TI Vol 7: Chapter 2-1

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Vol 7: Chapter 2-1.

Zheng was dazed then expressed excitement. That was also a problem he currently had, his powers lack variety. His close combat ability was much higher than his magic ability. Of course he planned to enhance both sides in the future. For close combat, he wanted to exchange kungfu and for magic, he planned to use blood magic. The Book of the Dead was a surprise and gave him an extra choice.

So for now, he needed a lot of ranked rewards, especially the higher ranked ones. In contrast, he didn’t need that many points. The reason was simple. After several body enhancements, increasing his stats with points wasn’t that effective anymore. To a newbie with 100 points of muscle density, increasing it to 200 with 1000 points doubled his strength, and built the basis for his survival.
However, to someone that already had 400 points of muscle density, increasing it to 500 wouldn’t increase his powers by much. Because his fighting style adapted to his enhancements of Qi and blood magic instead of pure strength. So the effect of this 1000 points was limited.

Zheng said with excitement. “It would be great if that’s the case. After the battle with team India, we definitely lack a psyche force user. We never thought about this before but since Lan has the talent for it, perhaps this is a turning point for our team. How’s it Lan? I only need a rank B reward for the Vampire enhancement. You can take the two rank C rewards from me and I probably won’t be able to spend all the points. Which technique were you looking at? I can try to get it for you.”

Lan hesitated for a moment but she didn’t refuse. Zheng connected to God and chose the psyche force scan ability. When he chose it, God notified that he couldn’t exchange it for himself. Then he thought about exchanging it for Lan.

“Scanning complete. No memory of being forced. Exchange confirmed. Unable to exchange for another person until the next movie finished.”

After God’s voice, a beam shone on Lan. Green particles floated down from God. A minute later, the beam disappeared. Lan fell on the ground panting. Her forehead and body was soaked in sweat.

Yinkong helped her up and asked calmly. “Are you alright?” Lan had her eyes closed for quite a while before she opened them and said. “Much better now. Thanks Yinkong. Hehe, this ability is amazing. I just have to order my psyche force following the direction of the ability and I can sense within a radius of 20 kilometers. I can also focus my attention as a line and sense up to 200 kilometers.

Zheng was delighted. He was about to say something but then Honglu asked. “Close your eyes. Can you sense the difference between the four of us?”

Lan nodded. “The waves of your mind are very different. I can’t explain it in words but once I use this ability, your waves are engraved into my brain. So I can distinguish each of you.”

Honglu then put out three fingers. “Can you see my movements?”

Lan leaned her head to the side and said after a while. “Is it three fingers?”

Honglu asked. “How far can you reach under your current condition?”

Lan hesitated. “About two kilometers. I had to concentrate my psyche force to sense your movement. Two kilometers is my limit.”

Honglu immediately crouched down and drew on the ground with his fingers. Then he raised his head. “I summarized the rules of this ability. I think your mental capacity is above 200 points but not 300 yet, right?”

Lan nodded. Then Honglu continued. “On the basis that 100 points in mental capacity increase your scanning radius by 10 kilometers, and 100 kilometers if it’s in a straight line. This type of sensing is fuzzy. You can only feel the people there but not what they are doing. If you want more detail, the radius shrinks to one kilometer. In other words, you need to get your mental capacity to 500 points before this ability can become useful in battles. Otherwise, it’s just a better tracking ability.”

Lan sighed with disappointment. Zheng smiled and said. “This is already a very important step. We didn’t have the ability to track any movie character or people before. I remembered team India could communicate through their psyche force user. What ability does it need?”

Lan smiled at Zheng tenderly then closed her eyes. Then said bitterly. “There are several abilities that can accomplish this. The cheapest one is Soul Link. Needs a rank B reward and 8000 points. It’s too much. Psyche force abilities are all so expensive.”

Everyone paused. Yinkong was about to say something but she sighed and kept didn’t say it. Zheng patted her shoulder and said. “Haha, don’t worry about this. As long as we can stay alive, you will be protected by our whole team. And you will eventually have enough to exchange these abilities.”

Lan’s shoulder shivered. She glanced at Zheng then nodded her head and sat down. Heng stood up and laughed. “Hearing about all these enhancements, I am just a normal person, how about let me experience the feeling as a superman. Let me take a look at the enhancements.”

Honglu said with a sarcastic smile. “You? I picked an interesting enhancement for you. Your rank C reward won’t go to waste. Look for the Elf archer bloodline. Even though it’s only a rank C enhancement, it can be evolved. Satisfied now?”

Heng closed his eyes with a sour expression. He originally wanted to look through all the enhancements and maybe the magical bows. But now that Honglu gave him the suggestion, he couldn’t help but to get the enhancement right now. After going over the description briefly, he chose the enhancement.

“Elf archer bloodline, rating 74. Suitable for most movies. Effective against most enemies with the appropriate bow. Special ability Charged shot, focus all your power into an arrow. Extremely powerful, able to reach five times the range and five times the power of a normal shot. Become weak and feeble for ten minutes afterward. Needs a rank C reward and 2000 points.”

Everyone felt the bloodline was a match for him, especially the special ability was comparable to Zero’s Gauss rifle. Although the range isn’t as long but it can one shot most enemies within mid range.

Honglu laughed. “Don’t you still have a rank D reward and 3000 points? You are still missing a bow. Hoho, I found a super strong bow for you, called Sirius. Go search for it.”

Heng was convinced of Honglu’s wisdom since seeing it in the last movie, especially the plan inside the tomb. So he had no choice but to accept the suggestion.

He was holding a bronze colored longbow the next time he opened his eyes. It was more of a curved bow than longbow.

“Sirius, needs a rank D reward and 1500 points. Increases range and speed substantially, also enchants arrows with the killing intent of Sirius, eradicates evil and dazes the enemy. Ineffective against people with a strong mental fortitude.”

Heng was totally absorbed in his bow. Zheng then checked his rewards and points. He still had 9770 points and one of each rank B and D reward. The vampire bloodline was decided, as for the rank D reward, he planned to buy a scifi firearm.

Zheng stood up and said. “Then let me begin the enhancements.”


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