TI Vol 6: Chapter 8-1

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Vol 6: Chapter 8-1.

Lamu was startled. He only had one arm left. Not only was he holding onto a torch but he also had a big bag under his arm (correction from last chapter). He had lost all courage the instant Manavia got killed. He screamed as he ran away into the tunnel. But gunshots came from behind him at the same time. Several bullets hit his back and almost made him trip. Though he definitely undergone some enhancement and kept on running despite the shots. He disappeared from their sight within several seconds.

Honglu sighed as he put down the gun. “The guns from this era is too weak, with subpar accuracies and strong recoils. My whole hand feels numb. The loudness of the shots are still ringing in my ears. Heng, say something!”

Heng was vomiting on the ground. He stood up feebly after a while. “Wait. Wait for me. I’ll go find a torch.”

Honglu sighed again and yelled. “That guy was dead if you shot another arrow. What are you afraid of? I don’t really understand these psychological problems. If your psychiatrist was smart enough, he should have helped you undergone hypnotherapy. Then you wouldn’t have let that guy get away.”

Heng went to grab a torch without replying. He reignited the torches on the ground. It was then that Honglu noticed his body was shaking and his face was pale white, as if he just saw something terrifying.

“What are you really afraid of?” Honglu asked with curiosity.

Heng put Jie on his back and laughed bitterly. “I don’t even know what I am afraid of, but whenever I get into a conflict with others or start a fight, I would feel scared. I am scared of getting hit. If I didn’t have my arrows drawn when I saw him, I would probably have ran away.”

Honglu gave him a cold smile. “Just like when you ran away from your girlfriend?”

Heng’s face turned red but he didn’t say anything for quite a while. “If there’s a chance, I wish to die in front of her. Now that I had completed my revenge, I can die in front of her to atone my sin. I know I can never make up for the damage I caused to her. Though the fact is I might never get the chance to do it. But I still want to see her one again, even if it’s one last time.”

Honglu took out an apple from his pocket and took a bite. “If my guess is right then there’s an item in this tomb that’s as valuable as our lives. Though I am not certain but judging from all the information, my deduction is probable. So you still have a chance.”

Heng asked in confusion. “What chance?”

A girl’s voice also asked. “What chance?”

Heng and Honglu was startled to hear the voice. Heng drew his bow immediately and Honglu hid behind him. He finally revealed the child side of him. The girl slowly walked out from the darkness and she was Yinkong.

Honglu came out from Heng’s back and walked around her. “Did you finished him with ease? I don’t smell any blood from you. Did you really? Or did you just run back?”

Yinkong smiled. She held out her hand and patted Honglu’s head, which shocked the boy. “I don’t have the habit of abandoning my comrades. If I come back, that means I have accomplished my mission. If I don’t, then that means I have been killed.” She turned around and walked deeper into the tomb.

Honglu touched his hair then muttered. “I heard that you won’t grow taller when people touch your head. If I can go to God’s dimension alive, then I will get an enhancement to make my hair turn hard.”

Heng laughed at him then looked at Yinkong’s back with envy. He tightened the grip on his bow.

At the same time, in the other side of the tomb. Zheng was chasing Shiva with his knife. His face looked like a blood lusting madman, with blood all around his mouth. It looked like he would give Shiva a slash as soon as he can catch him. Though the image of their chase looked so similar to regular gangsters. Except one was covered in a flame whereas the other in a golden light.

“F*ck. Stop running! Didn’t you want to fight me? Here I am! Weren’t you guys so strong that you Kept hunting after us? Weren’t you able to kill Zero and Tengyi? What happened to the newbie? Don’t run!”

Although both of them were in the second stage of the unlocked mode, Zheng had reached a deeper level than Shiva. The muscle enhancement on his legs were stronger than those of Shiva’s. He crushed all the rocks he stepped on charged forward like wind. He finally close the gap and slashed at Shiva’s back. Clank! Shiva tumbled and almost got grabbed by Zheng’s left hand. That scared him but he was able to extend the distance by a little.

“F*ck! Come out!”

Shiva just remembered that he could still summon the serpent. The fear made him forget everything other than run. This was the first time he got pushed into such a horrible situation and also the most shameful experience. He never thought he would ever get to this, running away from another person’s chase. The shame ignited anger in his heart, yet as soon as he thought about that killer behind him, he couldn’t bring up the courage to fight. So he had no choice but to keep running.

The serpent appeared next to him as he shouted. Shiva stepped on one of its head and let it carried him while the other head bit at Zheng. The serpent head pushed him into the wall but that flame easily evaporated the head. He picked up his speed again running toward Shiva.

The chase continued until they reached a cliff. On top of the cliff stood O’Connell and the other characters. They circled around a statue and seemed to be discussing something. They were shocked at the appearance of Zheng and Shiva.

Shiva ordered the serpent to go up the cliff. Zheng was anxious and wanted to shout to remind them but the serpent shot a bolt of lightning at where the characters where standing. Jonathan was about to wave at Zheng when the rock collapsed and he fell off the cliff. Fortunately he grabbed onto a rock but he was too far down that the three other people still on the top couldn’t reach him.

That made Zheng hate Shiva so much he could eat him alive but Zheng had no choice but to stop his chase. Shiva shouted as he ran away. “F*ck you team China! I dare you to come at me! I am running away to Imhotep! You will regret it if you don’t kill me now! Haha, stupid hypocrite! I will skin every one of you!” His voice was sounding further and further away.

Zheng took a deep breath as he stared at Shiva’s back. He suddenly picked up a rock and threw at him. He could make out a faint scream coming from afar.

Jonathan was still hanging on the cliff with a pale white face. He couldn’t even scream for help anymore. His fingers gripped tightly onto the protruding rock but he was sliding off bit by bit. Finally he couldn’t hold it anymore and shouted. “No! The base of the statue is made of gold!” Then fell off.

Zheng was about meters away from where Jonathan was falling. He only needed a little acceleration to jump over to the cliff but he must time it so that he would catch Jonathan on the jump.

Zheng took a deep breath. When Jonathan was only three meters above him, he jumped out and caught Jonathan by a close call. The two of them reached the wall of the cliff. Then Zheng struck his left arm into the wall. His left hand began to bleed but also held them on the wall.


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  1. You got to be f*cking kidding me. Shiva’s STILL not dead? How much does the author want a final showdown? This arc went for long enough, seriously, just let it end already. There’s no need for one big fat climax. We already were on a huge climax for almost the entirety of the arc now…

    P.S: Hey, it seems like Yikong is going to go shopping now. She killed the werewolf, an awakened be–I mean, one who lifted the genetic constraint. She’s gonna get like 7k points and a B-rank reward. Cha-ching.

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