him a few gold nuggets. “If the cops come, send them elsewhere. There was an incident outside. If those riding motorbikes come looking for me, take them to me. Also, prepare some food and drinks over.”

Although it hadn’t been long but Zheng had become the leader of team China. Unlike the leaders in the normal world, leaders here needed to be determined when it comes to killing. He didn’t reach the level of cold blooded yet but he had possessed some qualities of a leader. He gave off a feeling that his order should be obeyed when he said those words.

The owner nodded subconsciously. Then he picked a blonde woman to take Zheng to the back while he talked on the phone.

Zheng followed the blonde and passed through a valley. Behind the bar was love hotel. A Caucasian was already waiting there and said to the blonde. “Luxury suite. On the end of the second floor.”

Zheng just followed the blonde to second floor without saying a word. The suite was not bad upon his first look. It was comparable to a suite in a three-star hotel. After he entered the suite, the blonde said. “Do you want a massage? Free of charge, just give me a piece of that golden thing.”

Zheng threw her one then said in an indifferent tone. “Get out. Go tell your boss to bring food and drinks over as soon as possible. Aside from the thugs on motorbikes, I don’t want to be bothered.”

Though the blonde couldn’t hear a word of his anymore. Her attention was focused on that gold nugget. Several seconds later, she smiled at Zheng then left the room.

Zheng let out a sigh of relief. He didn’t bother to turn on the light and just took off his clothes then lay on the bed. Snores were coming out within ten seconds. He was tired.

Too many things happened in a day. The issue with Jie, the lost of his comrades, and having to face the movie on his own put his mind in a tense state. When Death attacked him, if it wasn’t for his increased stats and recovery rate from the higher vampire bloodline, he would’ve been still unconscious by now. So once he found the chance to relax, he quickly fell asleep.

At the same time, in two other places in the city. The newbies that separated with him didn’t have his luck and power. Even with the gold bar, they had difficulty doing anything in the city without a green card or such. So the eight of them still hadn’t eaten anything. They’ve been searching for a place to exchange the gold for money.

Panda girl said to dyed haired man on the street. “YangLe, do you think we can find an antique shop that takes this gold?”

He replied without turning his head. “You probably don’t know about this. I heard from the sister of my aunt’s friend that there are pawn shops in many Chinatowns. Even if there are no pawn shops, there are antique shops. They should be willing to make a profit since we are all Chinese. Lu Chichuan, you said you’re still a virgin? I won’t believe it. You’re just toying with me.”

She blushed. “I am really a virgin. I have a few boyfriends before but I only let them touch my body at most. The first time of course goes to my husband. You’re not thinking about it right?”

YangLe laughed. “Why not? It’s only the two of us left. And we don’t know when we will die. Didn’t you hear what that retard said? Do you want to die a virgin?”

Chichuan laughed along as the two of them walked hand in hand. In front of them was a bank and behind it a bridge crossing the river. It seemed like there was no Chinatown in this place. The two looked at each other and sighed. They decided to cross the bridge to continue their search.

At the same time, several teens were coming from their front while smoking. The teens seemed excited with cigars on their hand and carrying another sealed pack of cigars. Probably stole the packs somewhere.

The smoke floated toward YangLe and Chichuan and followed the wind into the bank. Somehow, it activated the fire alarm on the entrance. Water sprayed on top of them. The teens immediately covered their head and ran forward as profanity came out of their mouths. YangLe and Chichuan were baffled by the sudden spray. They also covered their heads and ran forward, then they collided with the teens.

The ground had been wet. Chichuan slid to the side after she was hit. Fortunately, she maintained her balance and stopped herself on the road. As she was enraged, she saw YangLe looking at her with terror. All she could see when she turned her head around was a bright light.

Around the corner, a driver was obviously drunk…

Zheng suddenly opened his eyes. He felt as though he heard a scream but then he realized he was napping in a room. How could there be screams here? It was probably just a dream.

A few knocks on the door. Zheng get up to open it and saw the blond woman. She was pushing a cart full of food, soup, desserts and wine. It was quite a fancy meal and no one should have any complains.

Zheng let her in with a smile. She placed all the food on a table politely then just stood there with a smile looking at Zheng.

Zheng wasn’t a bit stingy, since the value of gold was not much more than rocks. He threw over a gold nugget and said. “I also need a phone with plenty of minutes, a thousand-dollar cash, and some casual clothes. Don’t bother me otherwise. Understand?” He then put a gold bar on the table.

He didn’t pay any attention to the woman leaving. As he began to eat, he kept feeling something was not right for no reason.

Once he was aware of this feeling, he immediately looked over the room. No one could overlook any little detail in this movie because death could come in all sorts of strange ways. He didn’t want to die in a trap because he was careless. That would be lame. He would rather die in a fight against monsters.

(But what really feels wrong? Where is it?)

Zheng walked back and forth in his room, yet he couldn’t find anything wrong. Until he looked down on the carpet unintentionally and saw two deep trails left from the cart. However, the food and drinks shouldn’t be this heavy. And why did the blonde leave the cart in the room?

Zheng was standing by its side. Then he felt a chilling sensation coming at his heart. This hiding technique and this attack…

A flaming dagger reached for his heart.


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