TI Vol 6: Chapter 6-1

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Vol 6: Chapter 6-1.

Zheng shouted in madness. The two people beside him were also in grief. Yinkong had fought along Zero for so long. Even though the two of them never talked to each other much but they respected each other’s ability as assassins.

Heng only came to this world at the beginning of this movie. He still retained the naiveness from the real world. Although Zheng’s group never acknowledged him as a member of the team but someone that just fought together with him a moment ago died.

As the three of them stared at Zero’s body, they suddenly heard a scream coming from the tomb’s entrance. Zheng and Yinkong both cried. “Imhotep!”

Everyone’s attention was focused on Zero since he made the first shot. The incomplete Imhotep wasn’t much of a threat when Zheng and Yinkong were there because both their weapons can counter him. But now that the two of them came over to Zero, the rest of the group at the entrance had no way to defend against Imhotep.

Coming to this conclusion, Zheng and Yinkong immediately ran toward the entrance. Although their speed was already so fast, they were still too late. A dried corpse lay below Imhotep by the time they got there. Judging from the corpse’s attire, he was the remaining American cast. Imhotep’s body convulsed and the rotten parts of his body turned to normal flesh. Before long, a completely resurrected high priest stood in front of them.

Imhotep smiled at them, a smile that sent shivers up their spines. He raised his hands while everyone was still shocked. The sand outside Hamunaptra formed a wave several stories tall and went at the cavalries. The cavalries were only a thousand meters away from team India when the sand wave buried them. At the same time, team India ran as fast as they could. The cavalries weren’t going to make it before team India reached Hamunaptra.

Zheng and Yinkong jumped at Imhotep. Zheng channeled his Qi into his left fist while Yinkong took out her dagger. Both weapons had the ability to damage Imhotep but Imhotep had learned from the past. He turned into a sandstorm and swept Evelyn and Lan before Zheng got to him, then took the two women hostage into the tomb.

Zheng’s face turned pale white. He picked up Jonathan and said. “What did he just say?”

Ardeth answered instead. “He said… give him the Book of the Dead or else he will turn the two women into mummies… He gave us about one hour…”

Zheng’s heart was beating fiercely. What was supposedly a good outlook suddenly vanished into nothingness. Zero’s death, Imhotep’s recovery, and now Evelyn and Lan got kidnapped… Were they destined to wipe here?

“O’Connell and Jonathan! You two go find the Book of Amun-Ra!” Zheng suppressed the feeling of despair and ordered them with decisiveness. Then he turned to Ardeth and said. “Go with them and protect them.”

The curator also said. “Let me go with them also, I can read hieroglyphs.”

Zheng remembered Jonathan’s incompetence with the language and nodded. “Jie, protect Heng and Honglu and get into the tomb before team India does. You won’t have to worry about their ranged attacks while in the tomb… But the mind control woman is still an issue. Jie?”

Zheng just now noticed Jie’s painful expression. What gave him an even worse feeling was a sudden flash of light in Jie’s eyes. This light came and went in an instant but Jie fell unconscious immediately. His skin began tearing apart and the blood vessels underneath bursted, covering his whole body in blood.

At the same time, team India was overjoyed. They knew that Imhotep had recovered his powers when the sandstorm hit the cavalries. That sandstorm saved their whole team, otherwise a thousand armed cavalries were enough to wipe them. Not only this but they also killed the sniper. They no longer had to worry about getting sniped.

“Lamu! Are you ok?” The monk shouted without turning around.

The young man’s left arm had broken off and he’s coughing blood. He relied on the supports of the two women beside him to keep going. “My needle got him first, otherwise he would’ve hit my heart… What scary power. It merely scratched my arm but still took it off me…”

Shainaia muttered. “Nothing to be amazed about. We learned from their memory that this Gaus rifle can shoot through a combat vehicle with one shot. You’re not… Ah!”

