TI Vol 7: Chapter 5-2

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Vol 7: Chapter 5-2.

Suddenly all the newbies put up their hands, including that soldier. Zheng sat down and looked at them. “Listen to me carefully. This world is different from the one you know. This is a world with endless terrors. You will live in this world and go through one horror movie after another until you die or reach enough points to go back to the real world.”

They looked at Zheng’s gun with fear. But Zheng ignored them and continued. “Points mean every time you survive a movie, you will earn 1000 basic points. Some movies have missions that you can complete for extra points and even the more valuable ranked rewards. I will explain that later. After you finish a movie, you will enter a place called God’s dimension. There you can use your points to exchange many things including weapons and medications and even enhance your body. Ranked rewards are used for the higher level exchanges. This is basically it.”

“Also, you can go back to the real world once you save up 50000 points. The movie we are in is the second movie of the Final Destination series. I think people who had seen it should be familiar with the plot. If you haven’t seen it, don’t worry. You don’t need to be familiar with the plot in this one because I think Death will use various ways to try and kill us. Take care of yourself. If we can go back to God’s dimension alive, then we will have a drink to celebrate.”

As Zheng talked, he noticed a car suddenly turned ninety degrees and a police car had passed by. That meant the movie had begun. At the same time, he received the 100 points notification from God.

All the newbies looked at him in shock. These people didn’t believe his words but that was reasonable. A psychologically normal person wouldn’t believe these words so easily, except if the person was an idiot.

When Zheng turned around to look at the cars to the front, the soldier jumped up and grabbed his gun at once. He stuck his finger into the trigger to prevent Zheng from firing then kicked at Zheng’s chest.

Yet Zheng’s reaction speed was more than twice that of a normal person. He easily blocked the kick as he turned back around then grabbed the gun using Qi. The gun immediately broke apart with deep finger marks on the barrel.

The other men wanted to get at Zheng, especially the dyed hair man that Zheng knocked again. However, everyone looked at the finger marks in shock, even the soldier was frightened.

“Nothing to be surprised about. What I said is true. As long as you can survive several movies and obtained enhancements, you will become comparable to me. Zheng Zha.” Zheng always had respect toward the army, especially one from his own country, although he disliked the police. So he put out his hand.

The soldier paused for a bit and seemed like a mentally strong person. He held Zheng’s hand and said. “Wang Renjia, everyone calls me Wang Xia, you can call me it also.”

Zheng nodded and said. “You have potential. If there wasn’t an accident, you should be able to become part of our team. Can I ask what are you specialized in?”

“A scout. If you didn’t show your strength, I would be trying to get you under control by now. Hoho, but with that strength and reaction, you can probably break my bones.”

Zheng laughed and was about to reply when the woman with her eyes closed said. “Mr. Zheng, can I asked something? You said that there are other veterans aside from you and you formed a team. Are they also as strong as you? How can we join your team?”

This woman was very beautiful. Her beauty gave off a temperament of being out of this world. Her ponytail was a meter long and reached her legs.

Zheng breathed out and said. “Yes we formed a team of six people. All are survivors from the last or even more movies. Under normal circumstances, I should be asking your name, occupation, and individual qualities. If you fit the requirements, you can become a temporary member and receive help and protection from us. If you can then survive this movie, we will acknowledge you as an official member. We have our rules but at the same time the help from each other. Unfortunately, this is not possible right now. The other five people left for some reasons and I am the only one remaining here.”

The panda girl had her attention at the dyed hair man. She handed him a tissue and sneered at Zheng. “Hey, is it because you are too weak that they abandoned you? So you come and bully us newbies?”

Zheng ignored her and put his attention toward the front of the road. The main character had begun to cry so that meant the plot now began. They would be leaving this bus and accept the various ways of dying.

WangXia frowned. “I am not familiar with western movies. Can anyone tell me the plot?”

Though everyone was thinking of their own stuff or whispering to another person. Zheng frowned and said to him. “Let me give you a description of the plot…”

Zheng quickly told him the story of the Final Destination series, and stressed that Death would put traps that seemed like a coincident but led to death. Of course, he also mentioned the signs that appear before Death attempted to kill anyone. People that could notice these signs would be able to escape.

“That means our lives is dependent on luck”

Zheng smiled bitterly. “Seems like it. I wish everyone luck then. You also need to be observant. If you can notice the signs in advance, you have a much higher chance of surviving.”

WangXia nodded. “What are you planning to do? What are you going to do with the eight of us?”

Zheng paused for a moment then shook his head. “Even though I am a veteran, this is the first time I am in this series. So I am just as fragile as you all. Furthermore, I have my mission of finding the other five veterans and solve some problems.”

“Everyone, look at your watch. It will give you how to go about this movie. Then I suggest you to find an open space to live. If you can guard yourself for five days, then you can go back to God’s dimension alive. This are gold bars. Take one each. You can exchange them for money or whatever. I won’t be giving guns to you. I don’t have enough for everyone of you. Here’s three communication devices. You can use them to find my location and we can keep in contact. What do you think? I will give you three minutes to discuss. Hurry.”

The panda girl and dyed hair man were the first to came to an agreement. They formed a group and didn’t want to be with other people. The man took two gold bars and put them inside his shirt.

After discussion, there were only two groups. Everyone else except the woman with closed eyes decided to follow WangXia. She said with a bit of fear. “Mr. Zheng, can I go with you? Compared to them, I think there’s a higher chance of surviving being with you.”

Zheng looked at her with sympathy. He could see that she was blind. In a world like this, she was the most likely to die among all the people. Zheng had no choice but shook his head. “I am sorry. I have some things I must do. WangXia, take good care of her. Aside from accidents, don’t let her death be caused by other people. Please.”

Then he looked at the dyed hair man. The man’s eyes were glancing at that woman’s gold bar with greed and probably wasn’t thinking of anything good.

WangXia nodded. Suddenly a truck drove at the main character’s car and knocked it away. Then this truck exploded. At the same time, the door of the bus opened. The movie had begun!


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    1. The old army dude might be useful, if the blind woman could get her eyes repaired in ‘god realm’ she could be another team member, sadly this seems like the highest death arc of all

      1. Rather than have her eyes repaired, I’d say it’s be more interesting to have her entire body more receptive to sound and vibrations. We technically know that Yikong is capable of evading objects even with her eyes closed, so even without enhancements that possibility exists. With enhancements, it’s doubtful that she’d need the excruciating training Yikong went through.

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