TI Vol 6: Chapter 3-1

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Vol 6: Chapter 3-1.

Zheng was very grateful he’d exchanged for the ring. Not only was it a powerful weapon against spiritual beings but he could store a lot of things in it, like… magical bullets!

Normal magical bullets were inexpensive. The only issue was that they are difficult to carry in large quantities. But the Na ring eliminated this drawback. He easily took out a large stack of magical bullets and not only did he restock the ammunition for Jie, Lan and the others in the group but also swapped O’Connell and the other characters’ bullets with magical ones. Even though their weapons weren’t powerful but every little bit helped in this circumstance. He wouldn’t skimp on just some bullets.

As they walked down the stairs of the clock tower, they got more and more anxious the closer they were to the ground. It wasn’t limited to the normal people like the characters and newbies, Zheng and the veterans were also getting nervous.

A thick wooden door blocked their way on the ground floor. Lan immediately casted the acceleration and stamina buffs on everyone. Zheng took out mummy fragments and sands and the Book of the Dead then chanted the spell to create four mummy guards.

The newbies watched it in shock, until Zheng kicked open the door, waking them up with the explosive sound. He charged out spraying with his gun, knocking at least ten zombies near him to the ground. The magical bullets were indeed effective. These corpses ignited and several seconds later became a pile of ash.

Zheng turned around and said hastily,“O’Connell! Take the lead!”

O’Connell nodded. He looked at Evelyn, and without a word pulled out his two guns and walked in front of the group.

Everyone followed behind him without talking. But to their surprise there was not even a single zombies on the way. It wasn’t until they made a turn through a valley that they saw a wall of people blocking the way. It was a wide street, at least several thousand zombies packed the whole area and ten mummy guards were standing on the walls to the side.

“Pick up your guns! If you don’t want to die then give all you have!” Zheng held onto the submachine gun with his left hand and the progressive knife with his right. He shouted while firing at the mummies.

Everyone followed suit and opened fire at the zombies and mummies. Yet these zombies looked just like normal humans. There were even some kids, eleven or twelve years old. O’Connell and some of the others hesitated until Jie yelled for them to get out of the way as he pulled out a heavy machine gun. The same one he used in the last movie. As soon as the others moved to the side, he opened fire.

The sound of the heavy machine gun felt much more powerful than Zheng’s gun, and of course its power was frightening. The corpses were falling like flies, the mummies couldn’t close in on them either. Jie gave off the feeling that he was afire. He held onto the machine gun with one arm and the bullets with the other. He kept shouting as he ran forward.

“He’s feeling sad… The person that carried the bullets for him last time has died.” Zheng sighed then looked at the man in black who was carrying Tengyi’s body. Everyone knew the rational thing to do was leave his body in the clock tower but they didn’t have the heart to just leave it there. So everyone decided to find a place to bury him. According to the man in black, this was also how a warrior could obtain peace.

Fortunately, it seemed like Imhotep’s curse had no effect on Tengyi. His body remained in eternal sleep… Yet Zheng couldn’t forget the scene of his death, and those last words of his…

It didn’t take long for the heavy machine gun to consume all its bullets, but that was enough to kill all the mummy guards. Only around a thousand corpses were still walking toward them. Everyone fired their guns without holding back. For a while, the sound of gunshots filled the air. They cleared a path through the zombies and moved through the street to the garage.

Jonathan began running to the sports cars as soon as they entered the garage but Zheng and O’Connell held out their arms simultaneously and carried him to a minibus. He yelled in resistance, “Hey, sports cars! Sports cars run faster and also more expensive!”

Zheng replied, “I will give you five gold bars after we survive. Enough for you to buy one!”

Jonathan paused for a moment then immediately said, “Five… six, six is a lucky number.”

Zheng and O’Connell looked at each other then threw Jonathan into the bus. O’Connell began to look for the key after they all got on but Zheng punched the keyhole, then pulled out the wires and twirled them together. The bus immediately started up.

O’Connell laughed aloud, “You’re too violent.”

Zheng shrugged. “You will be more violent when you drive… Let’s go, our buddies are here.”

The entrance to the garage was filled with zombies just as he said. Furthermore, several dozen mummy guards were rushing straight at them from the wall behind them. O’Connell drove the bus right into the corpses, splattering blood and flesh all over the place…

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        He better will. I like that guy, he adds zazz.

        Also, non-sequitur — since when does Zheng know how to hotwire cars? That’s a bit too convenient to just gloss over. I don’t like how overly apropos the narrative is in this story, a lot of details are just presented as “oh by the way” as if they’re redundant.

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