She suddenly screamed in pain and rolled on the ground with her hands on her head. Everyone else stopping moving in shock. Shiva and Arot immediately ran over to her. Although her combat ability wasn’t the best but she was the core of this team. She could be thought of as the leader without the powers given to the leader.

Her voice became hoarse from the screaming. “Leader… The Guide attacked me. He shouldn’t have been able to attack me. I was searching for their location then he suddenly invaded into my mental network… backfire…”

Her voice became lower and lower. By the time she said those last few words, blood was bleeding through every part of her head and her whole body was convulsing.

Arot had returned to his human form when he got to her side. He held onto her head then touched her chest. Several seconds later he let go of her. “Her heart is still beating but her brainwaves are abnormal… Her consciousness was forcibly erased. Her body will die out in a few minutes.”

Shiva took a deep breath and muttered. “Any way to save her? Even if we have to give our life energy to her?”

Arot shook his head. “Nope. The mental domain is the most mysterious field. She still has a vigorous amount of life energy. That person is a master in this field. He invaded her mental network and erased everything from her. Life energy cannot get her mind back…”

Shiva’s face turned scary. He raised his hand then the serpent appeared. It bit at the woman and ate her under their eyes. He said with hatred. “Even if she has to die, she will die in our own hands! I won’t give team China a point! They are at negative one point right? I won’t let them get another point… Team China! I want you to all die with her!”

As he was talking, a woman in Indian clothes who acted like a doll suddenly screamed. She looked at the people around her in confusion. This was Zhuiyu who had been mind controlled the whole time. When Shainaia died, she regained consciousness but that was only a misfortune. Everyone from team India looked at her with hatred. In contrast, Liang, who died unconsciously was much better off than her.

“Team China… Hahaha, team China! You will all die in misery! Hahaha…”

Zheng was confused at Jie’s sudden collapse. The only ones who could still fight were him and Yinkong. Furthermore, one of Yinkong’s arms wasn’t in good condition. Yet if she doesn’t protect Honglu now, it would be difficult to get another person with his talents.

“If you don’t mind, let me protect Honglu and Jie.” Heng suddenly said.


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    1. Laziness, why even comment then? By the way, Jie shot someone on the team in The Gridge right? Wouldn’t that have been violating “god’s” rule?

        1. The whole thing about Jie is still confusing to me. I have no idea what Lan could even figure out, from anything that Jie did, within The Grudge. Am I coocoo to assume it was nothing but a forced foreshadowing for this specific arc?
          All I remember from The Grudge, was that Lan suddenly disappeared for no reason, and she just blamed Jie. And now we’re here.

  1. I have to say, I am getting mighty tired of this arc. Way too many things happen, and it drags on for way too long. The latest pick of “I have no idea why this is even happening” was when everyone left Imhotep because they wanted to check on Zero. Real classy work, everyone. You could’ve won if you just sent one person over there, instead of the entire f*cking group.

    One can argue that they are still immature and cannot think well enough in stressful situations…But I’d tell that person to go f*ck themselves, for the very least Yikong knows better to keep her priorities straight.
    It just feels like like the author is trying as hard as he can to make sure that most people of power survive through at least to the finale of the movie at this point, there’s a limit as to how much highs and lows you can have within one arc before it starts to wear you out.

  2. that it I’m out!! team china is wiped because of their stupidity, end of story. however this piece of garbage got a rating of over 4/5 is beyond me because i have never dropped a series this hard on Wuxiaworld before. everything in this story is stupid from the mentally retarded MC who dident even get one of his people to learn any form of healing to the trained assassin who couldn’t even pass for an order following grunt soldier let alone a highly trained elite or the sniper who can’t even hit the correct target and then stands in the open but worst of all is an author who won’t set the rules of the world just so he can change them whenever he wants without consequence, oh then there is this thing called a guide that is their to explain everything well guess what yours is not only not doing this but screwing you over and trying to kill your people in the process.

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