TI Vol 6: Chapter 5-2

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Vol 6: Chapter 5-2.

5 (2/2)

“Then… let our plan commences. Wipe their team!” Honglu smiled coldly.

All the others followed with a smile. Although it was unexpected that team India arrived so early but that did not affect their plan. This plan would push team India into despair.

Of the two Medjais that came with them, one went to the big group of cavalries and the other was following behind at half their speed. If these two were to get mind controlled, they would have to fight team India face to face but if they didn’t, then Honglu’s plan would succeed.

The Medjai that went to big group carried a secret message from Ardeth to the leader of the cavalries along with the communication devices. The message requested him to send a thousand men over to Hamunaptra, also rotating between three horses in order to arrive as fast as possible. And once these men heard the first gunshot, they had to charge toward Hamunaptra, killing any group that was heading there!

Zero’s mission was to fire at the first person from team India he saw, didn’t matter how far that person was, or if she was the psyche force user or not. He had to open fire even if he couldn’t kill that person because the gunshot signaled the commencement of the plan.

“Simple logic. They will get charged by the cavalries no matter which direction they come from. After learning of our plan, their safest method of transportation was through the plane. If they don’t see any cavalries around Hamunaptra, what will they do? Of course they will want to land…”

“The only issue is if they also transported horses or camels along. But airplanes during this age… don’t have the capacity to do so. Then they will have to run over after they landed. But who runs faster? Horses or people… Hoho, die in a glorious death!”

Jie and Lan carried Zheng out from the tomb. He looked in bad shape. A few scarabs were trying to enter his body but his muscle density prevented it. They killed the scarabs with a few shots. Zheng also recovered from the knock down.

Yinkong looked at him then at her watch. “We are at positive one point. Zero just killed one of them. It’s now up to the cavalries. Hope their attack can do something!”

Honglu took a bite at an apple and said. “There is no such thing as a perfect plan, not even I can make it… unless the person that made it have totally eliminated all desires and senses. Only such person can take on the perspective of a bystander. If he also has remarkable wisdom and deductive ability, then he’s the perfect mastermind, the strongest mastermind… Unfortunately there is no such perfect human in this world. Perfection only leads to self destruction.”

As he finished, they saw the cavalries coming from afar. Even though they knew that was only a thousand men but the view was spectacular. The players all came from a peaceful world and never had a chance to see something so marvelous. For a moment, everyone held their breaths and watched. The cavalries gradually came into view inside the cloud of sand and dust created by the horses running. These cavalries each carried a gun and a blade.

Zheng looked at the thousand men and said with a cold tone. “They’ve lost their best chance to kill us in Cairo… F*ck, we can finally take the leader. Tengyi! We will avenge your death!”

As they were talking, everyone heard another loud bang. Zero pulled the trigger again and following the shot, the number on their watches returned to zero, signaling someone in the team died!

“One member died. Team China is at zero points. Negative points at the end of the movie will be erased.”

“Zero!” Zheng shouted. He immediately recalled when he first met Zero. The quiet man that always completed the tasks he gave him and saved him multiple times. He also remembered that tender smile when swam with that little girl… He was a true comrade!

Zheng sprinted toward Zero’s location as he shouted. Yinkong also followed along. Jie though massaged his temples as if he was had a severe headache. He crouched on the ground as sweat dripped like rain. Yet no body noticed him because their attentions were focused on Zero and Heng.

Zheng was anxious and ran at full speed. He finally reached Zero and Heng’s hiding spot ten seconds later but the two men looked at him in confusion. Zero said calmly. “The one in Indian clothes I just shot is probably Liang or Zhuiyu. There are two more women in Indian clothes, both wearing a veils. I don’t know if I should continue or not.”

Zheng stared at him then slapped his shoulder. “Good, you’re still alive! F*ck, don’t f*cking die! I want to keep fighting alongside you, bro!”

Zero was surprised then took a look at Zheng then said. “Until death…”

At the same time, Shiva was at the edge of being enraged. He shouted as he was going forward on top of a serpent’s head. Beside him was Arot in werewolf form, who seemed fully healed. He was running at a comparable speed to Shiva.

Shiva kept shouting. “Shainaia, keep attacking! You must get their location! That person is highly likely to be a Guide. Guides can’t attack other team members! Find his location then have Lamu kill him!”

Two bodies were laying on the ground behind them. One was the skinny man who used two curved blades. The other was Liang dressed in Indian women’s clothes. His eyes were opened wide and his face in disbelief. There were four more people running on the ground, three women and a man. Shainaia said. “It’s getting weaker. He’s definitely a Guide. He’s enduring God’s punishment… Almost got his location, almost… Lamu!”

She shouted and the man beside her threw the needle on his hand…

“Until death…” Before he finished the sentence, he took aim and pulled the trigger again. Yet at the same time blood splashed from his chest. Everyone around him watched as Zero fell to the ground with his rifle. A needle pierced into his chest. It didn’t get his lungs this time but right into his heart… The blood that was gushing out indicated the hole in his heart. The needle slowly pulled itself out. The bleeding increased as the obstruction was left the heart.

Zheng’s face looked twisted. He immediately pressed the needle on Zero’s chest, trying to prevent it from coming out. Because the moment it leaves Zero’s chest was the moment he dies. Zheng didn’t want to lose the comrade he acknowledge, the bro that could fight alongside him until death. Dying right in front of him… he wouldn’t want it to happen!

Yet the force from the needle was so strong and it emitted an electric shock when he touched it, numbing his hands. He watched as the needle pulled itself out then disappeared. Zero’s blood stained his hands…

“… until death. I can’t go along with you anymore, bro…”

Zero smiled then closed his eyes. The Gaus rifle slowly slid out from his arms…

Zheng stared at the blood on his hands. For a while his mind went totally blank until the shouting from the cavalries afar woke him to his senses. He also began shouting with rage and the desire to kill.

“Team India! I want you all to die! Ahh….”


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  1. Great all of the best characters are dying,why can’t lori die somehow like she runs into the beams of light and go’s into the movie,or lan die or jie.

  2. Not gonna lie. As soon as Heng said he was an archer I knew Zero’s days were numbered. Can’t have 2 long range support characters. Oh well.

  3. Damn it! First I was like “Zero no pls don’t be dead” then I was like “Oh thank god it was just the newbie” and then “God damn it. hell was that. why? how? noooooooooooo”

    RIP Zero you will be remembered

      1. The more these characters die, the more I feel like this story is about to end. I’m pretty much gripping on to this story thanks to the characters I already got to know, and actually care about, and now they just go off like that.

  4. Considering they have survived multiple movies, Zheng was being an idiot to go cry about Zero when he thought he’d died – and Zero didn’t need to ask about whether to continue shooting, wtf man … either keep sniping or run, don’t chat with your moron leader!

    Really good series but its almost funny how characters like to have dialogues mid-battle when every second counts for survival 😛

    1. i know it’s almost as if they want to die. i mean they follow a moron, protect the useless, chose humanity over survival by creating a lover and not a soldier/crafter and killed the one person in the team who was smart enough to when given enough time break gods code allowing them ALL the benefits. not one smart move in this entire story so far just protagonist luck keeping the MC alive.

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