TI Vol 5: Chapter 8-2

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Vol 5: Chapter 8-2.

“That’s basically it. In order to prevent him from detonating himself, we didn’t pull out the dagger. Up until now, we have cut off the wires connecting his limbs and taken out the self-detonation device in his chest. Yinkong actually cut off the wires connecting the brain to the rest of the body in the beginning, we are just taking precautions. So we might as well take out all his weapons.” Honglu wiped the oil and blood on his hands calmly. His eyes were fixed on the wires inside Joseph’s abdomen.

Zheng forced a smile. “You know that is not what I am talking about… I’m asking why are you dissecting him? You have the skills and knowledge? And… don’t you feel a little…”

Honglu laughed. “Disgusted? Or cruel? Don’t be naive. He’s our enemy… And I am not doing this for fun or hentai. If he really has a way to self-detonate, we are at risk of getting wiped by just him alone. Do you wish to put all of us in danger? Just for that ideology of yours? Don’t kid me.”

Zheng nodded his head with a bitter smile then said, “Yes, I just felt a bit disgusted… but you are right. If I ever do anything not in line with the team’s interest, please remind me… And now? Is he still alive?”

“Of course. I am not dissecting him alive. This is just surgery to take out foreign objects.” Honglu laughed. “He is no longer human in a sense. He’s half robot. His bones, nerves, and some muscles have been swapped for metals and plastic. Almost all his organs have turned into electronic devices. Only a small part is still flesh and muscles… I grew up in a hospital after all so I’ve seen dissections several times. As long as we take out his weapons carefully, it shouldn’t cause too much harm to the rest of his body.”

The door was pushed open again. Yinkong walked into the room. She looked at Joseph’s abdomen quietly. “Have you taken out the self-detonating device yet?”

“Even though I am not sure, but I basically took out all the weapons. Now we just have to wake him up, if he’s still alive…” Honglu waved his hand at her.

Zheng took a breath. He watched as Yinkong walked over to Joseph’s head and pulled out the dagger. The moment this flaming dagger separated from behind his head, he immediately opened his eyes and moved his neck a little. Though due to the wires being cut off, the body below his neck was paralyzed.

Joseph seemed to realize something. He didn’t yell and just looked at them quietly. After a while, he said, “Why didn’t you kill me? You think you can get something out of my mouth? Stop joking with me, Allah, His warrior won’t…”

Before he finished his sentence, Yinkong had stabbed his arm with the dagger. When the flame began burning his arm, he screamed in pain. His neck was twitching nonstop. It wasn’t until she pulled out the dagger that he calmed down. His face was pale white afterwards. Yinkong sneered at him. “You know the assassin’s clan… so you probably know that the word mercy is not in our dictionary. Tell us what we want to know or I will make you suffer the whole day and night before killing you!”

Joseph stared at Yinkong. His eyes were filled with hatred. Then he said viciously, “You won’t dare to do anything to me. Your leader probably received a message from our team. Your team is not weak, if we fight each other, it will end in a loss for both teams. Our team will come to a treaty with your leader. Release me and we can keep a peaceful distance from each other until the end of this movie…”

Everyone looked at Zheng. He smiled bitterly and said, “Yes, a blonde doctor from his team intercepted me on the way and said if we release this Muhammad Joseph… then they will keep a distance from our team until the end of this movie. If… if we weren’t already negative one point, we could probably accept this suggestion.”

Joseph was pleased with himself but his face turned pale white when he heard the last sentence. Especially when he saw that Yinkong had taken out the dagger again, he couldn’t even mutter a word. His lips were shivering violently.

Honglu clapped his hands. “Just like what you think. We won’t let you go. If you want to die without suffering, then tell us everything including every member’s roles, abilities, power levels, and items. When we learn this, we will let you die peacefully. Otherwise we will crumble you mentally with pain until we can get any secret out of you. Think over it.”

Joseph clenched his teeth as he looked at the flaming dagger in fear. The pain of burning of the soul wasn’t something to which others could relate. Compared to death, he was more scared of prolonged pain. It was like the worst punishment in hell.

“I accept… Let me introduce myself. My name is Shiva Gantan. Leader of Team India. Although I
don’t want to admit it, but my reckless team member got captured by you… I also heard what you just said. You accidentally lost one point when disposing of a newbie because this is your first team battle. No problem. He… we will gift him to you. But we will also erase his memory. This is good for both of us. Then we will keep our peace until the end of this movie. Do you accept my suggestion?”

When Joseph was about to accept their request, his expression suddenly changed and said these words. His face looked calm had a faint smile. “Of course, since we’ve given away a veteran, we should be the ones to finish this movie. I don’t think you have any objections, right?”

Zheng’s group was shocked. When Zheng recovered, he immediately asked, “Your mission? Is it eliminating Imhotep? If it is then I will accept your suggestion on behalf of my team…”

“No, our mission says it will give us the mission after Imhotep leaves Cairo…”

Before he finished talking, they saw meteors raining down from the sky onto Cairo. When they looked out from the clock tower, Cairo was burning in flames. This was the prelude of Imhotep leaving Cairo!

The watch on Joseph flashed. Honglu picked up the watch and read, “Bring back the Book of the Dead. Revive Anck-Su-Namun… If the Book of the Dead was used by a non-movie character, kill the possessor of Osiris’s mark and seize back the right to use the book.”

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