TI Vol 6: Chapter 2-3

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Vol 6: Chapter 2-3.

A minute later, the floor was scattered with black flesh. Zheng’s precision was incredible in the unlocked mode. The cuts didn’t even touch the uninfected flesh below. After all the black flesh was gone, dark extravasated blood seeped out for quite a while before the blood came out was red.

“Bullet.” Yinkong held out her hand.

Zheng was confused for a bit then remembered what the army did in movies. In a situation without disinfectants, they used gunpowder to burn the injury to prevent any infections.

“But isn’t there alcohol? The hemostasis spray can disinfect also. You don’t need to use such rough methods,” Zheng said.

Yinkong’s hand remained there and shook her head. “The injury is bitten by a werewolf. There’s definitely remains of the virus. Normal alcohol can’t completely wipe it out… Bullet.”

Zheng felt that he couldn’t do anything against her will. She was so calm the whole time as if she didn’t care about pain or death. She didn’t even blink when he was cutting the black flesh off. This calmness had gained his respect.

Without any other choice, Zheng took out a few bullets from the ring. She lightly flipped open the shells and poured the gunpowder on the injury. Then held the Hellfire Fang close.

A flame instantly flared up as fire met gunpowder. But it went out just as fast as it came. The shoulder that was bleeding became charred. Yinkong fell unconscious from the pain and her face was covered in sweat, which made Zheng take pity on her.

He sighed then poured alcohol on her shoulder. The cooling sensation of the liquid woke her up. She looked at Zheng calmly then let him continue.

By the time Zheng wrapped up Yinkong’s shoulder, she had fallen into a deep sleep. This aloof little girl of an assassin looked so pure and innocent during her sleep, like the girl next door.

Zheng carried her back to the room and saw that most of the others were sleeping, aside from Zero, Jie and O’Connell staying alert. After the fight in the museum and the chase, it was normal for anyone to feel exhausted. Resting was the best way to recover.

“So… let’s have a peaceful sleep, then we will run for our lives!”

It was nighttime when Zheng woke up. Though the first one awake wasn’t him. Heng was fiddling around with a longbow, and the noise woke Zheng up.

He saw Zheng and apologized with a smile. “Sorry to wake up you… you want to sleep a little longer?”

Zheng looked around and asked, “Where is Zero and Jie?”

“Up at the roof. Zero said he wants to take a look at the distribution of the mummy guards. Jie went along to protect him… You really don’t need more sleep?”

Zheng shook his head and looked around at the others who were still sleeping. Most of them were in fact awake but were resting with their eyes closed, or perhaps they didn’t want to get up too early and face reality. After all, they only had a little more time before being chased by that monster or Team India. Their lives would no longer be in their own hands.

“Bow? Did you make it yourself?” Zheng got interested in this young man. Back then when Honglu asked for a gun, he also wanted agun for Heng, while excluding the two other newbies. This was enough to make Zheng notice him.

Heng smiled coyly and said, “This is a genuine English hardwood longbow. How could I make it with my bare hands? When I went with O’Connell to the black market and saw a merchant selling this work of art, I had to ask O’Connell to buy it. The merchant also gave us several arrows… This is actually the first time I am using this kind of bow. I wonder how strong it is and the precision…”

Zero and Jie pushed open the door as he was talking. Zero was able to walk at will by now but judging by the sweat on his forehead, the chest pain was difficult to bear. Jie’s eyes were bloodshot. He kept massaging his temples as he walked.

As Zero began to describe the distribution of the mummy guards below, everyone else opened their eyes and came over.

“… Basically that’s it. The square is full of zombies. The majority of the mummy guards are at the entrance to Cairo and the port. About several hundred of them patrolling by the port. We will have to get through these several hundred mummy guards–not to mention the endless numbers of zombies–if we are to get to the port…”

“Wait.” O’Connell suddenly said.

He drew a circle on the floor. “This is where we are. To the east is the port and here… there shouldn’t be any guards to the west right? There’s a garage here… Haha, you get what I mean? We will steal a few cars then drive to the port. The guards shouldn’t be able to stop cars moving at high speed. The only thing to worry about is Imhotep, if he’s as powerful as you said…”

Zheng muttered, “Imhotep should only have sucked two people dry by now. Then… he’s not completely revived. Lan…”

Lan pulled a cage from the corner. Inside it was a black cat. The cute little cat seemed to have just woken up and looked at everyone warily when Lan brought it out from the cage.

“Let’s go! Mission escape from Cairo!”

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