TI Vol 7: Chapter 1-2

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Vol 7: Chapter 1-2.

“Shit. Let me calm down and count again. My god, it’s really 13770 points. Where did they come from? Isn’t this too much?” Zheng had lost himself. It seemed like he was totally shocked by these points and rewards.

Honglu finished the spider legs, leaving its body and head and laughed. “It isn’t too much, at least about a thousand points less than I guessed. Hehe. But it’s still a lot. If I am not wrong then the amount of points God gives out is correlated with the difficulty of the movie. The more difficult it is, and more likely you are to die, the more points he gives out. This is probably it.” Then he took out a worm from the basket.

The two women couldn’t look straight at him anymore. Yinkong was better off but Lan’s face was pale and she kept massaging her stomach. She forced a smile and said. “But the Alien movie we went through was more difficult than The Mummy, yet we received less points and rewards than this one. Is that because of the team battle?”

Honglu finished the worm by now and put his hand into the basket again. Everyone’s gaze was fixed on his hand until he took out a sandwich before they let out a sigh of relief.

Honglu said. “Don’t you feel that we are very fortunate during this team fight with team India? To be honest, I had prepared to die in the beginning but we survived with six people at the end. We are very lucky that we countered them. Think about it, they have a strong team. Their psyche force user could monitor the whole battlefield and control our weaker members. We were fighting under their radar. They had information of our every move, every word we said, even our plans. They would at least not lose even if they were against a team stronger than us.”

Just then, everyone realized it was not a normal sandwich but filled with centipedes.

“This psyche force user could also cooperate with the needle user for an unbeatable pair. Unless the opposing team had something like a defensive shield, they could just stay in distance and kill everyone off. That’s the power of a team. We don’t have such complementary powers in our team. This is also what I am confused about. Team India was strong but not overpowered, otherwise we wouldn’t have beat them. But how did they learn to choose complementing enhancements like this? Why didn’t we do so? I think our team is missing something, or someone that guides us to what we should enhance. I’ll call this person the leader.”

Honglu put his hand into the basket and took out a can of cola. Just a normal can of cola.

“So we were fortunately to survive with such a disorganized team, and had just the right powers to counter them. It is fate that let us live, or you can call it luck. We should be proud.”

Honglu took a sip and pulled a string of hair. “Their strongest psyche force user was countered by someone in our team. And judging by the fact she didn’t appear toward the end, she was probably killed. Then Zero was almost invincible in such a large battlefield. In fact, it was Zero’s existence that held team India back the most.”

“Then God determined we were the weaker team and gave us the Book of the Dead. Oh right, Zheng, did you take the book from the movie?” Honglu asked.

Zheng immediately activated the ring and took out the book. This book actually came out of the movie with him.

Honglu nodded. “This is the last deciding power of our victory, the Book of the Dead. Furthermore, someone from our team could actually read it. I have to say it was extremely lucky.”

“I’ll also have to mention the stupidity of team India.” Honglu sneered. “Perhaps I don’t understand how foreigners think or were they just stupid? I don’t get why they didn’t go all out in a fight in the beginning. If they had done so from the start, we would have been wiped, although it would probably cost them a few lives. And now? How should I describe it? They didn’t have the determination of a player!”

Honglu got on the ground and frowned. After a while he asked Zheng. “Was there any movie that was easy in the ones you’ve been through? Oh and can you know what the next movie is?”

Zheng paused for a moment. “It can’t be easy right? We were on the brink of death several times. To be honest, if it wasn’t being so close to death, I wouldn’t have reached the second stage of the unlocked mode. As to knowing the next movie, how is it possible?”

Honglu snapped his fingers. “Bingo! That’s right! Had you noticed the clothes team India was wearing? Aside from a select few, almost everyone of them were in robes suitable for the desert. Maybe it was a coincidence since there was an Arabic but I am more pronged to believe they knew what the next movie was. That was why they could exchange weapons and enhancements suitable for each movie. If that was so, then why don’t we have such ability?”

