TI Vol 7: Chapter 7-1

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Vol 7: Chapter 7-1.

Zheng was knocked several meters away until he collided with a car. The windshield of the car shattered and its alarm rang. The thugs on motorbikes and some passersby stared at him in bewilderment. It was almost a minute later when someone ran over to him screaming. While some brought out their phones to contact the police and ambulance.

Zheng had woken up when he landed on the car. Half his body went through the windshield. But he was lucky. If he had collided with a sharp object, then it was sure to take his life. No matter how strong he had become, damage done while he was unconscious couldn’t be dodged or mitigated.

His whole body was burning in pain and numb after getting shocked as if he went through a deep fryer. This pain was only second to the after effect of entering the unlocked mode. Fortunately, since he had been through a worse pain and had a stronger body than normal people, he slowly regained control over his body after lying there for two minutes.

People started gathering around him. The thugs were the quickest. One of them took Zheng’s air cannon and pulled the trigger against a wall. However, the lack of any kind of energy like Qi rendered the weapon useless. The others began to search his body, and someone reached for his ring.

Zheng opened his eyes the first thing he regained control. That thug was surprised but didn’t stop pulling the ring off him. Zheng felt anger and without hesitation, he clenched his left hand. The hand that was trying to get the ring off him was crushed. The thug screamed as he rolled on the ground holding onto his hand.

Zheng stood up on the car and stared at the one with his air cannon coldly. “Give me!”

The thug was obviously scared. He handed the weapon over then watched as it disappeared on Zheng’s hand. Zheng then ignored them and walked away.

A few thugs became hideous as they saw Zheng walking away. They had over a dozen people here! They talked in a low voice then it seemed like someone with reputation ran up to Zheng and put his hand on Zheng’s shoulder. “I f…” Before he could finish his sentence, he was sent flying.

Zheng jumped in place followed by a roundhouse kick on the thug’s face as he turned around. The thug was knocked over meters away. Seeing this kick was unusually powerful, the others paused in place. They were all looking at Zheng like an alien.

Ever since entering this movie, Zheng’s anger had been building up. His comrades were suddenly all gone. Jie was hiding secrets from him. And the possibility of getting attacked by his comrades in the next five days had put his mind in a chaotic state.

Aside from these problems, the abnormality of this movie had been stressing his heart. Anything could take his life, perhaps it might happen when he eats or drinks or just walking on the road. He didn’t even dare to take a car. And he never thought Death targeted him so soon. What had happened couldn’t have been a pure coincident. He wouldn’t believe he was so unlucky.

Under all these conditions, the thugs’ actions made him want to release his stress. He didn’t care about refraining from killing anymore. It was all the thugs’ fault to provoke him.

“Chinese kungfu!”

One of them screamed, in Chinese. Zheng stopped his kick halfway and punched the thug next to him on the stomach instead. It lifted the thug two meters in the air then Zheng kicked his back, knocking another one down on the way.

It only took two minutes before all but one were lying on the ground. Although their lives were not in danger, a few were heavily injured. Only the one that spoke Chinese were left standing.

He was totally scared. Then screamed and began to run but Zheng grabbed him. “F*ck. Are you going to abandon your friends? Here are some gold nuggets. You should know what to do. Take them all to the hospital!” Zheng cursed and at the same time took several gold nuggets from his ring then put them in the thug’s hand.

The thug looked at the nuggets confused and asked subconsciously. “Boss, how do we split?”

Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He turned around and said as he began to walk away. “I don’t care how you split. You have so many people and you can’t even do this one little thing!”

As if something rang a bell, Zheng suddenly turned around and stared at the thug with a pair of burning eyes, like how a pervert stared at a naked girl. The thug shivered. If he wasn’t scared of that Chinese kungfu, he would probably have ran away.

“How many people do you have? Not here, but ones with a bike and want to split the money.” Zheng asked.

The thug was totally lost and scared. “A few hundred, no, two to three hundred people. There are a few big gang like ours. Boss, do you want to teach them a lesson too?”

“No.” Zheng smiled. “Go tell them, do you want gold? Pure gold. I have more than you can take. Just help me find six people. Well, first get their leaders over. I will give the gold and you will do the job for me.”

Zheng took out his gold bars one by one and stacked them up on the hood of the car, about a dozen of them. The golden lights dazzled everyone around. If they weren’t wary of his kungfu, these people would’ve been looting the gold by now.

Seeing the positive effects, Zheng put the gold back into the ring. The thugs were staring at him with saliva dripping off their mouths. He said. “Get my words out. Help me find six Chinese, six Asians. Three men and three women. One of them was an eleven year old boy. I will give the details when you get the gang leaders over. Remember to tell them. I will give two gold bars for each person found. If all six were found, I will give thirty!”

“I will be in Wave Bar from tonight until noon tomorrow. Go to the owner if you want to find me. I will give you my number tomorrow. Anyone that wish to take this job must see me by noon tomorrow. Is that clear?”

The thugs nodded. Zheng yelled. “Then go! Wait, take them to the hospital first. This half a bar is your pay.”

Zheng snapped a gold bar with his bare hands in front of everyone. Then threw one half to the thug. “I will give you the other half when you are done. Don’t try to run with the money. Don’t make me mad!”

The thug was in a daze when he took the half. There were still finger marks on it. Under both reward and threat, especially when it was such inhuman power, no one even thought about resisting. The thug nodded then the others carried the heavily injured ones over to the taxis. Zheng let out a sigh of relief and walked back to Wave Bar.

Zheng’s idea was to make use of the environment. Since Jie was about to control the other four people, then he would use people from this world to fight Jie. He believed Jie didn’t have the ability to control everyone. If it wasn’t for the lack of power, he even wanted to lead the police to find them. Though that was too unrealistic.

After enhancing the Intelligence stat, his memory and cognitive abilities had improved substantially. Though he still couldn’t think and plan things out like Xuan or Honglu did. Wisdom and the way a person thinks could not be obtained through enhancement. Zheng was slowly learning. He could only apply such wisdom in fights for now.

He pushed the door opened and entered Wave Bar.


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    1. He used the environment for a while now, in The Grudge he went around temples, had Zero get them weapons, IDs, places to sleep, maps…It’s just that most of his teammebers filled in the gaps, and now that he’s on his own, we see what one man has to do without the help of multiple others.

      I guess you can see the biggest personal change, only when one is by oneself.

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