TI Vol 6: Chapter 1-1

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Vol 6: Chapter 1-1.

The bullet struck a hole through the werewolf’s chest. The impact knocked him away and also freed Zheng and Yinkong from his hold. The monk said immediately, “Don’t go out! Shit, they have a sniper! Manavia, use the shield!” He waved his hands at the werewolf, Zheng and Yinkong.

The serpent appeared above him again, its head had recovered. The monk’s eyes went out of focus, signaling he entered the unlocked mode. Both of the serpent’s heads began moving this time, one head went for the werewolf and the other went for Zheng and Yinkong.

As the serpent was about to reach Zheng, with another loud bang, a Gauss magical bullet struck its head. A translucent force field appeared in between the bullet and the head but only for an instant before it shattered. The bullet still hit the serpent in the end.

Of the two women standing behind the monk, one was Shainaia who had her eyes closed the whole time, and the other was wearing an Arabian face veil. Her body shivered then said, “Leader, can’t block the bullet. It’s too powerful…”

The monk answered without turning around. “Yes, even I can’t see the bullet’s path… It should be a sci-fi weapon. Didn’t expect Team China to have people with sniping talent. I was too careless… Luckily the shield still blocked half its power, that’s enough.”

The other serpent head had brought the werewolf back into the museum by this time. The one that was shot lost a third of its mass and was no longer able to bite Zheng. About seven seconds later, another shot crushed the remaining head into dust, this time there was no force field to block anymore.

“Seven seconds… takes seven seconds to reload. Shainaia, enter my mind and share vision with Lamu… Lamu, remember you only have seven seconds to aim and attack. If you fail, then the sniper can wipe us all. Our lives are in your hands!” The monk looked at the only other man behind him, a young man with slightly dark skin like a typical Indian. He nodded then held a white needle in his hand, the same needle that took Tengyi’s life.


The monk began to count time in his mind. He saw Zheng trying to get up from the ground then ordered the serpent’s remaining head to attack again. Another bullet struck it and crushed the head. As soon as he heard the bang, he charged out of the museum and began looking around.


“… Found him! Lamu!” He looked at a tall building on the east and yelled.

The young man kept his eyes closed the whole time. When he heard the words, he threw the needle at once. The needle disappeared right as it left his hand but at the same time, another shot came from that building to the east. A bullet struck the monk’s left shoulder, just centimeters away from his heart. Even so, the bullet still broke off his arm and knocked him several meters away. Zheng had disappeared with Yinkong by this time.

Lamu waved his hand, the needle came back to him stained with blood. But he frowned. “Didn’t hit a fatal spot. When I was about to hit him, something interfered with my mind, just like… being controlled by Shainaia.”

The monk picked up his arm and muttered. “The feeling of danger disappeared. Even if he’s still alive, he should be critically injured. The sniper isn’t a threat for now… Shainaia, stay here with Charcoal! Lamu, go chase that sniper, I need to see his body! I will go chase the one that reached the second stage of the unlocked mode. That’s their leader! Shainaia, track them then send their position to our minds!”

At the same time, Zheng ran into the valley carrying Yinkong. Lan was waiting there with tears on her face. As soon as she saw Zheng, she ran over and took Yinkong from his hands. “Follow me, O’Connell knows the shortcuts to the center square… Are, are you still okay?”

Zheng’s back was pierced with the scalpels and was soaked with blood. But he smiled and said, “Not a big deal… wait a moment, let me stop Yinkong’s bleeding.” He took out the hemostasis spray from his ring and sprayed Yinkong’s shoulder.

Lan carried Yinkong quietly and led Zheng through several civilian houses. Soon afterward, they saw O’Connell and the other characters waiting in a small empty area. They ran up to Zheng immediately and began asking questions but Zheng yelled, “Don’t stop! O’Connell, lead the way! Hurry, we are still in danger! Right behind us… they’re still following right behind us!”
P.S. Read a quote from a short webnovel, link, that I wanted to share. Unfortunately I don’t have sufficient knowledge to translate the novel.

I want this sky can no longer block my eyes
This earth can longer bury my heart
All the people to understand my mind
All the gods to vanish into nothingness

I have a dream
When I want to fly, the sky will make way for me
When I enter the ocean, the water will part for me
All the gods will want to befriend me
Nothing in this world can bind me
No one in this world can rule me
No where in this world I can’t go
There is nothing I can’t do

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      1. Probably because hemostatic sprays just stop bleeding. They still allow you to ride the ragged edge of danger. They don’t completely completely heal you up like health potions would.

        If it’s possible to make health potions then it would probably end up being connected to some secret movie reward.

  1. I feel like the India team members have too much plot armor… the MC could have killed that giant guy but instead incapacitated him so now he can get healed and fight in the next battle, whereas the China team has many people in critical condition and no one to heal them.

    1. And where are those mummies? They just jumped into the smoke, and were not ever mentioned again. One can guess all they did was to stall the monk, but the lack of narrative is distasteful.

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