TI Vol 5: Chapter 9-2

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Vol 5: Chapter 9-2.

Evelyn immediately hid behind O’Connell. Jonathan also wanted to hide but O’Connell grabbed him. He and the Americans pulled out their guns and pointed them at the man in black.

The old curator shrugged. “Do you want to shoot or know why he’s here? Take a seat. I will tell you what’s happening.”

They looked at each other and finally sat down. Humans would die from gunshots after all, unlike the mummy. So they would rather sit face to face with their enemy than the mummy.

“… That’s the situation. We belong to a secret organization that guards the city of the dead and its secret. It has been like this for over three thousand years. We killed anyone and any organization that attempted to lay their hands on the city. We vowed to protect everything, using whatever means necessary. We wanted to prevent Imhotep from returning to the human world at any cost!” The curator said loudly.

The man in black frowned. “Yet we failed our mission because of you!”

O’Connell and the other two looked awkward. Evelyn said in an appalled tone, “And you think this justifies killing innocent people?!”

“For the organization and to stop that creature? Let me think…” The curator met eyes with the man, then they said simultaneously, “Yes!”

O’Connell’s group were at a loss for words. After quite a while, O’Connell muttered, “But why is he chasing us? Just because we entered the pyramid? Didn’t he betrayed the pharaoh? Why is he still guarding the tomb?”

The man said, “He didn’t betray the pharaoh. He betrayed his responsibility as a high priest… After he resurrected as a monster, he doesn’t kill people that entered the tomb but rather people that opened the chest. He will regain some power for every person he kills. Furthermore, he needs to recover the canopic jars to revive Anck-Su-Namun. That is the reason he is chasing you. Of course, the Book of the Dead is also something he needs.”

The Americans turned pale. O’Connell said, “The Book of the Dead? Zheng took it away. Also… Zheng could summon a sandstorm using the book. Didn’t you know of its power after guarding the tomb for so long?”

The curator and man yelled, “Impossible!” Then they looked at each other in shock because O’Connell didn’t seem to be lying, and the book isn’t on them.

The curator stood up and said excitedly, “If this is true, maybe we can kill that monster… Someone that can use the Book of the Dead. There were high priests that could use the book’s power in historical records. After they used the book, the symbol of Osiris would appear on their hands. No one else can use the book until they die, even the incantation that can revive the dead without using any power. So as long as that Zheng doesn’t die, Imhotep will not be able to use the book!”

The man in black was also excited. “Not only this, they can also use the book’s power to fight that monster and give us the time to find a method to kill it!”

O’Connell asked, “Do you have a way of killing it?”

“Kill it? Of course not!”

O’Connell scratched his head. The situation turned awkward until Evelyn asked, “Isn’t there two books? The Book of the Dead and the Book of Amun-Ra. If the Book of the Dead resurrects this monster, wouldn’t the Book of Amun-Ra be able to kill it?”

“Even though we are the guards of the tomb, we don’t have access to these two books. In fact, we aren’t even allowed to enter the tomb. As the descendants of the guards of the pharaoh, the city of the dead is a holy ground, a place where the dead rest in peace. We would not disturb their peace.”

Evelyn said. “I know, I know. But aren’t we protecting the world right now? No one wishes that monster to resurrect completely. Isn’t it also your responsibility… to obtain the Book of Amun-Ra and kill him?”

Evelyn suddenly recalled something. “Right, did you mention Anck-Su-Namun? That monster called me by this name in the tomb.”

The man and curator were surprised. “According to historical records, that woman was the cause of Imhotep suffering the Hom-Dai curse… He probably thought of you as the reincarnation of Anck-Su-Namun. If he wants to resurrect Anck-Su-Namun, he needs the Book of the Dead and a human sacrifice. This human sacrifice…”

“It’s probably me?” Evelyn climbed the stairs to the second floor as he replied. She stood next to a stone tablet with hieroglyphs.

“According to archaeological researches, the Book of Amun-Ra was hidden inside the statue of Osiris. But we found the Book of the Dead inside the statue instead. So the archaeologists were wrong. They mixed up the locations of the two books…”

“If I am not mistaken, the Book of Amun-Ra must be… inside the statue of Ra!”

“Yes! The Book of Amun-Ra is inside the statue of Ra, but… you won’t be able to see that book!”
A voice came from above. Everyone quickly looked over and saw a dark, skinny man holding an unusual curved blade standing on by the second floor window. He jumped down while laughing arrogantly, swinging the blade at Evelyn’s head!


The skinny man was hit by a series of gunshots while midair, sending him back almost ten meters, and knocking down several bookshelves. At the same time, Zheng and his group broke in from a window.

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