TI Vol 6: Chapter 2-1

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Vol 6: Chapter 2-1.

Zheng massaged his temples and said, “This means we are not at a complete disadvantage?”

Honglu shook his head with a smile. “Not quite. Even though we are at a disadvantage, but only slightly not wholly. In contrast to them, we have an advantage that they don’t, especially now that the giant is dead and the werewolf is heavily injured… We exceed them in close combat strength. As long as we can fight them in a confined space then you… will be our hope for victory!” Honglu pointed at Zheng.

Zheng pointed at himself with surprise. “Don’t kid me. I know how much I am capable of. Maybe I am strong when I go all out but you can’t really expect me to do so every time. Plus they won’t give me the chance. That monk’s summoned creature is strong. If I fight it inside a valley, it can destroy the surrounding walls and houses with ease. They also won’t put their support members in a place without safety. So your plan…”

Honglu continued. “There’s a place they will definitely go. A place that can’t be destroyed, at least they won’t do it, that’s narrow, with many tunnels. Once you get a chance to close in on them there… you will be unstoppable!

“The necropolis Hamunaptra! That’s the place where you can bring out all your power! It has numerous tunnels and mummy guards. Your Book of the Dead can control these mummies. Even though they may not pose a huge threat to Team India, but they can give them some trouble. The only thing I am worried about is… that woman with the mind control ability.”

Zheng was overjoyed when he heard this. He was confident even if he had to go against the werewolf face to face in a confined space like the tomb. But he sighed when Honglu mentioned the woman. “That mind control is too terrifying… Tengyi was controlled by her before he died. Even I was controlled for a brief moment. That feeling was like my consciousness separated from my body and I could only look as my body moved on its own. It was a horrible feeling…”

“Not only this.” Lan interjected. “Zheng, do you still remember the chase? The sense of danger kept following us. I suspect that the woman was following us with her mind. Just like after we caught the cyborg and they were still able to find his location. I think that woman has a tracking ability.”

Honglu nodded. “Right, your reasoning is logical. It can also explain these two points but I am curious as to… how could you have returned safely? Are they planning to camp outside the clock tower?”

Zheng shook his head. “No, I am not sensing any danger nor feel of being tracked. I believe we are really outside her reach. Or perhaps someone helped us block the tracking…”

Zheng and Lan looked at each other then they both turned to Jie. He was sitting there looking very tired and didn’t seem to pay any attention to their conversation.

Honglu noticed Zheng’s strangeness and said, “Then this is set. In order to beat Team India, our first step is to kill that woman. Otherwise, everything we do will be useless…

“The only plan I can think of is going to Hamunaptra before Imhotep and Team India join up. We must get our hands on the Book of Amun-Ra before Team India. Then we need to kill that woman out in the desert plain. We have to rely on Zero for this. His sniping range is over ten thousand meters. We have to kill her before she can react. Though I am worried about the needle user. He may counter attack as soon as he finds Zero… But we must kill that woman at all cost, even if it means trading one for one! Otherwise we will lose the team fight and get wiped.”

Zheng listened carefully then sighed. “Then Zero…”

Honglu shook his head. “This is the only way, we can only see if he’s willing to or not. The chance for life or death is about half and half. Furthermore Zero must go alone and snipe them on the way in order to not delay the rest of us. We will go to Hamunaptra without stopping so even if he is to get injured, we can’t help him.”

A calm voice injected. “Assassins always go alone to begin with… The target is only that woman, right?” Everyone turned around and saw Zero sitting by the wall. He touched the gauze on his chest as he was talking.

Zheng looked at him deeply then asked Honglu, “Then? What should we do?”

“It’s simple, afterwards we’ll obtain the Book of Amun-Ra before they reach Hamunaptra and take away Imhotep’s immortality. Then depending on the situation, we will fight Team India to the death or return immediately after finishing our mission. We will have the upper hand no matter what.”

Zheng nodded and said with certainty, “Good! Then we will enact this plan. After O’Connell comes back, we will…”

Before he finished the sentence, footsteps closed in from outside the door then…


O’Connell kicked open the door. Following behind him were the two newbies. The three of them were each carrying a large bag. Everyone in the room raised their guns in shock but after they saw that it was O’Connell, they let out a sigh of relief.

O’Connell said in a hurry, “F*ck. This world has gone mad! Several families that died in Cairo, their bodies came back to life. And also some people who were still alive suddenly died then came back to life. Cairo is filled with these living dead corpses right now!”

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