TI Vol 5: Chapter 9-1

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Vol 5: Chapter 9-1.

The distance from the clock tower to the museum wasn’t that far off. But just to make sure, they each took a communication device then headed off to the museum.

At the same time, O’Connell’s group had just left the inn. Even though they’d made a deal with Zheng to steal the mummies, before leaving for the museum they went back to the inn to put down their luggage and have lunch.

“Do you believe it? That wine tasted like blood. No, it turned into blood… I’ve never had red brandy before that…” O’Connell complained.

Evelyn said, “All the rivers in Egypt turned red and all the water turned into blood. This is one of the curses from the resurrection of the mummy. Did you see the meteors? He has come to Cairo!”

O’Connell said, “I don’t care about anything else. Once we steal those mummies, we will find a ship to leave Egypt. I don’t want anything to do with mummies… Leave the monsters to the professionals. Zheng’s group is much stronger than us.”

Evelyn stepped in front of O’Connell and yelled, “Are you saying we should abandon our responsibilities? So we could run away? We are the ones that released that monster! Even if Zheng’s group is helping, we can’t just run away ourselves!”

“Wait, wait.” O’Connell glared at her and shouted in reply. “It was you who released that monster, not us! Don’t drag us into the responsibility! We don’t have the obligation to save the world! Plus that monster is impossible to kill. You want us to fight those bones with our mortal bodies?”

Evelyn immediately replied, “That’s why we need to find a special weapon. If memory serves me right, the other book, the Book of Amun-Ra is the weapon to kill the mummy… Don’t they already have the Book of the Dead? Let them delay the monster with that power and we will go find the Book of Amun-Ra. We will definitely be able to kill it!”

O’Connell scratched his head as if he had a headache. “Wait, what does that have to do with me? Why should I do this? I am thankful that you saved me from the jail. That was why I went to the city of the dead with you and brought you back safely! That was what I promised you and I accomplished it. Why do I still have to help you with your responsibility? Who was the one that read the words in the Book of the Dead?”

Evelyn was shocked and muttered, “It’s, it’s me… but am I only a promise to you?”

O’Connell pushed her away lightly and walked toward the museum. “You either choose to stay here and save the world, or come with me and leave this place. It’s your choice.”

Evelyn followed behind him. She clenched her teeth and said, “I choose to stay!”

O’Connell looked at her in surprise then uttered the words, “Fine. Whatever you want!”

“Of course it’s whatever I want. I don’t need you to care!”


Jonathan shook his head. They seemed like two children in his eyes. Even though they cared about each other, yet they were acting like this.

It wasn’t long before they reached the museum. To their surprise, they saw the two Americans approaching them with pale white faces. Jumping over to O’Connell, they said hurriedly, “God, we saw him, that monster. You won’t believe it, he found the bodies from the desert and sucked them dry. Those dried bodies are still in the inn. Fortunately a cat passed by and scared it away. Or else we would’ve become mummies also…”

It wasn’t until the two of them calmed down and repeated the words that O’Connell, Evelyn and Jonathan understood what they’d seen.

After the Americans received the gold bars, they came back to Cairo and found a ship. Although they were willing to pay generously, the ship wouldn’t leave until the next day. So they went back to the inn. Once they entered their room, they saw a half-rotted mummy carrying two dried bodies. The Americans’ minds went blank and fired at the mummy. Yet, the normal bullets were ineffective against the mummy. As the mummy was walking over to them and they were about to be sucked dry also, a cat walked by scaring the mummy away and saving their lives.

“Yes!” Evelyn said with excitement. “In Egyptian mythology, cats are the guardians at the gates of the underworld. Mummies belong to the dead so cats are their nemesis. Do you remember that Zheng carried a cat along the whole time? So that’s why. They knew we were going to encounter mummies. Can’t we also carry a cat with us?

“Right, cats are the guardians of the underworld. Before he completely comes back to life, cats can suppress him. But that’s only before he complete resurrects. Once he resurrects… we won’t be able to do anything!” The five of them entered the museum from the main entrance. As they were discussing the mummy, a cold voice interrupted them. They raised their heads and saw the curator standing alongside a man in black… that man was the the one that had attacked them several times!

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