TI Vol 7: Chapter 5-1

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Vol 7: Chapter 5-1.

The seven of them woke up on a bus. There were no other passengers aside from the eight people lying on the floor. However, everyone turned to Jie in confusion because he was still holding onto Nana’s hand.

Zheng said angrily. “Jie, I need an explanation. Why did you bring her in? You know how dangerous this place will be. This is Final Destination! A place where you can’t escape death with scientific reasoning! And there’s no boss you can beat! How can you do this? Are you trying to get her killed?” Zheng raised his voice as he spoke and was shouting by the end of it.

Jie and Nana smiled at each other. He then turned to Zheng and said. “Ok, ok. I will tell you everything but there’s something you have to do first. At least I can’t tell you now. Do you want to know the reason and purpose of everything?”

Jie turned around and walked to the door. To Zheng’s surprise, Lan, Yinkong, Honglu and Heng followed behind him. The bus door opened automatically and Jie walked outside as the four of them followed after.

“If you want to know everything, then defeat the five of us. They have been controlled by me. Same rules as the training. Defeat them without harming, just knock them out or find me and defeat me.”

“The rule of this game is, every time you defeat one person, I will tell you a part of the truth. If you can defeat me, I will tell you everything. Last time my whole team wiped except me. One of the hardest series among all the possible movies. I will promise the four of them will live. Don’t worry too much about the newbies. Just let them go on their own. “

“Zheng, I am very happy to have met you. Come find me, defeat me, then you will be the leader of team China! Or else you will die!”

Jie had walked far away, the last few words of his appeared directly inside Zheng’s mind. This was telepathy! Jie really turned out to the psyche force user that saved them in The Mummy!

However, Zheng couldn’t help but feel angry, and even a bit of killing intent!

(If you are a psyche force user, then why didn’t you tell us? Why did you let everyone get in danger? Don’t you feel sad about your comrades’ death?)

“Jie! If you don’t give me a good reason, I will kill you!”

Zheng charged at the door and attacked it. Yet it was as though he struck into cotton and the force couldn’t go anywhere, which backfired and caused him to feel horrible. Fortunately, he didn’t use his Qi in the attack, otherwise it wouldn’t end so well.

There seemed to be a protective field on the door. Zheng touched it in disbelief and felt a soft field covering it. Then he quickly turned to the windows and there were the same fields covering them. This probably meant that the movie hadn’t started yet. The field protected them from danger and also prevented them from entering the movie too early.

Yet, how could Jie had gone out with the others?

Zheng struck the protective field again and again, but he could only watch Jie walked away, leaving him and the eight newbies behind. In the end, he couldn’t contain himself and began to shout. However, Jie gradually left his sight without looking back at him.

Zheng sat on the seat a little out of his mind as he looked at this familiar highway. This was where Final Destination 2 began. A girl saw the future and saved a group of people from dying in a crash. However, all of them were already written down on Death’s list. Their escape merely put them through more horrifying deaths. These people then died in seemingly coincidences one by one, until the girl finally understood what Death wanted. Death wished them to die in the order it planned. So she drove her car into the lake to kill herself in a way she wanted. In the end, she and another man escaped Death, but the ending of the movie signified their deaths were only delayed.

Zheng looked at his watch. The mission displayed was to survive five days. Any survivors will be transported back to God’s dimension after five days. For every movie character that survived, they would get an extra 500 points. If all characters survived, they would get a rank B reward and 5000 points. If a player killed a character, he would be penalized 5000 points.

The rewards seemed like a lot since they were awarded to each member. If all the characters survived, then the whole team would gain a huge power up, including the weakest member.

“Such a high reward and fourteen people difficulty. Furthermore, since we are unable to kill any movie character, we can’t disrupt the order of deaths.” Zheng muttered to himself bitterly. That was not the only problem. He not only had to guard against Death’s attacks but also the other veterans, and he had to find and defeat Jie. With so many things combine, how could spare any attention to the movie characters? Just like Jie said, he shouldn’t worry about the newbies. His own problem was the priority in during this movie.

“What points? What horror movies? Shit, what is this place?”

It was a pretty girl. Uh, at least she was well featured. Though there was a thick layer of foundation and a pair of eyes painted like a panda. Her hair was also dyed yellow. Aside from being well featured, she was more like an opera actress.

She got up from the floor then immediately checked her clothes. Afterward, she looked at Zheng and said. “Who are you? Why are you staring at me? What is this place? Wasn’t I chatting with my friends in the internet cafe?”

She sounded like she was from Szechuan and using the local dialect. If she didn’t paint herself a panda and with less foundation, she would look like a delicate girl of seventeen or eighteen. Too bad her actions seemed like too much of a thug. She sat down and lit a cigarette then asked. “Don’t f*cking stare at me like this. Or I will call people to cut your thing off.”

