TI Vol 6: Chapter 2-2

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Vol 6: Chapter 2-2.

This scene also happened in the movie. When Imhotep recovered the majority of his power, he would raise the dead into walking corpses. Even some living humans would get controlled by his power. When the plot advanced to this point in the movie, the main characters were forced into a dead end while the curator got killed by the zombies.

Heng and Liang came into the room too. Heng said, “This isn’t the only thing. This mov… ahem, I have also seen it. Wasn’t it only raising the dead? Magical bullets should be able to take them out but some of the corpses had flesh peel off then the sand and soil formed armors and weapons for them. They look like… ”

O’Connell continued his sentence, “Yes, those skeletons look just like the mummy guards you summoned. Three or four out of every ten corpse became like this. We almost got found out when we came back. They seem to be searching for something. I hope they haven’t found our hideout…”

Zheng sighed. “The plot changed. We are in a horrible situation…”

Honglu then pondered. “I am curious. What is Team India’s mission? To revive Anck-su-Namun. And what is our mission? To eliminate Imhotep… This doesn’t seem to make sense. They are almost put into the place of Imhotep’s ally but we are put in such disadvantaged position. This just isn’t reasonable… Perhaps we are forgetting something.”

Suddenly they heard the tweets of a bird by the window. It was a white little eagle standing on the window. The man in black waved his hand the the eagle landed on his wrist.

He took off a piece of paper from its claw. After he read it, he took out a piece of paper from his pocket and tied it on the claw. Then the eagle flew out the window.

“Powerful strangers. My tribe and I are the descendants of the Pharaoh’s bodyguards. We’ve been guarding Hamunaptra for several thousand years to prevent Imhotep’s resurrection. We are willing to sacrifice anything to defeat him. Rest assured, we have assembled our men on the way to Hamunaptra. Whether it is Imhotep’s army of the dead, or the strangers attempting to revive Anck-su-Namun, our tribe… vows with our swords and glory to stop and destroy them!” The man gave his solemn vow.

“The second movie!” Zheng and the others said.

In the second movie, the Medjai sent all their warriors, over ten thousand cavalry, to fight the army of the dead in the desert. Their performance was astounding and totally defeated the first wave of the army. So even if they were to fight the endless numbers of zombies and mummy guards, they would still be able to put up a fight.

“Yes! They have Imhotep and the mummy guards. We have our ally’s help… We won’t lose! We won’!”

Even though this new force isn’t individually strong, but their large number was able to affect the ending of this movie. Honglu then made adjustments to his plan for the new ally.

Zero was assigned to a location not far off from the cavalry. When the cavalry intercepts Team India on the way to Hamunaptra, he will snipe during the chaos. The chances of them finding out Zero’s location during such chaos would be slim. At the same time, the rest of the team would have enough time to enter the tomb and obtain the Book of Amun-Ra. Once they take away Imhotep’s immortality, they will be in a favorable position.

Since the plan was set, everyone decided they would take a small nap after eating. Then they would go over to the port and seize a ship. They could definitely reach Hamunaptra before Team India does. Of course the safest way was intercepting them with the cavalry. And it was best if the cavalry could kill them.

During the meal, Yinkong took a first-aid kit and a bottle of alcohol out the door. Zheng saw it and sighed then followed her out quietly. Yinkong climbed a few steps up the stairs of the clock tower then opened the first-aid it and took out a scalpel.

“The one that’s watching over there… come over and help,” Yinkong said calmly.

Zheng scratched his head and walked over a bit embarrassed just in time to see Yinkong cut open her shirt and exposed the white skin underneath her neck and that scary injury on her shoulder.

“The werewolf’s teeth contain some kind of virus. The injured area around my shoulder has lost all sensation. In the legends, people that are bitten by werewolves will get infected and become werewolves themselves. Even though the virus he has isn’t as powerful, this half of my body is almost paralyzed… See this injury? The flesh that’s become black is infected with virus. Help me cut it out…” Yinkong was still calm as she said this. She lit an alcohol burner and heated the scalpel over the flame. When Zheng walked over to her, she handed him the scalpel without a word.

Zheng calmed down then looked at the scary injury. A large area of skin and flesh had turned purplish black, it looked horrifying. The hand that was holding the scalpel began trembling. Yinkong said light voice. “… The last person that helped me do surgery… was my comrade. We were in the same team during training and in missions. But he died under my own hands… As an assassin, many people will gradually become insane due to the killings and the cruelty of the training. Just like that werewolf Arot. When an assassin can’t handle their ordeals and they changed… that’s when they would be made to disappear. Arot should end the same…”

Zheng took a deep breath and when he breathed out, his eyes went out of focus. He began cutting out the black flesh little by little with speed and precision. The scalpel danced over Yinkong’s shoulder…

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    At least unlike a gentleman, I won’t just kiss you. Haha.”

    “Yes! They have Imhotep and the mummy guards. We have our ally’s help… We won’t lose! We won’!”
    “Yes! They have Imhotep and the mummy guards. We have our ally’s help… We won’t lose! We will win’!” (I think it should be like that… yea)

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