TI Vol 6: Chapter 7-2

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Vol 6: Chapter 7-2.

Out of all the fights Zheng had been in since he entered the world, the enemy of this fight was nearest to him in strength. Even though the serpent was very powerful in both one on one situation and group fights, Zheng had the advantage of being much stronger in close combat. As long as he can get close to Shiva, he can take away the victory!

Zheng slashed through Shiva’s left arm to his heart. The unparalleled sharpness of the knife easily cut off Shiva’s arm. At the same time, Shiva took out a golden dharmacakra with his right hand. A layer of golden light appeared on top of his body, blocking the knife from advancing any further.


Zheng shouted in madness. He kept slashing at Shiva despite being blocked by the layer of light. He channeled Qi into his other hand and kept striking at Shiva. During this series of attacks, he unknowingly covered his fist in Red Flame also.

The layer of golden light dimmed down a bit every time it came in contact with the Red Flame. After several seconds, he noticed the light was becoming weaker before he even had a chance to counter attack. Fear appeared on his face for the first time.

Zheng had fallen into a berserk. He kept attacking and shouting in madness. If it wasn’t for that light, Shiva wouldn’t had lasted one second before being crushed. Not even the werewolf could have done anything if he was here. This wasn’t over. Zheng grabbed Shiva, opened his mouth and bit at his head.

Zheng’s teeth instantly snapped, but he still kept going at it. Finally he forced his way into the light and bit Shiva’s left ear. With a pull, he tore apart the whole ear along with the skin on Shiva’s left face. He spit out the flesh and bit at him again.

“Ah! Stop, no!” Shiva finally screamed in fear. His muscles quickly expanded, freeing himself from Zheng. He sprinted toward the hole on the wall like a madman. Zheng was chasing behind him. Those bloody red eyes and the bits of flesh left on his lips made him look like a devil. No surprise that Shiva was scared by him. Even Imhotep would be shocked if he were to see Zheng now. Zheng wanted to tear Shiva apart alive every time he thought of Tengyi and Zero’s deaths. This anger turned into such madness during the fight, something he wasn’t aware of.

The two of them ran and chased through the tunnels. Because they focused onto each other the whole time, neither of them noticed the shouts coming from the darkness they passed by.

Yinkong lured Arot deep into the tomb, a place without torches or any light. There were only darkness and the faint sounds coming from scarabs in this place.

Arot’s injuries had completely healed. The strength, dexterity, and reaction speed of a werewolf combined with the first stage of the unlocked mode made him an indestructible weapon, almost surpassing Zheng in close combat power.

“You want to play hide and seek with me? Hoho.”

He could still talk in werewolf form but his laughed turned into howls. It made him sound weird and scary. “Are you still believing in the assassin’s creeds? One shot one kill? Hoho. Those are all lies. If these creeds are so powerful then why am I still alive? Why haven’t I been killed by so many assassins?”

“Do you know how many assassins I had killed? Ten? Twenty? No, let me tell you. I killed forty seven of them! No one escaped my hands! I skinned them alive and submerged them in salt water. Watching their expressions of pain yet unable to kill themselves because I crushed their bones. Hohoho. The scene of them dying in pain was splendid!”

Arot kept going deeper into the darkness as he continued talking. “Do you know why the European assassin’s clan put me on the wanted list? Because I wanted to test my strength and the uselessness of the assassin’s creeds. You don’t understand. Death isn’t scary. Things like one shot one kill is fake. The scariest thing in this world is violence and torture. Hoho. Back then I kidnapped the daughter of the leader of the clan, a twelve year old blonde little girl. She looked like an angel.”

“That was the most amazing play. I played her for three days and nights until her whole body turned into little pieces. Then I mailed the video to the leader. Hoho. I so wanted to see his expression. Too bad I began testing my strength right afterward. Seventeen assassins, I killed off a third of the European assassin’s clan.”

“It’s awesome that I entered this world. I was bored with the real world. It was fun playing with people one by one but it gets boring after a while. Fortunately this world lets me continue to have fun. What do you think? Are you jealous of my perfect body?”

“You should be proud that I’ve talked with you for so long. Not even I can easily sense your existence in this darkness but don’t forget that I had enhanced my stats much more than you did. I have the sense of smell of a wolf. You can’t cover up that smell of blood. Hohoho. Turn into pieces!”

