TI Vol 6: Chapter 7-1

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Vol 6: Chapter 7-1.

By the time Shiva was knocked into the wall, Arot’s body had expanded and began his transformation. He suddenly turned his head around. A girl holding a flaming dagger was standing in that dark tunnel silently. The flickering flame made her appear like an illusion.

Arot stared at her with ice cold eyes, then he began to laugh hideously. “Haven’t you learned from last time? You’re not strong enough to be my opponent. Just one little slash and you will become pieces of meat. Then I will drink your blood and play with your bones. Haha.”

Yinkong replied calmly. “Then come at me.” She retreated into the shadows.

Several seconds later, Arot turned into a werewolf and followed Yinkong into the tunnel.

The remaining two people from team India were shocked at the sudden turn of events. They looked at the two directions, one was their leader and the other a strong fighter. In comparison, they were a ranged attacker and a support. Neither of them could fight, even regular firearms could injure them. So they didn’t know what to do now that the two fighters left.

“Lamu, can you aim in this darkness?” Manavia asked.

Lamu shook his head and said. “I can’t hit where I can’t see clearly, no matter how near it is, but if I can lock onto the target, I will be able to hit it no matter how far away it is. That room is too dark. I am afraid I won’t be able to see.”

Manavia looked at the room behind the wall then clenched her teeth. “We will go find Imhotep first. We won’t die as long as we can find Imhotep. We are already at a negative score. If we both die, everyone will be deducted too many points. Let’s go, go find Imhotep!”

Lamu looked at the room with worry. The shouts and the sound of metals clashing gave him chills. That darkness especially took away his courage to enter. He hesitated for a while before he made the difficult decision. “Leader is strong. He should be able to win. Haha. Yes, he should win. We will go find Imhotep first.”

After this short discussion, they decided to look for Imhotep. They walked over to the bloody bag and looked at it with greed. Lamu waved his needle and said. “What should we do? Kill her? It’s a pitiful for her to live like this. She won’t be able to go back alive anyway. Death is mercy for her.”

Manavia took out a handgun from her sleeve and laughed. “Let me do it. I remember that you still have 3000 points in stash. I don’t have so much. Let me kill her instead.”

Lamu frowned then picked up the bag. “It’s still too early to debate this. Go find Imhotep first. If we can kill the rest of team China, we may kill someone that’s unlocked.”

Manavia sighed. She had no choice but to follow Lamu into one of the wider tunnels.

Zheng was not an assassin after all. He emitted a killing intent when he attacked that even though he hit Shiva but Shiva was able to avoid being hit at a critical spot. The punch only knocked Shiva up, it was Zheng’s charge that pushed him into the room behind the wall, a room full of gold.

Shiva had also reached the second stage of the unlocked mode. His eyes went out of focus the moment he entered the room. He stepped on Zheng’s fist and flipped backward. Furthermore, he summoned the serpent behind him and landed against the serpent’s body in order to prevent jumping into something sharp.

But how could Zheng let Shiva gain distance from him? The serpent was a medium range weapon whereas he was a close range fighter. If he couldn’t kill Shiva and let the gap widens, he would be destined for failure. So he charged up to Shiva without thinking. He activated the progressive knife with his right hand and the Na ring on his left hand. He jumped into the darkness following his instincts.

Shiva was also quick to respond. He got an idea of their respective locations then waved his arm. The second head of the serpent appeared above him then it opened its mouth and spit out a ball of fire. The fire lit up the room, showing Zheng just one meter away from him, but it also forced Zheng to back off.

Shiva quickly ordered the other serpent head to point at Zheng. A bolt of lightning shot at him but it was too late. The lightning only struck a gold statue, splitting it in half. Zheng had already disappeared into the shadows.

“Haha. My skill summons the legendary Orochi. It can evolve based on the people it eats, a rank A skill. Haha. You’ve reached the second stage and I can see that you enhanced something else. Once it eats you, it will evolve another head and I will become even stronger!”

Shiva shouted. He ordered the serpent to move around him in circle. It was impossible for anyone to get near him. Every thirty seconds he would order the serpent to spit out fire. The fire would lit the room and if Zheng couldn’t hide in time, the other head would shoot lightning at him. Fortunately there was a delay between the two heads’ attacks. So that he was able to hide away every time.

Zheng was getting nervous as time went by. Even though the rest of team India didn’t come to help as he expected but Yinkong was in danger. He wouldn’t believe that Yinkong could rival that werewolf when she was injured. To be honest, he wasn’t confidence fighting the werewolf face to face himself. So he must defeat the monk as soon as possible or he risked losing another comrade.

As soon as Zheng made up his mind. He picked up a gold decoration from the side and threw it at Shiva, then ran to a wall.

Shiva felt the air pressure coming at him and ordered the serpent to block the decoration then spit out fire at the direction with the other head preparing for the lightning attack. However to his surprise, Zheng was no where to be seen.

“Haha. Was your intention just to run away? Why don’t you come out and fight me? Oh yeah, do you want to know what happened to those two newbies who fell into our hands? One was shot in the heart by your sniper. Haha, you guys killing each other. How does losing a point feel? Is it especially satisfying? Ah. I apologize that I have forgotten your sniper had been killed. That’s too unfortunate. We might have been dead by now if he wasn’t. Then do you want to know what happened with the other newbie? That beautiful Asian woman. My team played with her body then I had the doctor cut off her limbs and tongue, gouge her eyes, and I even had Arot removed her skin inch by inch then stopped her bleeding with hemostasis spray. She looked like a human made of blood. Haha.”

Shiva was laughing wildly yet his eyes were calm. These words were a mean of angering Zheng but he didn’t feel any killing intent, as if Zheng had left this room.

(Become one with the darkness. Don’t think about anything. Get rid of the identity as a human. It’s just darkness. Only darkness.)

Zheng crawled on top of the ceiling slowly, about eight meters away from the ground. In order to avoid making any noise, he focused Qi on his fingertips and moved by grabbing in between the rocks. Advancing toward that voice, in that path of revenge!

Suddenly, Zheng let go of his fingers and dropped down at Shiva’s location. Furious killing intent instantly filled his mind. Shiva also felt that strong emotion. As Shiva raised his head, the two serpent heads had moved upward and coiled around Zheng at one meter above him.

“Caught you!” Shiva laughed aloud hideously. He waved his hand to order the serpents to coil around Zheng as hard as they could.

Yet Zheng also shouted in frenzy. “Caught you!” A blood colored flame emitted from him at the same time. The Red Flame was specially effective against spiritual beings!

The two serpent heads evaporated in an instant. Zheng activated the vibration of his knife and slashed at Shiva.


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