TI Vol 6: Chapter 6-2

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Vol 6: Chapter 6-2.


Zheng felt that his options were limited. He had two choices, let Heng protect Jie and Honglu, but then if team India finds them, there is no way for them to live. The other choice was to have Yinkong protect them so that they have some means to protect themselves against team India. However, this would only guarantee the safety of individual members and not beneficial for the team. Will he choose the individuals or the team?

“Heng, I’ll leave them to you.” Zheng clenched his teeth and turned his head away. Then he muttered. “If you get killed by team India, I will tear them apart! I will!”

Being in a higher up position, a lot of times his choices were forced upon him. Zheng began to understand how Xuan felt. He had to place his perspective on the overall situation. He was not a god, so he could only try his best to save everyone.

O’Connell’s group headed into the tomb. Then Heng carried Jie on his back. Honglu carried a gun. The three of them also went into the tomb. Zheng and Yinkong were the last ones left.

Zheng kept pondering over their situation. There were were only three people who could fight and Jie suddenly collapsed. The only chance they had was to take away Imhotep’s immortality before anything happens then think of a way to defeat team India.

“The werewolf is mine.” Yinkong suddenly said.

Zheng paused for a moment then looked at her. “But your shoulder…”

Yinkong shook her head. “I am an assassin, not some gangster who fights on the streets or a warrior that fights with her life. Assassins only have one attacking opportunity, and if it fails that means our death. I think he’s also aware of this. So there isn’t such a thing as injury for an assassin. He has diverged from being an assassin and tried to fight with brute force.”

Zheng looked at her determination and nodded. “Ok then. We cannot back off anymore. Once we fail, we will all die. Yinkong, I don’t want to lose another comrade.”

Team India had appeared from afar. They finally entered Hamunaptra before the cavalries could get back on foot. This ruined city was filled with broken walls and pillars that even if the cavalries got here now, they wouldn’t be scared.

Zheng stared at Shiva with hatred. He so wanted to tear him apart. When Yinkong entered the tomb, he picked up a rock as his eyes went out of focus. The muscles of his right arm expanded then he threw the rock at the monk.

Zheng’s power surpassed that of the muscular giant Minima while in the second stage of the unlocked mode. The rock shot at Shiva like a cannon. Although it was powerful enough but he was not Zero after all. The rock missed Shiva by several centimeters and hit one of the pillars behind him.

Shiva touched the mark caused by the air pressure from the throw and started to laugh like a madman. He floated toward the tomb even faster. Ten seconds after Zheng and Yinkong entered the tomb, that serpent of his shot a bolt of lightning from its mouth at the entrance and caused an explosion.

Shiva took a deep breath and said. “We will enter together, don’t get separated. Arot! Keep control over yourself. If Lamu and Manavia die because of you, I will tear you apart! Don’t make me do it!”

“Follow our plan and find Imhotep first. He had recovered his power so if we meet up with him, then the outcome will be decided.”

Arto suddenly asked. “What about her?” He was holding onto a bag that was dripping blood.

Shiva’s expression turned sinister. “Don’t kill her now. I want to gather everyone from team China and the movie characters together then slice them into pieces! I want them to experience the torments of Avici! I want them to live in eternal hell!”

Arot licked the scalpel on his hand, letting that blade slice his tongue. Then he began to enjoy sucking the blood coming out from his tongue.

Team India only had four people there. The three newbies in their team were left in Cairo. Though now that Shainaia died, the newbies had regained control of themselves.

Shiva said as he entered the tomb. “We have killed the sniper. The Guide probably get punished by God, he’s either dead or unable to fight anymore. They still have a support user, a female assassin, and their leader. Their leader had reached stage two of the unlocked mode. If we get Imhotep’s power, we will win. Lamu, can you still use your needle?”

The young man smiled bitterly and said. “It’s too painful. I can’t concentrate. Even if I can throw it, I can only aim within fifty meters.”

Shiva cursed. “We won’t make up for the loss of Shainaia even if we are to kill team China ten times. A talent who can enhance her mental capacity is such a rarity! I will definitely kill them all!”

Then he turned to the other woman. “Manavia, how about you? Can you use your defensive force field?”

She nodded immediately. “Yes, I haven’t used it much during this movie. If I have to keep it up, I can keep it for ten minutes.”

“Good, I will leave Lamu to you. Make sure he doesn’t die.”

After Zheng and Yinkong entered the tomb, they heard an explosion coming from behind. Zheng ran for a few more steps before he asked. “Yinkong, how come I can’t sense your existence? It’s like you suddenly disappeared whenever you stepped into the shadows. Is that one of your assassin’s techniques?”

Yinkong replied calmly. “It’s simple. Just hypnotize yourself and think of yourself as part of the darkness. Get rid of all your emotions. This is the basics for an assassin. If you can’t do this, people with strong sixth senses will know you’re there.”

Zheng paused for a moment then said. “I don’t think team India will come chase us. They are probably going deeper into the tomb as a whole team. If it’s me, I will first find Imhotep and stay with him. We will lose if that happens. Want to take a risk?”

Yinkong was surprised. “What risk?”

“Bet that their team isn’t united!” Zheng said with certainty.

“Even though this is only a feeling but I feel that Arot doesn’t follow Shiva’s orders and the rest of the team is only following his orders because they are afraid of him. We will hide in the shadows and ambush them when they come. I will drag Shiva into the room that Imhotep threw me into a while ago. You go take care of Arot. I bet that the other team members will abandon them to look for Imhotep. I can only take him one on one so if they decide to help, I am done for! But if they don’t, then I have a chance of killing him!”

“Want to take this risk?”

Zheng entered the second stage of the unlocked mode and kept his mind blank, refraining from thinking of anything. He hid in the shadows. Yinkong was surprised that Zheng learned the technique in under a minute. One of the most important technique an assassin needed to learn.

The two of them watched as team India entered the tomb. Listened to their conversation as they moved closer step by step.

Shiva nodded. “Good, I will leave Lamu to you. Make sure he doesn’t die.”

Zheng suddenly jumped out. He had reached within one meter of Shiva before anyone from team India could react. This ambush was too fast and sudden that no one could make out his figure. Unfortunately he had to give up his knife for speed. He punched Shiva’s shocked face and knocked him into the wall behind.


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  1. He had to give up his knife for speed…? Did he lose it beforehand, or is the author actually arguing that attacking with a knife is somehow slower than punching?
    How does that even work?

    And you know what, even if that is the case, why not activate his Red Flames to set the monk’s head on fire? Why not summon a few mummies as backup? They have so many options but none of them are being used. The author honestly tries too hard to have his characters get into very specific scenarios, but without actually making sure how they get there, makes any sense.

    1. Zheng also has to knock the monk into another room so that he doesn’t get himself into a 1 vs 4 situation, which will certainly get him killed.

      Therefore, using fists is better than using knife. Also I suspect vibration of the knife will also slow down his speed a bit.

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