Zheng ignored her and looked at the other newbies quietly. There were five men and three women this time. All the men were between age twenty to thirty and were all fit. One of the men was dressed in a military uniform, looked like someone on a family visit. A thirty-year-old man seemed like a regular worker. A man with glasses about twenty-seven looked like Liang from the last movie. A skinny young man about twenty-four and lastly a muscular young man with dyed hair about twenty-one.

As to the women, the other two was a twenty-one-year-old with her eyes closed, and a twenty-seven-year-old in an office lady suit. All three of them looked above average which made the men keep turning their eyes toward them.

Zheng saw that everyone woke up and began to cause a fuss. He clapped his hands and said. “I am going to explain the current situation. Everyone listen carefully. I am only going to say this once.”

The young man with dyed hair shouted until the women looked at him. Of course, one of them still had her eyes closed. He was pretty pleased with himself and said. “Who are you? Acting so cocky. And only saying it once. Do you know who I am? No one in the East district doesn’t know…”

Before he could finish the sentence, bang! He was knocked flying about the distance of two seat, then lay on the floor. The soldier looked at Zheng with a serious expression and moved his hand toward his waist. But Zheng took out his submachine gun and pulled the trigger on this moving bus. The bullets shot through the roof.

Zheng pointed the gun at them and said coldly. “I am not joking with you. Tell me, do you want to die?”


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  1. Yea, Jie better have a good explanation for this… Although I think he will.
    On another note, don’t you just love newbies? They’re so much fun, how they think they’re hot shit. 😛

    1. I’m sure there’s going to be a very good explanation, just like how Xuan had very good, and in-depth explanations for all of his schemes and seemingly irresponsible actions.
      But I don’t think that’s what matters here.
      What matters, is if you are able to enjoy the process it takes towards the explanation, seethed in conflict.
      Anyone can fart out post-facto explanations. Anyone can create an impossible character, have that character do all sorts of seemingly illogical, abnormal, non-common-sense things — and then at the end of the arc / story, give a big fat exposition dump about the character, that explains how it started out to get where it is right now. Because, if you already accepted that character’s existence, why wouldn’t you accept how it came to be?

      But the issue I am having with this story, is that I find it hard to accept their actions, I don’t even want to. Even if the retroactive, post-facto explanation is very reasonable, it does not change one’s experience with them. Jie’s actions still feel to me like a completely redundant, drama-adding nonsense that’s only there to complicate the story, because he was written in such a way that’d intentionally complicate the story. A complication that has a very good justification to it, does not necessarily mean it’s fun to read through, right?

      Sure, that totally depends on every individual reader, but from my POV, if I can’t agree with their initial actions, I have no reason to care for the reason they did anything. If we take that example to its extreme, I can say that I don’t care why you absolutely had to r*pe someone (because yin-energies and saving the world and such), if you find that sort of thing to be extremely uncomfortable and unenjoyable to read through, why would you care why they did it, after it’s all done? Rarely would that make anything better. Just like I still dislike Xuan. He always did things in ways which created conflict, even if they made sense in the end. He was just not fun to have around. And now Jie seems to do the same, although I at least have some sympathy for him, so that’s something.

  2. Lol those people are weird, if I woke up in some place with no idea of how I got here, with a group of other people, and someone started explaining, you can be damn sure I would listen…

    1. That’s a decent point to make. You’d think most people would at least raise their voice after someone offers them an explanation as to why all sorts of random strangers are bundled together after they mysteriously lost consciousness. But I personally rationalize it based on the idea that many people will find it hard to adapt quickly enough, after waking up from a knocked-out state. Your brain is all mushy and off-kilter, they probably can’t even comprehend the idea that they lost consciousness and woke up somewhere completely different, or at least the gravity of that idea did not just sink in properly.

      Seeing a gun being fired is like tossing a bucket of water over your head. That is sure to wake up anyone and properly realize that something is indeed very off.

      1. Considering that they were in a completely ‘normal’ environment I can understand why some fools would rather act as fools than accept reality. I like to think that the worst case possibility is you getting ‘punked’ and that is the end of the situation, however literally any other possibility is absolutely terrifying and life threatening, even the simplest possibility of being kidnapped by an organization and made to play some crappy game for the rich at which point not accepting reality is life threatening.

        I truly do understand the why, since assuming all humans will act rationally is the most irrational thought you can have as another human being. Just for the love of god, when that knowledge is placed inside of your head and you remember clicking a strange link on the internet you might as just listen and believe for the time being.

  3. ……..Wait.
    Wait a moment.

    …Did, did Jie just turn Zheng into the new Guide? He took his previous teammates and left him with a completely new batch of newbies.
    lolwat the f*ck. Now wouldn’t that be an odd, and very improbable, twist.

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