Arot had discovered Yinkong’s location long ago. But he kept talking as he moved toward her step by step. When he was close to her, he shouted and jumped at her location. Bang! Arot found himself stuck in between two boulders. His large build got him stuck there unable to move. But Yinkong’s little body allowed her to stand between the boulders. She slowly pulled out the Hellfire Fang. The flame lit up the surrounding area. It was a trap in the darkness. The narrow space prevented the large werewolf from escaping.

“Wait. Wait. I.”

Yinkong stabbed forward. The dagger entered Arot’s mouth without resistance. Fire burst in his mouth and leaked out from his eyes, ears, and nose. Then his body softened up and stopped moving.

“An assassin only needs one hit. What use is it talking so much rubbish?”

Yinkong kicked the werewolf away then disappeared into the darkness.

When Zheng and Yinkong were fighting, Heng carried Jie on his back and ran deep into the tomb with Honglu. Honglu suddenly said. “Ok, stop here. Run back after five minutes.”

Heng asked in surprise. “Why?”

Honglu twirled his hair and said. “Simple reasoning. We will have to fight eventually if we are in the tomb. However, we are just dead weights in this battle. Everyone should have entered after five minutes. The thousand cavalries should be waiting outside by then. We just have to go back out and we will be safe. No point getting ourselves in danger in the tomb.”

Heng muttered something to himself then said. “I want to fight! I don’t want to run away anymore. Not even once more. I don’t want to run!”

Honglu was also surprised. He looked at Heng then said. “Let me see the power of your bow.”

Heng immediately nodded. He drew the meter long English longbow and pointed an arrow at the torch in front of them. He arrow flew into the wall with incredible speed, shooting down the torch on the way.

Honglu shook his head. “Drawing time takes too long. Your enemy won’t give you the time. It is also less powerful than a gun. Unless you have an enchanted weapon, I don’t agree for you to join the fight.”

Heng pointed two arrows at another torch without speaking. The speed and accuracy of these two arrows were even worse than the shot before. They flew at different directions.

Honglu shook his head again. “It takes a large amount of training and talent to control multiple arrows. You’re not…”

Before he finished his sentence, one arrow hit the tail of the other, changing its direction at the torch. The area suddenly turned pitch black.

Honglu paused for a moment in this darkness then said. “I still don’t agree for you to partake in the fight. Your talent is useful to the team. You have a bright future if you can obtain enhancements and a good bow. If you must fight, then you will have to…”


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  1. That’s not an English longbow it’s probaly just a longbow,here’s the copy and paste,the English longbow must be long enough to allow its user to draw the string to a point on the face or body, and the length therefore varies with the user. In continental Europe it was generally seen as any bow longer than 1.2 m (3.9 ft) (me just adding my thoughts that bit about continental Europe doesn’t mean much because the English longbow was from England not continental Europe,end of mu thoughts) The Society of Antiquaries says it is of 5 or 6 feet (1.5 or 1.8 metres) in length.[4] Richard Bartelot, of the Royal Artillery Institution, said that the bow was of yew, 6 feet (1.8 m) long, with a 3-foot (910 mm) arrow.[5] Gaston Phoebus, in 1388, wrote that a longbow should be “of yew or boxwood, seventy inches [1.8 m] between the points of attachment for the cord”.[6] Historian Jim Bradbury said they were an average of about 5 feet and 8 inches.[7] All but the last estimate were made before the excavation of the Mary Rose, where bows were found ranging in length from 1.87 to 2.11 m (6 ft 2 in to 6 ft 11 in) with an average length of 1.98 m (6 ft 6 in)

    1. “He drew the meter long English longbow and pointed…”

      There’s a possibility the value is just rounded off. No need to be specific about things like this. Even if the longbow was 1.4m, you could just write it off as “meter”. Just saying.

  2. I can’t say I like the idea that an Archer is going to replace a Marksman. It feels like a huge step backwards.
    If anyone should replace a Marksman, it’s not a primitive bow user, but someone like a Psychic who can lob objects at over the speed of sound as if he’s Gilgamesh from FSN. They have the technology and magical items to actually allow that sort of a tactic.

    I honestly can’t say I appreciate the romanticism of the bow. It’s a piece of old technology that was received way too well in fantasy stories. Let it rest.

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