TI Vol 7: Chapter 1-3

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Vol 7: Chapter 1-3.

Everyone sweat at the suggestion. Zheng touched his forehead and said. “We are only normal people, aside from Yinkong. We basically have no confidence controlling such missiles. And don’t you think it’s too big of a thing to use? Haha.”

Honglu smiled. “It’s not a big deal. Look at what I exchanged from God.” Then he started going through his basket. Everyone looked at it like there were so many weird things in this basket.

Honglu took out several pieces of paper and looked at them with craze. “Haha, look at these. Gauss dynamic drive analysis report, human genetics deciphering manual, the relationship between electric currents in human body and Qi. I don’t know if you found out about these but their costs are extremely low. It only took 30 points to exchange all these theories. They are the biggest treasure in the exchange system.”

Zheng and Lan smiled bitter. The boy discovered the same thing as Xuan. Except that Xuan seemed like he knew more and skipped the theories to manufacturing his items, that was how he supplied them with so many bullets. Did smart people think the same things? They could discover what was underneath the surface of direct enhancements and stats. Such persons were the treasures of a team. At least Zheng didn’t find such person in team India.

Honglu said. “To be able to understand these, I will have to review my college knowledge. Takes about seven days. Then I’ll use two days to learn how to use the missiles. Of course I won’t be skilled but you can create and test weapons inside your room right? Aside from magical weapons, I tried creating a tactical fusion bomb and it was so powerful I had to let it disappear. But then I can learn to use surface to surface missiles in the basement of my room. Why are you all looking like this? Don’t you know you can create and test weapons in your rooms?”

Heng laughed bitterly. “I don’t know about these. I slept until the morning. Haha, I am too lazy.”

Zheng shook his head. “It’s my fault. We know about these things but forgot to tell you. Just like Honglu said, aside from magical items, you can create anything in your room. But remember to make your basement bigger and tougher. I don’t know the limit but the basement can go at least ten kilometers big. We had tested it in Jie’s room. You can test your weapons but don’t hurt yourself. Ok? I don’t want to enter the next movie with five people.”

Honglu laughed. “Of course, I will be careful. Then please exchange a missile. Don’t you think it is suitable for team fights? You can also disassemble the launcher and we will each carry a part.”

Honglu acted like a child again. Zheng couldn’t help but said. “Missiles aren’t our most needed items now. Although it’s powerful but one, it’s too expensive, two, you need a lot of scouting before using it, and three, don’t you think the other team will notice us launching it? They won’t just stand there and get hit. Unless we encounter a battlefield with huge amounts of monsters, it doesn’t have much value. I hope you can exclude your hobbies for now and think for the team.”

Honglu played his hair for quite a while before he said. “Sorry, I was too full of myself. Rationally you should spend your rewards on enhancements suitable for yourself. Just like Zheng’s Vampire bloodline and Qi. I think Vampire is your next exchange, not because of my interest but now that you have the Book of the Dead, it will give you more blood energy to use the magic on the book.”

“As for Yinkong, I recommend that you choose dexterity related enhancements. I’ve looked at the list. Most enhancements need to start from rank D. Although the ones that start from rank B are strong, like the Ogre bloodline’s description was as long as your have over one half your body, even if your head and heart were destroyed, you can recover within an hour. It’s a scary power but that’s only it. It can’t evolve further and doesn’t enhance your stats by much. So the result is you can survive in the beginning but as time goes on, you will become a dead meat. Yinkong, you should best start with a rank D enhancement and evolve it. When you finally get to rank B, it will be stronger than a normal rank B enhancement.”

Then Honglu turned to Lan with a serious look. “Lan, you have been enhancing your mental capacity, and your spells also depend on the stat right? Can you use the spells?”

Lan stood up and cast the endurance spell on everyone. Honglu looked at his hands and said. “Congratulation. You are the most special one here. In fact, you will become the nervous system of our team. You are our psyche force user in the future. Hoho. You probably don’t know about this. Zheng, choose one of the techniques that require psyche force. Don’t enhance it, just take a look.”

Zheng closed his eyes and connected with God. Then navigated to the psyche force section but as soon as he chose one of the techniques, he heard God’s voice.

“Your body can not sustain psyche force. Unable to learn psyche force techniques. Please make sure your mental capacity is over 3000.”

Zheng looked at Lan then said these words to everyone. Heng and Yinkong also gave it a try. Honglu said. “The requirement for me is over 2500. What about Yinkong and Heng?”

