TI Vol 6: Chapter 1-2

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Vol 6: Chapter 1-2.

There were too many shocks today, no one was bothering to ask questions right now. O’Connell ran deeper into the valley as soon as he heard Zheng. Evelyn, Jonathan and the curator followed right after. They watched Zheng as took out some mummy pieces and sand from his pocket, then raised the Book of the Dead and chanted the spell Tengyi taught him before his death.

As the blood energy channeled into the book, the mixture grew in size and finally became several mummy guards. Zheng waved his hand then the guards ran into the valley.

Lan asked him, “What danger is behind us… they caught up to us?”

Zheng nodded. “I can’t be sure but I sense danger from behind. Hope these mummy guards can delay them a little more. Aye…”

As they heard his words everyone raced behind O’Connell, crossing over houses and valleys. After they jumped over two civilian houses, Evelyn asked, “O’Connell! Is this what you mean by shortcut? Going through people’s houses? Are you really a British gentleman? Don’t you know this is bad manners?”

“I am British…” He replied as he ran. “But not a gentleman. A least unlike a gentleman, I won’t just kiss you. Haha.”

Evelyn’s face flushed. She cursed him inaudibly but still followed right behind him. The other people laughed as they saw their banter. This was the only lighthearted event during their escape. Then a house not far away from them collapsed.

“They’re here…” Zheng muttered as he looked over it. He held onto his knife so tightly that his fingers looked pale.

The serpent had recovered its heads, making the mummy guards unable to close up on it. It bit two of the guards then knocked them against a wall, instantly crushing the whole house. But the remaining two guards still jumped at the monk without fear.

Yet the serpent moved too fast, it caught both guards when they jumped at the monk, then crushed them with a bite.

“Shainaia… Their location!” the monk said into the air.

As soon as he said these words, a map of this area appeared on his mind. Zheng’s group was running in this map. They were getting farther away from the monk but it seemed like they were slowing down.

“They reached their base? Good, we can wipe them all out at once!” the monk laughed coldly. The serpent lowered one of its head and the monk jumped on top of it. Then the serpent turned invisible, making it look like the monk was floating in the air. He was floating towards Zheng in a straight line, crushing all the houses on his way.

Zheng’s group had totally stopped in place in his mind. They were waiting on an empty area without buildings. Perhaps they were planning to go all out against Team India.

“Planning to go all out? Good, I’ll show you the hidden power of this serpent…”

Without stopping a bit, the monk charged into that empty area. Then a bolt of lightning shot from right under him to where Zheng was standing, exploded a large rock on that spot. But no one was here, this looked like just a normal empty spot!

However, the map on his mind still showed that Zheng was right under him. They were just standing here without moving. He couldn’t find any traces of them even after he came down from the serpent… They’d disappeared.

“Shainaia! What’s wrong? Where are they?” The monk shouted.

After a bit of delay, a voice entered his mind. “Leader, someone hacked into my mental network. I can’t sense their location…”

He calmed down and said, “What about Lamu? And that sniper?”

“… He got away. One more thing, leader… Minima just stopped breathing. Arot also returned to human form. Come back fast, I fear that he may not to make it either.”

The monk took a deep breath and roared. His face looked distorted, just like an Asura from hell. All that was left in his eyes were frenzy and anger…

Zheng’s group actually wasn’t running very fast. Fortunately they had the acceleration and stamina buffs from Lan. Otherwise a normal girl like Evelyn wouldn’t be able to handle this much running. O’Connell knew this city inside out. They were getting closer and closer to the center square. At the same time, Zheng let out a sigh of relief.

Lan asked anxiously, “What’s wrong? They getting close?”

Zheng smiled. “No, the danger is over. I don’t know why but the sense of danger is gone. It seems like they aren’t following us anymore. Huu~. We can finally breathe easy now.”

The clock tower entered their sight and in front of them, Jie was carrying Zero as he sprinted toward the tower…

A blood soaked spot on his chest…

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