TI Vol 6: Chapter 9-2

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Vol 6: Chapter 9-2.

Now that Yinkong had her dagger in hand. She stabbed into Imhotep’s forehead at once. Flame bursted from Imhotep’s head as he screamed in pain, but he didn’t loosen his grip even a bit. He was exerting a force even stronger than Zheng. Imhotep pushed Zheng away and backed off with Anck-su-Namun’s mummy. Yinkong had no choice but to pull out the dagger, though Imhotep’s head had already turned into a skull.

Imhotep shouted in ancient Egyptian then new flesh grew from his skull. The mummies and Sphinxes immediately turned to Zheng’s group and leaped at them.

Zheng yelled. “Jonathan! Read the words on the book! You can control these mummies!”

Jonathan got his way into the center of everyone and said. “Thre are so many Sphinxes chasing from behind. How can I find the time to read.”

“F*ck!” Zheng cursed. “Yinkong, take care of the ones from behind, I will block off the front! Evelyn! Hurry up and read the words on the book!”

Zheng struck the nearest mummy. It turned into ashes as soon as it got in contact with his fist. At the same time, Zheng took out the progressive knife even though physical damage wasn’t effective and slashed at the mummies.

They could heard the shoutings of the Sphinxes coming from the tunnel behind. Jonathan quickly handed the book over to Evelyn. “O’Connell, we are really going to die if you don’t come!”

“Shut up, Jonathan!”

With a series of gunshots, O’Connell, Ardeth and the curator came into the room from another side. They sprayed at the mummies with their rifles. Even though it was only physical damage, they were still able to crush the mummies with so many shots.

The three of them were in underwear. Ardeth looked the most violent of them. Not only was he using a heavy machine gun taken off the plane, he also kept throwing grenades. The whole room was filled with the smell of gunpowder and explosions.

Imhotep transformed into a sandstorm and swept at the three men. Even though their weapons were powerful but they were useless against Imhotep in this form. As Imhotep was about to reach them, Evelyn chanted. “In the name of Ra, I command!”

The mummies that were attacking Zheng’s group suddenly stopped moving, but Zheng’s body was already filled with cuts. Even though he could kill a mummy with one hit, but their weapons had a longer reach over Zheng’s fist. Plus, it was difficult to avoid all attacks when he was surrounded by so many mummies. Luckily Evelyn was fluent in ancient Egyptian unlike his brother and was able to quickly read the words on the book.

Evelyn yelled. “Destroy Imhotep and his minions!”

The mummies immediately turned around and pointed their swords at Imhotep and the Sphinxes, then leaped at them.

Imhotep turned his head around and shouted. “Give me the Book of Amun-Ra!” He left the three men and swept toward Evelyn. O’Connell and the other two men looked at each other then began destroying the monsters underneath. The nonstop shooting and grenades made them seem crazier than Zheng.

Zheng took a deep breath. He knew the plot had returned to normal. Even though there was still difference but this was the scene in the movie. He took out the two keys from his ring and handed them to Evelyn. “Let him rest in peace.” Then charged into the sandstorm.

The impact knocked both Zheng and Imhotep to the sides. Imhotep turned back to his human form after getting hit by the Na ring. A fire was burning in his chest. After the fire went out, he leaped at Zheng again.

Zheng wiped off the blood by his mouth. He exited from the unlocked mode. He felt a mixed feeling when he faced Imhotep. Imhotep wasn’t a good person in the movies but his love for Anck-su-Namun was pure and real. He never abandoned Anck-su-Namun once. At the end of the second movie, he still loved Anck-su-Namun until his death after she betrayed him. Imhotep was just a tragic normal person. Bad, but not extreme.

Zheng punched Imhotep and knocked him away. At the same time Imhotep hit him on the face. After he landed, Evelyn’s voice finally came. “Kadeesh mal! Kadeesh mal! Pared oos! PARED OOS!!”

Imhotep looked at her staggered. A chariot rode down from the altar and when it ran passed Imhotep, it carried a translucent Imhotep away from his body.

Zheng sighed. He activated the progressive knife and walked over to Imhotep then muttered. “Some things should be forgotten. Though I don’t know if transmigration of the soul exists in Egypt. Don’t love someone you shouldn’t love in your next life.”

The knife slashed through Imhotep and his head fell off.

The Sphinxes and mummies turned back into sand and disappeared. The whole tomb began to tremble violently like an earthquake was happening. At the same time, the players received a notification from God.

“Change of mission. Escape the collapsing Hamunaptra. O’Connell, Evelyn, and Jonathan cannot die. Each death will deduct 5000 points.”


Everyone cursed when they heard it. Zheng shouted. “O’Connell! Leave from where you came from. We will meet up outside the tomb! Yinkong, do you still remember the way? Take the lead. Lan, give us acceleration buffs. Hurry!” He went over to the altar and grabbed the Book of the Dead. Then followed behind Evelyn into the tunnel.

It didn’t take long before they reached the cliff where they obtained the Book of Amun-Ra. Jonathan said. “We were attacked by several Sphinxes. Luckily the curator found a path to leave here. Haha. It’s a pity we can’t get that golden base.”

Evelyn looked at the statue of Ra but before she could say anything, the land she was standing on collapsed and she slid off the cliff. Zheng was running behind her, he immediately jumped over and grabbed her. His feet clasped onto a rock on the wall. With one hand grabbing onto Evelyn, his left hand went for the Book of Amun-Ra that was falling off.

“Obtained quest item. Enabled learning of revival spells. User needs to possess Qi, psyche force, mana, Nen, or Xian energy. Can learn through deciphering the words or through God. Learning costs 1000 points. Possessing the book while in the movie allows for resurrection of any team member the user had seen. Each member can be revived once into the exact state before death. Resurrection requires double the points and ranked rewards the member possessed.”

Zheng was shocked. Then a falling rock hit his hand and before he could recover from the shock, the book had fallen to the bottom of the cliff.


Zheng yelled as he threw Evelyn upward. Jonathan and Lan caught Evelyn. He also flipped himself up and shouted with a pale face. “Run! This place is going to collapse!”

The tunnel was collapsing behind them as they ran but since Yinkong knew the way, they were finally able to leave the tomb before it went down. Then they ran toward the outside of the city.

Once everyone was outside the city, they looked at the dust filled ruin and saw three figures running toward them. O’Connell, Ardeth and the curator also made it out safely.

“Good bye everyone. We are grateful for your help in this adventure. I thank you on behalf of my team. Jonathan, here’s the gold I promised. We will have a drink if we meet again.”

Seeing that the three of them got out from the city, Zheng took the key from Evelyn and muttered. He took out the remaining gold bars from the ring and closed his eyes.

“Wait. Wait. There’s only five gold bars here.”

Zheng had already entered the half awake state when he heard Jonathan’s voice.


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    1. pretty sure he did read the book to control the mummies in the first movie, but Evelyn read the verse that stole the immortality of the priest. But he did take a while to read the words.

    1. He can still revive them. I actually feel upset for a different reason, because reviving people requires points and certain rank-rewards. That very well mean Zheng is going to spend all of his god damned rewards and points on reviving teammates. Yet again the author found a way to keep his MC within his power level.

      But at least this arc is finally over, hah. Its climax was way too long, really.

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