TI Vol 6: Chapter 3-2

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Vol 6: Chapter 3-2.

O’Connell shouted, “F*ck, so violent… What is this!? It wasn’t nearly this bloody even when I was in Verdun… Evelyn! Get in the center of everyone, don’t look out the window!”

Evelyn waved her hand in protest but still stood in the center of them. The bus slowed down as it drove further and further into the zombies. These zombies were not retarded like the ones in Resident Evil. They kept trying to jump on the vehicle and some of them were hanging from the windows.

“Zero, Jie, we will attack the mummies! Everyone else attack the zombies around us! Hurry!” Zheng shouted then opened fired against the incoming mummies.

The submachine gun wasn’t too effective. It needed over ten shots to destroy a mummy. Before long, the mummies had closed within ten meters of them. Fortunately the additional firepower from Zero and Jie, especially with the accuracy from Zero, helped them destroy all the mummies before they reached the bus.

The trio let out sighs of relief. They turned around to see Lan leading the rest of the group firing at the zombies.

“Sit tight!” O’Connell shouted when he saw the numbers around the bus lessen. He pushed the gas pedal all the way down. The bus finally drove out of the crowd into an open road.

Jonathan and the Americans only got to celebrate for a moment, then the bus made a turn and an endless sea of zombies stood across them. At least ten thousand zombies. Even worse was the number of mummies standing by the walls and roofs. They were in the hundreds.

“Oh my god!” O’Connell was shocked and beaten. He had unconsciously let off the gas pedal. No one could find the courage to keep driving into that.

Zheng clenched his teeth then said to O’Connell, “Trust me! Drive into them! F*ck, go in at full speed!” He took out the Book of the Dead and started chanting.

O’Connell also clenched his teeth and stepped on the gas pedal. The bus drove into the sea of zombies with resolution. When the mummies closed in on the bus, a whirlwind sent them up the air. This wind grew stronger by the second until it became a tornado. The bus was in the center of this tornado.

The zombies and mummies were sucked in by the tornado. Their weight was so insignificant to its power. In contrast, the bus’s weight helped keep them on the ground. Zheng only created a small tornado, otherwise the bus and everyone inside it would have become victims also.

O’Connell shouted in a frenzy as he drove forward, crushing numerous zombies. With the addition of Zero and Jie’s shooting, there were not that many zombies left in front of them by the time they drove out from the tornado.

Zheng let out a sigh of relief then felt exhausted, as if the Book of the Dead drained both his blood energy and stamina. This small version tornado still drained all of his blood energy. It was a natural disaster after all.

“Let’s go! To the port!”

In an inn on the other end of Cairo, Shainaia suddenly said, “Leader, found them… They seized a minibus and are now driving to the port. The Americans and main characters are also in the bus.”

Shiva (monk) sat in the center of the team with his legs crossed and a golden Dharmachakra (Buddhist symbolism) on his hand. “How did you suddenly find them? Weren’t you unable to do so? Can this be a trap? Or did someone hack into your mental network again and give you an illusion?”

Shainaia blushed then pondered for a moment. “Leader, I don’t think it’s an illusion this time. Imhotep also appeared… Should we get in contact with him?”

“Not now. We should meet him face to face as a sign of respect… But I am still worried about the psyche force user in their team. If he can modify your scan then he should have a higher mental capacity stat than you, but then why didn’t he use it to attack us? And his psyche mask (on their location) just suddenly disappeared… He wouldn’t be…”

Shiva showed a sign of surprise. “It shouldn’t be possible. He couldn’t be their Guide? How can anyone reach the second stage of the unlocked mode all by himself? How did that man, Zheng Zha, establish himself as the leader? Just with the acceptance of his teammates? Don’t kid me… Is the psyche force user the Guide? How is it possible that someone reached the second stage and the Guide hasn’t disappeared? That’s not possible…”

Shainaia asked, “Leader, what should we do now?”

Shiva paused for a moment. “Of course we have to follow them. Arot, how is your condition?”

In a dark corner of the room, Arot said calmly, “Not that good. The people around here became zombies before I had the chance to hunt them. Recovery of my lungs is at 70%. If I have to transform, I can only retain 70% of my normal power but it should be enough for close combat.”

“Then… let’s go see them off. Aren’t they hoping to get to the port? Let this journey become the path to the Netherworld.”

Zheng’s group wasn’t feeling well. Although the zombies became ashes after getting shot by magical bullets, they still had normal bodies until then. The ground was filled with blood and ground meat when the bus crushed them. In fact, crushed flesh stuck all over the bottom of the bus. The bloody and rotten smell made Evelyn, Zhuiyu and Liang vomit several times already.

Zheng had recovered some strength. He stood behind O’Connell and said, “Faster, drive faster. How much longer til we reach the port?”

O’Connell was heavily stressed, and snapped at him with irritation, “F*ck! Stop nagging me! Only three to five more minutes following this road… I believe we can be faster if there are no more zombies!”

Zheng smiled bitterly. He stored a lot of magical bullets in the ring but the ring was only 1.5 cubic meters big after all. Their gun barrels were smoking from all the shooting. You could tell how many bullets they’d consumed. There were less than a half of the bullets left. That was why he wanted to know how much longer they needed.

As he was planning to reload his gun, he felt something and looked toward a tall building. At the same time Yinkong and Zero also looked over there. A half rotten and bald mummy appeared on the top of the building, Imhotep.

“O’Connell! Don’t let the bus flip over!”

Zheng only had time to shout this before Imhotep transformed into a sandstorm. Everyone fired at him without thinking but even the magical bullets looked ineffective against this sandstorm. The bullets went straight through it but the sandstorm had already surrounded the bus.

O’Connell began yelling and held onto the wheel tightly. He stared right at the road in front of him with all his attention. Yet his vision was limited under the sandstorm. He left his safety to everyone else. Though Evelyn’s screams made his shoulder shiver.

The sandstorm came and went fast. It soon gathered together and reformed into Imhotep but this time with a person in his hand. He was holding one of the Americans. The American was horrified and started howling. Everyone else could only watch as Imhotep opened that rotten mouth and sucked him dry. Several seconds later, the American became a dried corpse. At the same time Imhotep recovered more of his flesh, and gradually became more humanoid.

“Cat! Lan, bring the cat out!”

Zheng shouted as he pulled the other American to his back. He fired at Imhotep but the magical bullets were still ineffective. They went straight through his body like normal bullets. Imhotep looked at the bullets holes that recovered instantly then transformed into a sandstorm again, sweeping at them… and that last American behind Zheng.

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  1. The whole tid-bit about Zheng’s vampire capabilities really make me wonder why he never thought of carrying vials of blood on him. It NEVER occurred to him that, a vampire, might find blood to be beneficial?
    Of course, drinking blood is unnatural and often found as something disgusting (at least, when you have to do so directly from a human. Why not label yourself as a cannibal while you’re at it?) — but how much does “blood” costs in the system? Probably less than a micro point. So little that it’s worth to experiment with, without the mental anguish associated with attacking a person and desecrating their bodies (although, I doubt they even care about that part anymore, considering they feel nothing while spraying at civilians. It just honestly seems like the author completely forgot about Vampires+Blood = good results (or he wanted to forget, to not make his MC too OP. Hurp deh derp, considering that this limit-break already makes everyone OP. That ship has sailed long ago)).

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