Heng scratched his head. “5000, that’s so much higher than you.”

Yinkong said calmly. “3500.”

Honglu snapped his fingers. “That’s right. I was thinking why did team India only have one psyche force user when they are so useful? So I checked the techniques and received the notification. I originally thought it was because these techniques were expensive but that’s not the case. Not everyone can psyche force, and such persons are probably very rare. Then Lan, as long as you continue on this path and learn all the techniques, you will become as important as that Indian woman. Your importance will be higher than everyone else in our team!”

Lan was shocked and surprised. She closed her eyes and connected with God. “That’s impossible. These techniques are too expensive. Not to mention the lowest level ones I learned, but a simple psyche force scan that can increase radius as your mental capacity increases costs 4000 points and a rank C reward. I can’t afford these.”

Zheng was also pleasantly surprised. “No problem. Save up your points and rewards. Haha. Why don’t you increase your mental capacity for now. We will have a chance to exchange them.”

Honglu laughed. “Didn’t I tell you I discovered something else? Zheng, do you still remember you paid for our recovery when we just came back? If I am not wrong then we can exchange things for someone else, and probably also enhancements. Why don’t we give this a try?”


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  1. I guess thats why Jie wanted to kill off Lan? Since she is also a psyche force user? Or was he trying to train her? Since he doesn’t seem to be that bad of a guy…

    1. Yea, I was thinking that maybe he was trying to train her or something, since he really doesn’t seem like a bad guy or the type to kill his comrades, as was just shown from his actions in The Mummy.

  2. ….
    I have to take a break. I feel like I’m about to flip a table.

    I simply cannot believe this. I cannot believe that Zheng never thought about looking for simple Qi manuals. Impossible. That never occurred to him? What.
    He can easily take 100 days, no, 300 days of vacation — almost an entire year — in order to properly learn all of the various manuals that exist to instruct him how to properly use his various powers (with his insanely improved intellect and reflexes, combined with his free use of the limit-break, he can learn most things pretty easily. We know this to be a fact by how quickly he learnt a core skill of Yinkong’s assassin discipline).
    But you want to tell me that thought never occurred to him? That just makes me want to scratch my eyes out. Not just from the “oh he can gain so much powers”, but for the sake of 2 things.

    1. It’s a great way to have a change of pace in the story, instead of doing the exact same thing or going on some sort of stupid beach episode, the MC can actually dedicate himself to study his craft and become stronger in an actually smart way. It doesn’t even have to be that long, for the very least 2 chapters, even 1 and a half chapters is enough.

    2. The most important bit: It’s a segment which gives depth to the changes that happen within the MC. To give more depth to the elements within the story other than treating them like simple tools, because thus far the author was being extremely unfair to these parts of the story, everything behaves exactly like it is on the surface, and that’s all there is to it. It’s as if you’d gain a gun, and expect nothing else to change. A gun is a gun, the end. But a gun requires training, martial arts which benefit with the use of that gun, special and various equipment…It’s not that simple. Right now, the same goes for Qi and Blood magic. Qi makes you punch harder and Blood makes everything burn. The End.

    It just feels like someone was given a box of lego, and he’s not doing anything with it other than just creating the exact same object. He can do whatever he wants, but he got so focused on only doing this 1 thing that it became the only possible option.
    This is most likely the constraint of Light Novels, you have to focus on 1 thing, the shtick that runs your story (especially in stories like these), and you cannot do anything else. It is plainly obvious how restricted this novel is in that sense. But if I were the author, I’d at least try to develop these various upgrades of the MC while he’s within a movie. Actually develop the character while he’s doing stuff, and yes — his powers, his upgrades, are currently a very big part of him that can, and should be, developed together with the meat of the story.

    1. Yeah and I can’t believe nobody thought about trying to get Necromancy to easily deal with ghosts and bolster their own forces. Or exchange for the Bloodline from some insanely powerful dude from an Anime like the one that got the Toguro enhancement. I mean, hell, get Alucards bloodline (Hellsing Ultimate). There should be different stages to it , and even the lowest (fully sealed) can recover from getting the head cut off, and with the lack of blessed items in enemy hands…


      But hey, they can’t make it TOO easy by having the guys be smart, right? Otherwise there would be way too many tricks to instantly make them OP. Like, get mana, mana sorcery, and then enchant something to produce mana like a nuclear reactor, and you got an infinite mana cheat. That type of thing.

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