“Simple deduction leads me to believe that 1. we didn’t do something. Like if this was a game, we forgot to talk to some NPC or didn’t obtain a quest item, or didn’t go to a specific place, and the progress of the game is stuck. So God didn’t activate some options and we couldn’t know what the next movie is. 2. Lan said that their leader ran away in the end of the fight. I think someone that had reached the second stage of the unlocked mode wouldn’t be so weak mentally. He should be someone that has the courage to face death and fight for his life, yet he ran away. I can only believe that team India was stronger than us only because the movies they experienced were easier and could obtain more points. While we have to struggle for a chance to live every time. That made us weaker but also gave us the courage to fight. So my question is, what didn’t we do? Why did we have to struggle so hard every time?”

Zheng looked at Lan and also noticed her gaze. They both thought of a name, Jie. The only one that could tell them something was Jie.

Honglu looked at Zheng and smiled. “I’ll leave that to you. Leader. Hoho, you’re the leader after all. So I’ll leave diplomacy to you. We will move on to the next topic. You’ve so many points and rewards this time, so have you thought about what to exchange yet?”

Zheng smiled. “This is the most I’ve seen since I entered this world. I am planning to get my Vampire bloodline to rank B then it should increase my blood energy pool by a lot. I haven’t thought about the other enhancements yet. Do you have any suggestion?”

“Buy mini surface to surface missiles.” He laughed. “One that can destroy all lives within a kilometer. I checked it, it’s only 2000 points. Inexpensive and powerful. What do you think?”


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  1. Damn, why does noone want the spiderman upgrade? The spider-sense alone would be invaluable in a horror setting not to mention the webs strength and agility upgrades. Zheng should also worry about upgrading the vamp package to far or he might get the worlds worst suntan next time they are outdoors.

    1. I know the Spider-Man one is good but the upgraded vampire one said as long as his heart and brain were left he can regenerate,imagine that crossed with Spider-Man,vampire Spider-Man

      1. I would have to disagree with you. Zheng greatly lacked maneuver. He can’t fly that was very crucial in scouting and even more so that zero died. Without scouting they won’t know the very blueprint of the map and could only dance at the palm of devil. He atleast need something that could enhance his flexibility or a genetics concerning maneuvers.

        Just look at how flying ir maneuver would help him. There’s so many benefits he could do.

        1. I’m a pro player. Not kidding. I would always play the heroes thar was specialized in maneuvers that they can ignore the terrains. That way i can charage alone and escape easily, alone.

        2. Scouting.

        3. It was genetic. Means he could even further upgrade it. Just think of it, he had the blood of the vampire, qi of a cultivator. What he lacks was ability to escape easily. If he got one, then he would be nearly invincible because he has the ability to conceal himself in the dark.

    2. It already said why.

      It’s only a rank C upgrade – and if you mix multiple upgrades, it may have unknown (bad) side effects. Plus, the spiderman upgrade doesn’t have the ability to rank up, like Qi or Vampire.

      Thus, upgradeable upgrades are more effective later on.

      Spiderman upgrade is probably amazing in the short term, but bad in the long term.

      That’s just my speculation though.

    3. If you already bring up past upgrades, why focus on the spiderman upgrades? Zheng already has incredible reflexes, what more can you give him? He practically already has “Spidey-senses”. As for the webs, I agree they’re useful, but I wouldn’t really rely on them as much as you can rely on psychic powers. It honestly seems like there are better alternatives.

      If anything should be acquired from past movies, it’s the T-Virus. That sh*t can practically mutate into anything, and it comes bundled in with psychic powers if you develop it enough. I wouldn’t be surprised if you can just create webs with it.

    1. :}
      He technically already unlocked it, so he can acquire all of these spells…For a price. But if he’ll go back to the movie, find the book, and then revive his folks…Well, he can do it for free. Sort of.

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