TI Vol 5: Chapter 9-3

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Vol 5: Chapter 9-3.

“What are you waiting for! Hurry up and come down!” Zheng rushed into the museum and shouted. At the same time, a wall on the second floor shook, cracks appeared and began to expand. Evelyn screamed as she saw it. Fortunately she was smart enough to run down the stairs immediately.

O’Connell and the other characters pulled out their guns but before they had the chance to do anything, the wall on second floor exploded. A giant man of three meters tall came in from the hole. He saw Zheng and immediately shouted, “You weakling that only knows how to run! Come and fight me again!” He jumped down from second floor before he even finished talking.

Zheng was a bit surprised when he saw Muscular Man. His arm had completely healed. Aside from color of the skin appearing whiter, the arm was as muscular as before. The man jumped in between Evelyn and everyone else. His feet stomped into the concrete floor causing two dented footprints. You could tell his weight and power from that jump.

Muscular Man didn’t even take a look at Evelyn. He grabbed a bookshelf and threw it over at Zheng. Although the throw was powerful enough, its accuracy was inversely proportional. The shelf went over everyone’s heads and hit the glass display shelves behind.

The curator moaned and was about to yell when O’Connell, the two Americans, and the man in black all opened fire on Muscular Man. Yet their bullets couldn’t even penetrate his skin.

“Shit! Zheng, where did you lure this monster from! Is he the mummy’s subordinate?” O’Connell shouted as he kept firing.

Zheng shouted in reply, “… In some sense, yes, he’s on the side of the mummy. Anyway you guys hurry up and leave. This isn’t a battle that you can join. Tengyi! Take them out of the museum!”

Evelyn yelled, “O’Connell! If you dare leave me behind, I won’t forgive you even if I become a mummy!”

O’Connell shrugged as he smiled bitterly. He pulled out another gun and shouted, “Shit, why did I ever meet a woman like you! Hurry up and come over to this side!”

Zheng saw Muscular Man turn towards Evelyn. He had no choice but to take out his knife and jump at the man. He slashed at the man’s legs before Evelyn was attacked.

Muscular Man immediately countered by jumped away. He was already several meters off the ground when the knife reached him. At the same time he punched downward. The immense pressure from the punch forced Zheng to block it with his knife. With a loud bang, the ground around them collapsed. The two of them fell into the room below.

Everyone was shocked. O’Connell asked, “There’s a basement?”

The curator nodded. “Yes, there’s a room below for storing documents, broken tablets, and broken mummies… Are you sure they are human?”

O’Connell looked at the second floor and said, “I don’t know if they are human or not, but we if don’t run right now… I don’t think we will be human for much longer.”

The skinny man that got shot away was standing on the stairs on second floor. There was no trace of gunshots on him, as if bullets were useless against him. His curved blades were very strange, they were surrounded by a cold fog. The man jumped down without a word then turned to Evelyn.

Right at that moment, two girls entered the museum from where Zheng entered. The short haired girl’s hand flashed, a silver throwing knife flew at the man’s neck, forcing him to pulled his blade back to block the knife. The impact knocked him over a meter back. When he landed on the ground, Evelyn had already run into O’Connell’s arms.

The two girls that entered were Yinkong and Lan. Lan frowned as she looked at the big hole on the ground. “You guys leave first. We will talk later… Wind Spirit!”

Yinkong was already running to the skinny man while holding her dagger. Lan immediately casted the acceleration buff on her. Her incredible speed became even faster. The dagger came in contact the curved blade in almost an instant. As blood dripped from the man’s left arm, one of his blades also fell to the ground.

“You, you’re also from the assassin’s clan!” His face suddenly changed. He didn’t even try to pick up the blade and instead backed off as fast as he could.

Yinkong’s eyes looked bloodthirsty. She moved toward the man casually step by step, but her speed was much faster than his. As she was about to enter attack range, she immediately flipped backward. Several throwing knives appeared at where she was standing… No, not throwing knives but rather scalpels. A figure in white came out from the second floor. A doctor-like blonde European stood in front of the skinny man.

Next to the window on the second floor, a monk plus several men and women were standing there. The monk looked down at everyone on the first floor teasingly… Just like how a cat looks at the mouse trying to run away, bloodthirsty, cruel…

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