TI Vol 7: Chapter 1-1

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Vol 7: Chapter 1-1.

Zheng closed his eyes and recalled everything that happened in The Mummy. For a while, his mind could not calm down.

Qi Tengyi, who was a normal guy, only liked ancient writings and cultures, yet scolded him like a man before his death, and those final words of his.

Zero, who was calm and cool, an assassin with a tender heart, that little girl with a boy’s appearance he wouldn’t let go of, and the words until death.

Many more things. The movie characters, the powerful team India, the tragic Imhotep, it felt like years had gone by in just ten days.

When he finally opened his eyes, it was the same platform without an edge, the same sphere in the center, and five people standing around him. Honglu and Heng looked around with surprise.

“God! Heal everyone! Deduct the points from me!” Zheng yelled. Several beams shone from the sphere and covered the six of them. The beam on Honglu was the faintest. It disappeared in just a moment. Then the boy looked at his hand in surprise. A cut on his hand had completely healed.

Zheng and Yinkong stayed inside the beam the longest. Yinkong took even more time than Zheng. When he finished, Yinkong’s shoulder had healed but she was still inside the beam.

Zheng closed his eyes to feel his body. For some reason, he had a feeling that he could control his body. Not just moving his arms and legs but control over his cells. Of course, he was aware that was only a delusion, but this delusion felt so real to him.

When he opened his eyes again, a girl was standing in front of him with tears flowing down her cheeks. Lori didn’t run into his arms. She stood a few meters away, smiling with tears.

Zheng then quickly turned to Jie. Jie had woke up, the beam on him wasn’t intense. It seemed like his lost of consciousness was just normal condition but those black circles around his eyes indicated the state of his mental health. He was no longer laughing. He walked up to her woman quietly, embraced her and put his head on her shoulder. After some time, he walked to his room without a word.

“Jie.” Zheng shouted. Jie stopped his steps but he didn’t turn around. Zheng hesitated and said. “We will talk tomorrow. Take a good rest today. I thank you on behalf of everyone.”

Jie waved his hand and walked away with Nana. The back of his body gave off a sense of loneliness. The other five people could only watch in silence as he walked further away.

Zheng sighed then turned to the others. Yinkong had came out of the beam by now. Everyone had healed to their perfect condition. Zheng gave a laughed and said. “Go take a rest. Honglu, Heng, go get a room. You just have to hold onto the door handle and imagine the environment you want. The room will then change. Also, God gives everyone a chance to create a free living being. It can be man or woman, any age, size, face, but keep in mind that this being can be created with two times a normal person’s stats, I am referring to muscle density and reaction speed. So you can create a bodyguard for yourselves. That’s basically it. Don’t use the points yet. We will discuss what everyone should enhance tomorrow. Now everyone go to their room.”

Honglu asked. “It was probably someone that told you about bodyguards right? Can you tell me who was it? Is he still alive?”

Zheng was about to take Lori’s hands when he suddenly heard it and asked curiously. “Why do you think so? Don’t I look like someone that can come up with it?”

Honglu laughed. “The deduction is simple, I won’t go into details. Judging from the fact that you created a woman and how you are as a person, you definitely won’t be one to think about creating a bodyguard. I am curious, who is this person? Did he die in a previous movie?”

Zheng nodded in silence. That calm man with glasses, he was definitely the strongest mastermind that surpassed Honglu in wisdom and calmness. Even though there was no contest between the two of them, but Zheng just had this feeling.

Honglu lowered his head and pondered. “Then I will stay here for a bit. I want to see what God has for enhancements. It sounded quite complex when you explained. Oh, do you cook in your room when you want to eat?”

Lan smiled. “You can cook and also take out cooked meals from the fridge. Just imagine what you want to eat. Anything that you can think of is available.“

Honglu was surprised then cheered. He said with a smile. “I am a gourmet. Ok, I won’t interfere with you. Ten days of rest? We can only stay here for ten days.”

(So similar. The first reaction in this dimension was to look through what God has for exchange. The only difference was one could focus on looking and the other got excited over food. He can probably become an important part of this team. Probably.)

Zheng carried Lori back to his room. The girl started crying as soon as they entered and Zheng’s words couldn’t help. She calmed down after quite some time and said lightly. “I was worried. No matter how many days you were gone, it was only one day in this dimension. We were still playing with Zero’s little sister but she disappeared this morning. I was so scared, scared that I will just disappear like she did, and never see you again.”

Zheng sighed and held on to her tight. “Don’t worry. I won’t die. I won’t die no matter what happens. Trust me, Lori. I will fulfill my promise. I will fulfill it by all means!”

“Hmm. Don’t die.”

“I won’t die. I can’t die!”

Really won’t die? Zheng suddenly felt lost. He didn’t have much confidence over surviving after experience several movies. If possible, he just wish to return to the real world. He didn’t want the enhancements, didn’t want to become a superman, didn’t want to evolve. He just wanted to bring Lori back. He didn’t want to see the blood of his comrades anymore, nor the endless terrors and deaths.

But was that possible?

After a night of passion, Zheng came out to the platform with Lori. Lori woke up early and made some cookies for everyone. When the two of them knocked on the doors, everyone woke up quite early and was holding on some food.

“Where is Jie?”

Zheng called everyone to the platform but Jie was not there. Yinkong said calmly. “I don’t know what happened between you but don’t disturb him. Give him some time to think. Don’t you feel like he’s forcing himself to make a choice?”

Zheng looked at Yinkong in surprise. He never knew she was so understanding and smiled. “Right, I was too impatient. Haha, lets have a picnic together, even though this place doesn’t seem like outdoors. Honglu, did you discover anything yesterday?”

Honglu smiled as he took out a big spider from a basket, causing Yinkong and Lan to scream. He took a bite of the spider, it was already cooked. “I actually did find some problems but I am more interested in the points and rewards we obtained. I certainly have the least. I am looking forward to how much you and Yinkong got. Give me a surprise.”

Zheng was curious also. He didn’t think he would receive a lot of points or rewards though. He stood up and closed his eyes to connect with God. Once inside the exchange system, he asked for his points and rewards.

“Zheng Zha, 13770 points, 1 rank B reward, 2 rank C rewards, 1 rank D reward.”

Zheng then looked at everyone in shock. At the same time, Yinkong also opened her eyes and they could see the shock and excitement from each other’s eyes.


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  1. I wonder, can’t they go back to the movie world like when they went to hawaii from the grudge, and look for the book of amun-ra in the ruins ? Or would it take too long ? Or would the book disappear ?

    1. That’s what I was thinking. Spend 1,000 points for 100 days, and start work like mad to excavate the place.
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