TI Vol 6: Chapter 8-3

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Vol 6: Chapter 8-3.

The speed of these two Sphinxes weren’t as fast as they imagined. Although their huge bodies looked overwhelming to normal people, and their speed and strength were more than what normal people could handle, but that was only it. Both Zheng and Yinkong’s stats were three times that of a normal person, with Zheng slightly higher than Yinkong while Yinkong made up for the difference with her techniques. The two of them struck the Sphinxes at the same time.

The Na ring and Hellfire Fang were both effective against spiritual beings that even Imhotep took damage from them. These two weapons penetrated the Sphinxes then their body slowly broke down into dust. These dust moved slowly trying to bind back together but the speed at which they did were a hundred times slower than before. Zheng and Yinkong then turned to Imhotep and Shiva.

Imhotep gave a cry. The other two Sphinxes that were about to attack Zheng halted in place. “I don’t want to become enemy with you. Just give me the Book of the Dead and I will let you take this Asian woman away. I only want the Book of the Dead and this woman.” Imhotep pointed to Evelyn.

Evelyn was tied with chains and screamed as she looked at the mummy. “Zheng! Don’t consent to him. He’s afraid of your weapons. Don’t leave me here!”

Zheng gave a bitter smile. This deal was impossible to begin with whether he wanted to or not because their mission was to eliminate Imhotep. Furthermore, if he himself doesn’t die, no one else can use the Book of the Dead.

Imhotep summoned a sandstorm with impatience then two mummies appeared next to Evelyn and Lan. They pointed their swords at the two women. Imhotep said godly. “Choose. Either they both die then I will come take the Book of the Dead or you hand it to me and I only use one of them as sacrificial offering.”

Zheng took a deep breath. He took out the Book of the Dead from the ring then held it over a swamp by the side. “If you dare to touch them one bit, I will drop this book down and none of us can get it. You want to try?”

Imhotep looked at him ferociously. “Fine! I let them live! Go kill those trying to obtain the Book of Amun-Ra!” He shouted then the Sphinxes went into the tunnel where Zheng came from.

Zheng felt worried. He charged toward Imhotep and Shiva but as soon as he moved, the two mummies also moved their swords at the two women. It wasn’t until Zheng stopped before they raised the sword again.

Imhotep said. “I will give you time to think. In a few minutes, their bodies will come to this room. You don’t have an abundance of time. You better give me an answer before they die.”

Shiva was observing the progress of the situation all along. He suddenly laughed out loud, picked up the bag and walked over to Zheng. Zheng immediately put the book back into the ring to prevent any possible sudden attack from Shiva.

Shiva opened the bag, revealing Zhuiyu who was covered in blood. He slowly took her out and enraged Zheng at the first sight of her. Zheng almost jumped at him at that moment.

Zhuiyu’s limbs were dismembered. That was not the end, all her skin from under her neck were gone, exposing the muscles, blood vessels and tendons. The horrendous sight would upset even experienced surgeons. The cruelty couldn’t be described with words.

Shiva’s actions caused her to woke up. She saw Zheng and struggled. She wanted to scream yet all that came out was a purring sound. Tears flowed down her cheeks and mixed with the blood on her face, making it seemed like tears of blood.

Zheng looked at her lips quietly, as though he could make out the words kill me. She also kept hitting her head on the ground like it would stop her pain.

“I will kill you! I’ve never hated someone so much in my life. I will never forgive you, never!” Zheng gritted his teeth, almost crushing them. Blood dripped from the side of his lips.

Shiva laughed hideously. “I don’t need your forgiveness! As long as I kill you I will have an abundant of points! I can build an even stronger team. Haha. You all go to hell! You will all die!” He threw Zhuiyu up in the air. The serpent tore her apart in front of Zheng’s eyes.

As soon as the serpent ate her, Zheng felt a strike on the chest that knocked him up to midair. The two serpent heads were heading for him.


Yinkong suddenly cried. When everyone’s attentions were focused on Zheng, she sneaked out two throwing knives and shot them at the two mummies, knocking off the swords they were holding. Then a flaming dagger flew at Imhotep to his surprise and nailed him against a pillar. A fire began to burn at his chest.

Zheng gave out a shout as a red light engulfed his body. He headed straight into the serpent’s mouth and easily evaporated the two heads then he jumped at Shiva.

Shiva was frightened. He wanted to back off but Zheng had already got himself at him. Suddenly the golden light and flame both became excited. As the flame died down, the golden light also dimmed and disappeared.


Zheng shouted as he raised his fist and punch at Shiva’s stomach. The ground under Shiva cracked within a few strikes, blood also gushed out of his mouth. Shiva entered the second stage of the unlocked mode. His arms expanded to three times their normal size, blocking Zheng’s next attacks then pushed him away. He got up and ran toward the tunnel.

Zheng’s eyes were bloody red. He hated Shiva so much he wanted to eat him alive at this moment. As soon as Shiva freed himself, Zheng jumped at him and bit at his back. He tore apart a large chunk of muscle, almost the whole left side of Shiva’s back.

Yet Shiva had no energy to worry about it, or any pain or his body. Zheng’s madness and killing intent terrified him. All he could think about was to stay alive. He ran even harder toward the tunnel.

Zheng bit the muscle in half then chased after Shiva without pausing for an instant. He closed in the gap a bit and grabbed Shiva with both his arms. His right hand clawed at his face. Shiva screamed as Zheng almost tore his face apart, and also blinded his right eye. He struggled to free himself again and kept running.

But Zheng jumped at him and the two of them rolled into the tunnel. With a series of sounds of the crushing of bones and flesh, Shiva’s screams became weaker and weaker. Ten seconds later, he crawled out from the tunnel with a face filled with blood, his eyes both gone and a big bite mark on his face. Just as he cried for help, a pair of bloody hands pulled him back into the tunnel. Then everything was silent.

Everyone that was on the altar, including Imhotep who just took the dagger out looked in shock.


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  1. I feel sorry for Zhuyui….. r*ped, no limbs, no eyes, skinned alive, stuffed into a bag…..even if it’s not her and it happened to somebody else, I would still feel dejected…

    1. yeah, also weird part “Shiva’s actions caused her to woke up. She saw Zheng and struggled.” maybe she felt his existence or something.

  2. Wahahaha! I love Zheng in his berserk, vampire state! So brutal. And that Shiva totally deserved it, considering what he and his team did to their defenseless captives. Grrr…

    1. But, you know, Zheng still fears that he is no longer human! Good thing he killed someone in the most human way we know, by eating them alive.
      I really wish Zheng, and the author, will just find the time to develop the vampirism in the story, by allowing Zheng to drink blood and actually expand on what it means to be a vampire, more than just “I have magic and +3 to regeneration!”. The same goes to Qi, too. It also gets absolutely no depth what so ever. We don’t even know if Zheng has a cultivation method.

      And INB4 you clarify whether he has something or not, that’s the issue. We do not know what he has or not. It was never stated. Just like how we do not know how these characters keep talking in different languages as if it’s nothing.
      The author is so focused on moving the story forward, that he just forgot to establish a few details before the story got so far ahead.

  3. “Shiva’s actions caused her to woke up. She saw Zheng and struggled. She wanted to scream yet all that came out was a purring sound.”

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