TI Vol 6: Chapter 1-3

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Vol 6: Chapter 1-3.

Yinkong checked Zero’s injury and said calmly, “The needle went in between his lungs. It didn’t damage his lungs and was far away from his heart… Just that there is some extravasated blood in his chest. I can’t do open chest surgery here so he will feel some chest pain in the upcoming days. Though it shouldn’t be much of a problem.” Yinkong checked Zero’s injury and said calmly.

Zheng sighed. “Compared to his injury, I am more worried about you… How are you right now?”

The newbies were shocked when Zheng and the others came back to the tower. Tengyi died, and the rest were critically injured. This generated fear in the newbies. This was their first movie after all.

Yinkong recovered extremely quickly. She regained most of her mobility after reaching the tower but the arm that was bitten still couldn’t move. As the one most knowledgeable on human anatomy, she naturally took up the job of checking Zero’s injury. Of course, her injury seemed even worse.

Yinkong looked at the shoulder missing a large section of flesh. “I need hot water, needle, threads, scissor, alcohol and gauze. I recall Egypt has a traditional medicine for physical injuries. It would be best if you can get it.”

Zheng took a deep breath and said, “I’m asking how is your injury, not telling you to fix it all by yourself! We will help you get all the tools for the surgery. Don’t worry about anything else. Yours and Zero’s mission right now is to rest until you regain the ability to fight!”

Yinkong was surprised. “The blood vessels and tendons on the shoulder were torn. The bones are possibly fractured. There’s no way to recover this arm with the technology of this world, at least not within the next several decades. This arm is useless until we return.”

Everyone became silent. Especially when they looked at Tengyi’s body, they felt a sense of despair. Zheng recovered immediately and shouted, “Team India isn’t much better off. This is the world of horror movies. Anyone can die here. Maybe I will also die on the hands of my enemy or a monster. The only thing we can do is try our best to live!”

Although they were still feeling down, it was better than the despair from before. Zheng said to O’Connell, “We are not familiar with Cairo. Please help us buy the tools necessary for surgery. Heng and Liang, go with O’Connell. Remember to stock up on food and drinks too.”

“Meat!” Yinkong suddenly said. “Meat gives energy. Buy more lean meat.”

O’Connell brought the two of them out the tower. Evelyn planned to go with them but Zheng stopped her. When he mentioned Imhotep, she dismissed the idea.

After everything was set, Honglu said, “Tell me what happened. I’ve been paying attention to the watch. Ten minutes ago, I received notification that one person in our team died, and we are down one point. Then two minutes after, one person on the other team died. So our current score is zero… Don’t skimp on any details.”

Zheng had the two newbies go with O’Connell intentionally. So even if they were to get killed, the team’s fighting power would still be there. Although they would be down two points, this was still the better choice. As the leader of this team, he had to made the choice… This all seemed so similar to Xuan’s methods.

He immediately wanted to have a talk with Honglu. The boy’s analytical ability was what is most needed in the current situation. After Honglu asked the question, he described the fight in the museum. Especially every detail on the enemies, their possible abilities and roles, and the werewolf’s destructive power.

Honglu knelt on one knee and twirled his hair. “Based on your descriptions, there’s a 70% chance that the muscular giant died. The other possibility is the werewolf European doctor. Of course I prefer the doctor to be the one… The giant’s arm completely recovered so this doctor possess medical abilities we don’t have.

“Let’s analyze their fighting powers. Arot’s close combat ability is above Yinkong… If you fight him one on one, how likely are you to win?” Honglu muttered.

Zheng thought for a bit. “If I go all out, entering the unlocked mode and all other conditions considered… I may win but the most likely outcome is we’d both get injured. The werewolf’s power and speed is higher than the second stage of the unlocked mode.”

“Is that so? Then ther is the Indian monk. He can summon a double-headed serpent but his base power level doesn’t look too strong. At least, we can crush the serpent with magical bullets. I think he’s definitely hiding some power. Probably a power that can’t be used too frequently. So he probably won’t use it unless that is his only choice. This is the only explanation on why he can became the leader and not the werewolf.

“Aside from these two people, I am most concerned about that needle. It killed Tengyi and injured Zero. The user possess long distance sniping ability. He will be a threat when we fight Team India… The biggest threat is…

“One of the two women can use a defensive force field. This is a very strong support ability. The other… is our biggest threat, mind control! As long as she’s alive, we won’t be able to beat Team India!”

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